In which I meet the Lord of Cymru

Later on the evening after my disturbing encounter in Greystoke I resumed my walking tour and followed the cobblestone path South  and West to Cymru.  For those unfamiliar, Cymru lies at the end of a peninsula reaching out from the southern end of the so-called “Sculptie Isle”.  It’s primary geographic feature is a  rocky promontory at the far Western end.  This promontory essentially forms the Western wall of a large fortified keep.  The massive walls of this keep encircle a large level plateau at the base of the aforementioned promontory.

The first thing one sees upon entering Cymru from the East is a rather idyllic copse of trees with slanted rays of sunlight streaming through them.  At the base of the stairway leading up to the castle one finds a small green pool that turns out to be rather deep.  I can attest to this as I actually fell in said pool.  At this point I also discovered that I could not fly my way out.  I had to use the somewhat inelegant solution of Astral Translocation to extricate myself.

Recovering from this momentary loss of dignity I proceeded to ascend the stairway leading up to the gate into the keep iteslf.  I entered with some trepidation, perhaps spurred by my recent entrapment.  The more likely reason was that I found myself for the first time since my manifestation actually faced with the possibility of bodily harm.  In more mundane terms, Cymru is a “damage enabled” region.

I perceived that there were two other people in the region with me and that I was in close proximity to one of them; but, as I had yet to actually see them I surmised that they were either above or below me, perhaps actually somewhere within the crag itself.    I determined, then, to find a way in and proceeded to  explore the accessible areas of the keep.

I was about to begin a circuit of the wall when the side of the mountain opened before me.  How surprising!  I immediately took advantage of this opportunity and entered the tunnel thereby revealed.  This tunnel angled down into the heart of the mountain and soon opened up to reveal an amazing underground grotto.  I stood on a shelf of rock looking out in wonder at a waterfall emerging above me and spilling into a pool several dozen meters below me.  Some unseen source of light gave the whole thing a predominantly greenish cast.

On my way back out I finally encountered another soul.  This turned out to be one of the Wards of Cymru, Nezumi Fall, a lovely looking cat-girl.  She welcomed me to Cymru and we exchanged pleasantries for a bit until I asked whether she might give me a tour.  She was delighted to do so and thus followed a fascinating trek through the interior of the mountain.

We ended our tour at the gates and were soon joined by the 1st Lord of Cymru himself, Viderian Vollmar.  Imagine the Egyption god Anubis with dramatic black wings and clad in a navy admiral’s uniform and you will have an idea of  Lord Viderian’s commanding presence.  I found our conversation most enlightening.  I discovered that all the residents who called Cymru their home were furries of one flavor or another.  In addition to his Lordship and the cat-girl I’d already met there were a pony and a bunneh girl as well.

While we were discussing whether “neko” was a term that could cover any cat-based avatar or only those merely with cat-like modifications to an otherwise human form the bunneh-girl arrived.   I was delighted to find out that she was a cousin of mine, Minerva Plutonian.  According to SLNamewatch there are only 5642 Plutonians in this Second Life metaverse.  She was only the second I had actually met.

In the course of our continuing conversation I asked his Lordship if he had constructed the walls of the keep himself.  ‘No, Sir,” he said, “I Bought the Duchy With The Castle Already Made.  I Only Modified It a Little.  My Skill Runs More To Ship Building.”  He then proceeded to show me pictures of his pride and joy, a 1:1 scale construction of a steel hulled battleship.

He has been working on this project for the last two years and forsees at least another two needed for it to be truly completed.  I must say I was enormously impressed.  I had never seen anything of quite that magnitude in my sojourn thus far.  He informed me that it is costructed of over 30,000 primary objects and may well exceed 50,000 before it is done.  It is fitted with 12″ and 24″ guns, a flight deck and a boat deck from which aerial and amphibious assaults might be launched.

The pictures he showed me, of earlier designs and various stages of construction, conveyed a sense of the grandeur of the thing, but it was not until he brought forth the superstructure itself that I really appreciated it.

He conjoured up the ship’s superstructure, “The Citadel” as he termed it, set it on the floor of the bailey and gave me a tour.  It consisted of four storeys connected by a spiral staircase.  Every inch of the hull is crafted with the utmost care.  The various parts fit together with such precision that not a single seam can be seen anywhere until one employes the arcane builder’s sight.  Every detail has been planeed and accounted for, from the captain’s chair on the bridge to the ammunition for the guns to the workings of the engine (several boilers and Tesla generators).

Lord Viderian is rightfully proud of his creation.  Such dedication to a single project is rare indeed.  I pray that  I may be present at its eventual christening.

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