In which I ride the train to Caledon On Sea

After spending last two weeks primarily in and around the University at Oxbridge and Oxbridge Village, I decided it was high time I made some progress on my goal of walking the length and breadth of Caledon.

My first purposeful excursion beyond Oxbridge began as I boarded the train at the Oxbridge station.   Being in an adventursome mood I decided to see how far the train would take me.  I first passed through thepicturesque landscapes of the Duchies of Greystoke and Caer Finas.  At this point the train plunged into a tunnel that actually went beneath the waves and along the bottom of the sea past Kintyre and emerged again in the town of SouthEnd.  The train then carried me North through the Caledon Downs, Tamrannoch and finally to Caledon On Sea.  I regret that I cannot comment much on what I saw along the way, but both the speed of the train and the inability of myvision to clear quickly combined ot leave me but fleeting glances at best.  What I did see, however, piqued my curiosity sufficiently that I look forward to a more lengthy visit in the future.

At the Caledon On Sea staion the train announced that it would self destruct in a very few minutes.  I hurredly disembarked and waited for the secnery to resolve around me.  When it had sufficiently done so I assayed to see what I might of this quaint seaside town before the next train arrived.  My eye was first drawn to an open space just to one side of the train stop.  It had the apearance of an Astral Arrival Point (aka telehub).  One of the signs there proclaimed, "Welcome to Caledon On Sea, where every day is Sunday."  A cheery sentiment to be sure, although Sunday is hardly my favorite day of the week.

I next was drawn to the walkway that spanned above the rail line.  It connected the building on the right to an elevated platform on the left.  I entered the building which turned out to be a clothiers shop named Art Seduction.  I perused the wares a bit as I passed through the ground floor to the stairs.  From the upper storey I crossed by way of the aforementioned walkway to a lovely elevated garden. 

Directly North of this garden stood a large building constructed of girders and glass.  This turned out to be an indoor garden, an arboretum I believe they are called. 

With still a bit of time to kill I continued North along a pier overlooking the sea.  I could make out a monstrous tower of steel on an island out in the Firth.  I have no idea what that might be. I shall have to return here to find out eventually.  I returned to the station expecting the train to have appeared at last only to see that one had arrived from the south and was about to dissappear.  The signs beside the rail indicated that a southbound train would soon appear, however, so I resolved to wait. 

Gazing around while I did I spotted a little stand.  Always on the lookout for possible knicknacks I perused the offerings and was delighted to discover a box containng “Clanks” which might be had for no charge.  I took one and the little ellow now rides on my right shoulder.

In due time the south-bound train did indeed appear and I rode it nearly all the way back.  I disembarked at the Greystoke station from where I would undertake a more leisurely survey of the southern duchies. But, dear reader, that is a story for another time.

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