In which I construct a temporary shelter

My visit with the denizens of Cymru caused me to consider alternative modes of appearance.  Before I can experiment in this area rules of decorum demanded that I find an enclosed space. It would could lead to scandal should one of Caledon’s genteel citizens to come across me in the midst of a transformation or in a state of undress. 

The University at Oxbridge offers dormitory rooms for this purpose which may be had merely by obtaining occupation thereof.  One must not intrude upon a room that has been claimed by another, however.  I was unable to find a vacant room, so I sought elsewhere.  I had heard that there might be rooms available at Steam SkyCity, but I was unable to locate them.

Taking the matter in my own hands, in good Hobo fashion, I resolved to construct a temporary enclosure which I might employ as needed.  Some time ago I had paid a visit to the Ivory Tower Library of Primatives to familiarize myself with the  arcana of conjuration as practiced in the lands of Second Life.  Up to this point, however, I had not attempted to construct anything substantial.  In fact the only thing I had conjured to date was my cane.

Recalling my recent visit to Caledon On Sea I took as my inspiration the changing pavilions one occasionally sees on the beach.  Keeping the design as uncomplicated as possible, I started with a cube, enlarged to 6m3, hollowed and with one side removed.  I placed a hollowed pyramd atop this for a roof.  These I covered with a red and white striped texture to resemble tent fabric.  So far so good, except that I prefered that the interior be a more neutral color as the glaring stripes would not serve well for viewing colors and textures within the tent.

Mr. Muttenchops Chaplin happened by and showed me the method for setting diferent textures on the various surfaces of a primitive shape.  (The conjuror need only be sure to employ “Select Texture” in his incantation.)  This problem solved I quickly added a plane to cover the uppe half of the open section and two more ot partially cover the lower half, leaving an opening in the center.  One final plane covering this area would serve as the door. 

I needed to be able to open and close the door, however.  After all, what use would it be to have constructed a privacy shelter if just anyone could peer through the open doorway.  To accomplish this feat I had to imbue the doorway section with the ability to move on command.  This required an additional bit of ledgerdemain know in SL as “scripting.”  I had also familiarized myself wih the basics of this art, but as with conjuration, this would be my first chance to make use of it.  Thankfully, I did not have to attempt this feat purely unaided.  A little bibliomancy brought me to the works of M. Morgridge wherein I found just the formulae I required.  I added this little extra bit to my consruction and, Voila!, I had a working door. 

I’m so proud of myself.

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