In which I face Mr. Vivito Volare on the field of honor

I once again focussed my awareness on the metaverse of Second Life expecting to set out on a spate of rapid sight seeing in lands removed from the genteel surrounds of Caledon.  Before I could begin, however, I received notice of an event hosted by the notorious Captain Rachire Wulluf, founder of the Crimson Pirates.  He was holding and En Garde learning session that afternoon at his establishment in Morgaine, the Wicked Wench

For the uninformed, En Garde is a fencing game developed by Rifkin Habsburg and distributed by Procyon Games.  I had seen the play areas, called a piste, scattered about Caledon and was intrigued.  So, I translocated to the Wicked Wench to take part in the class.  About a half-dozen other people had also come to either participate or watch, including the lovely and dangerous Dame Fogwoman Gray and her paramour the talented constructor of steampunkery, and “Duke” of Caer Firnas, Mr. Vivito Volare.

Unfortunately, extraplanar matters required my attention just as the event was getting underway.  I was able to return before the end, however, and was fortunate to be able to spar against Mr. Volare.  After taking a few momentsto get myself properly equiped and to familiarize myself with the mechanics of play the match began.  We advanced toward each other by stages, he armed with a menacing looking wrench and me with my epee, looking somewhat ineffectual by comparison.  At last we came within striking distance and made our first contact.  Mr. Volare scored the touch.

Vivito leads 1 to 0.

Mr. Volare was gracious in providing encouragement and points of strategy.  We advanced once again and engaged.  Mr. Volare scored another touch.  And a third.  This time thanks to a desparate Last-Second Attack.

Vivito 3, Onyx 0

I felt I was begining to get a feel for this game by now and so we continued on.  Mr. Volare scored his 4th touch.

Vivito 4, Onyx 0.

At this point extraplanar matters began to demand my attention.  I expected the next touch to end the match and so I moved forward to at least put on a good showing.  If I lost the last touch, at least I would have learned something.  We closed and exchanged blows.  Thrust and Parry, Lunge and Retreat, thrust again.  Onyx scores the touch!  “Well done,” Mr. Volare calls across the piste.  I am astonished and elated. 

Vivito 4, Onyx 1

Riding the wave of my unexpected success I ignored the extraplanar distraction and indulged my competitive nature. I definitely had the swing of this now and scored two more touches in rapid succession.  One by actually driving Mr. Volare off the edge of the piste.  Not the most honorable way to score, I admit, but a legal move nonetheless.

Vivito 4, Onyx 3

We met once again and I adopted an aggressive strategy.  I launched an Advance and Lunge from 9 paces away hoping to catch Mr. Volare off guard.  He parried my blow and attempted his own attack, which I successfully parried in turn.  I followed with a Double Strength Attack and scored the touch!

Vivito 4, Onyx 4

At this point the improbable seemed at least possible.  I might actually win the match.  For what would be the final time we advanced.  He retreated to avoid my first two lunges.  I successfully paried two of his.  At this point I saw my opportunity, launched an Unblockable Triple Attack and scored the final touch.  Onyx wins the match!

Congratulations and “Well played” all around.  Thank you, Mr. Volare, for introducing me to this most engaging pastime.  Now, I think that before my next match I will have to to get myself a more interesting weapon than that supplied by the En Garde system.  Captain Wulluf informed me later that he would be holding an En Garde tournament next weekend.  Mark that one on my calendar.

Dame Gray and Duke Volare have Aetheric Journals of their own.  Here are the links:

A Tuppence Worth of Steam

The Legacy of Ibn Firnas

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