In which I continue my walking tour in the South

I have added three more provinces to my walking tour of Caledon.  I began with the Duchies of Kintyre and Caer Firnas, then strolled the decks of Steam SkyCity.


Duchy Kintyre lies to the East of Oxbridge Village on the so-called Sculpty Isle.  I had seen the estate house across from Thistle Hill Keep and was anxious to explore the grounds.  When I took the opportunity to do so I was surprised to see the green grass and colorful flowers.  Just the week before Kintyre had been covered in snow.

Rather than taking the train I translocated there.  This brought me to a boat landing on the East side of the region.   I had arrived during the nighttime hour, and so my explorations were illuminated by conveniently placed lanterns.  A bridge North of the landing links the main part of the duchy to a smaller island to the North and East.  On this island I found a church building.  Not a comfortable place for me, to be sure.  It did, however, have a charming graveyard attached that, in the midst of night glowed with a suitably eerie ghost-light.  Back across the bridge and up to the estate houses which lie at the top of a hill.  I ended my explorations here rather than enter the clan’s residences unescorted.

Caer Firnas

The Duchy of Caer Firnas is an island unto itself lying South of Kintyre and East of Greystoke.  I think if I were asked to name the theme of the isle it would be “Transportation.”  The Caledon Rail Line enters on an elevated bridge from the West and departs on an equally impressive bridge to the North.  The island boasts a paved stretch of road along its Eastern shore which I surmise might be used for the landing and launching of powered aerocraft.

The most striking feature of the island, in my opinion, is the spire of a tall mountain on the Western end on the peak of which is situated an aerodrome with several docking stations for lighter-than-air craft.  I saw a very impressive example of such moored there when I visited, but did not venture aboard for the same reason as I did not enter the houses.  I shall have to ask for a guided tour some day.

Steam SkyCity

Ms. Gray invited me to another dance at the Aft Commons in Steam SkyCity; so, I translocated there and joined the festivities.  The bulk of those in attendance were staff and students of the University.  Unfortunately, I could not fully enjoy the experience because of some fault in my Aetheric linkage that has rendered me deaf.    I stayed as long as necessary to meet the requirements of etiquette then repaired to one of the temporary lodging rooms upstairs.

After a neccessary period of rest I returned to awareness in the same lodging room and commenced a more thorough exploration of the wonder of engineering that is Steam SkyCity.  I had only visited the floating city briefly before and had not yet taken the time for proper acquaintance.   The city stood in sharp contrast to the idyllic surrounds of Kintyre and Caer Firnas, or even Oxbridge.  Compared to those open spaces SSC felt busy and close.  A number of shops and taverns stood cheek-by-jowl on either side of its main promenades, and I took note of the variety of items and experiences available therein.  Alas, there was simply too much to see for one visit.  I have not even explored the two islands that lie beneath the city proper.

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