In which I construct a temporary shelter

My visit with the denizens of Cymru caused me to consider alternative modes of appearance.  Before I can experiment in this area rules of decorum demanded that I find an enclosed space. It would could lead to scandal should one of Caledon’s genteel citizens to come across me in the midst of a transformation or in a state of undress. 

The University at Oxbridge offers dormitory rooms for this purpose which may be had merely by obtaining occupation thereof.  One must not intrude upon a room that has been claimed by another, however.  I was unable to find a vacant room, so I sought elsewhere.  I had heard that there might be rooms available at Steam SkyCity, but I was unable to locate them.

Taking the matter in my own hands, in good Hobo fashion, I resolved to construct a temporary enclosure which I might employ as needed.  Some time ago I had paid a visit to the Ivory Tower Library of Primatives to familiarize myself with the  arcana of conjuration as practiced in the lands of Second Life.  Up to this point, however, I had not attempted to construct anything substantial.  In fact the only thing I had conjured to date was my cane. (more…)

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In which I meet the Lord of Cymru

Later on the evening after my disturbing encounter in Greystoke I resumed my walking tour and followed the cobblestone path South  and West to Cymru.  For those unfamiliar, Cymru lies at the end of a peninsula reaching out from the southern end of the so-called “Sculptie Isle”.  It’s primary geographic feature is a  rocky promontory at the far Western end.  This promontory essentially forms the Western wall of a large fortified keep.  The massive walls of this keep encircle a large level plateau at the base of the aforementioned promontory.

The first thing one sees upon entering Cymru from the East is a rather idyllic copse of trees with slanted rays of sunlight streaming through them.  At the base of the stairway leading up to the castle one finds a small green pool that turns out to be rather deep.  I can attest to this as I actually fell in said pool.  At this point I also discovered that I could not fly my way out.  I had to use the somewhat inelegant solution of Astral Translocation to extricate myself.

Recovering from this momentary loss of dignity I proceeded to ascend the stairway leading up to the gate into the keep iteslf.  I entered with some trepidation, perhaps spurred by my recent entrapment.  The more likely reason was that I found myself for the first time since my manifestation actually faced with the possibility of bodily harm.  In more mundane terms, Cymru is a “damage enabled” region. (more…)

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In which I enjoy the landscape in Greystoke

I arrived at the train stop in Greystoke and settled in while the scenery resolved itself.   When it had done so to a sufficient degree I descended the stairs to set foot on the ground below.  On first impression what I can say of the duchy of Greystoke is that it is a lovely little piece of land.  There is a cobblestone path running the length of it.  At the North end is a pavilion of sorts housing the astral arrival point and where several ingenious flying contraptions are on display.  A sign on one post proclaims that Greystoke is still “under construction”, so I certainly look forward to seeing what the landholder eventually comes up with. 

Below the rail line I discovered a stone circle near the water’s edge.  Further inland, I found a fairy circle made of mushrooms.  As I was admiring this a tall brawny looking fellow flew into view an alighted nearby.  He was attired in naught other than a vest and thong, and shoes and wrist cuffs I believe, apparently made of chain mail.  (more…)

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In which I ride the train to Caledon On Sea

After spending last two weeks primarily in and around the University at Oxbridge and Oxbridge Village, I decided it was high time I made some progress on my goal of walking the length and breadth of Caledon.

My first purposeful excursion beyond Oxbridge began as I boarded the train at the Oxbridge station.   Being in an adventursome mood I decided to see how far the train would take me.  I first passed through thepicturesque landscapes of the Duchies of Greystoke and Caer Finas.  At this point the train plunged into a tunnel that actually went beneath the waves and along the bottom of the sea past Kintyre and emerged again in the town of SouthEnd.  The train then carried me North through the Caledon Downs, Tamrannoch and finally to Caledon On Sea.  I regret that I cannot comment much on what I saw along the way, but both the speed of the train and the inability of myvision to clear quickly combined ot leave me but fleeting glances at best.  What I did see, however, piqued my curiosity sufficiently that I look forward to a more lengthy visit in the future. (more…)

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