Updates and Happenings of Minor Consequence

I took the opportunity to register with the En Garde system and discovered that in my one bout with Duke Volare earned me 183 points placing me at number 103 in the current rankings (out of 575).   True, my momentary glory will only last a couple of weeks, but one takes what strokes one can.

I visited a place called YadNi’s Junkyard, a property on the main landmass of the Second Life Grid where one may find a plethora of so-called “freebies”, items available for no cost.  I availed myself of several of these and will spend some time perusing them later.

Looking through my list of landmarks I noted one for Amusing Details, a shop in Stormhold.  For no particular reason I decided to visit the place.  I found it a charming place filled with many useful home furnishings.  Being without a home I found it of little immediate value; however, just before leaving I spotted an assemblage of cushions labled as Free sitting pillows. 

Aha!  I recalled seeing an item of this description listed in the Newcomer’s Scavenger Hunt list I had received from Lady Fogwoman Gray.  A quick check of said list confirmed my recollection, so I made note of the find and collected one of the pillows.

So far I have collected the following items on the Scavenger Hunt list:

  • “It”
  • brass goggles
  • Victorian Clothing
  • Free Avatar
  • box of scripts
  • flying machine



The daemons at my command inform me that at least a few people have actually been reading my journal.  They actually noted 14 viewers on 2nd March.  Unfortunately, none have seen fit to leave a comment on what they read.   So, while I am grateful to have someone show an interest in my ramblings, I cannot properly thank whomever it might be.  Furthermore, I have no way of knowing whether if I have actually written anything of interest.  So, please, whoever you are, I would appreciate a comment or two to let me know I’m not boring you utterly.   Or, if I am, then at least offer some advice as to how I might improve.  Thank you.

I have added an “About” page.  I’m not entirely happy with it, yet, but it will do as a first effort.

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  1. Hey Onyx. Loving your blog. You are inspiring me to start one of my own, though it could never be as charming as your accounts of you adventures in SL land.

    From what I have seen, you will be great builder of some fame one day, and I hope you will remember the little people who saw your genius early!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Miss Steamweaver. I look forward to reading your journal. Do, please, send me the link when you have established it.

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