In which I enjoy the landscape in Greystoke

I arrived at the train stop in Greystoke and settled in while the scenery resolved itself.   When it had done so to a sufficient degree I descended the stairs to set foot on the ground below.  On first impression what I can say of the duchy of Greystoke is that it is a lovely little piece of land.  There is a cobblestone path running the length of it.  At the North end is a pavilion of sorts housing the astral arrival point and where several ingenious flying contraptions are on display.  A sign on one post proclaims that Greystoke is still “under construction”, so I certainly look forward to seeing what the landholder eventually comes up with. 

Below the rail line I discovered a stone circle near the water’s edge.  Further inland, I found a fairy circle made of mushrooms.  As I was admiring this a tall brawny looking fellow flew into view an alighted nearby.  He was attired in naught other than a vest and thong, and shoes and wrist cuffs I believe, apparently made of chain mail. 

He complimented me on my attire and I thanked him and remarked as how, “that chain mail must chafe something awful.”  He then asked if I liked what I saw.  I answered that yes, Greystoke is a lovely region.  He then moved in a suggestive way and asked again if I liked what I saw.  At this point I realized that this was his way of initiating a solicitation. 

I employed a little minor diviniation to read this person’s aura and determined that he was only a few days from his “rezz day” and yet had a slew of group affiliations ranging from the highly respectible New Citizens Inc. to ones of somewheat less repute in which the terms “BDSM”, “Gay” and “Escort” figured.  Now, while I am hardly one to judge another based on their affililations or chosen life path,  I did think it odd that one so recently “rezzed” should have so many of such as these.  Furthermore, I have become somewhat accustomed to a more genteel mode of interaction during my time in Caledon and such “low behavior” is so rare as to stil be a novelty to me.

I politely informed the young man that while he was indeed a fine looking fellow, my tastes ran otherwise.  He took my meaning and our conversation continued along more neutral lines until he took off down the path toward Cymru.  Before our encounter I had intended to go that way myself.  However, as I did not particualrly wish to follow him there, I decided it was time to retire for a while and continue my perambulations later in the evening.

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