In which I chase shadows and find a useful new tool

Chasing Shadows

I continue to struggle with getting the shadow on my sundial to look just right.  Maybe I’m putting too much effort into it.  Or, maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle, as it were.  I’ve tried a plain triangular shadow, then discovered that rotation from the center did not give the desired effect.  In order to shift the rotation point I set a small sphere some distance away and linked it to my shadow object.  (This explanation would go better if I supplied images, I suppose.  But, so far my attempts to do so have resulted in unwanted discontinuity)  This effectively moved the rotation point, but then it would only work for a quarter turn before it failed to resemble a true shadow.  I considered using copies of the linked construction, rotated and flipped, to complete the rest of the needed rotation, but that proved overly complex, and added two more primary objects for each copy.

After a few moments’ cogitation I considered that my gnomon was not, in fact a solid triangle, but rather an arm extending at an angle.  I therefore contrived rectangular a shadow shape using one of the textures from the Design Center.  Starting with a flattened cube I then path cut it in such a way as to put the rotation point on the edge rather than the center.  This produced a shadow with the desired shape and  rotation characteristics,  I was getting close.  However, rotation beyond 90° cauded the shadow to extend beyond the edge of the dial face.  I could not contrive an estheticaly suitable way to mask the shadow.   I, therefore, called it a lesson learned and sought a more diverting experience.

Hunting the Mystical Tool

I opened my Scavenger Hunt list and decided to seek out the curiously named, MystiTool.  A quick application of Bibliomancy revealed it to be a so-called Heads-Up Device ( HUD) developed by Mystical Cookie.  I happened to be in the NCI Nova Civis facility and so asked the person there where I might find this item.  She directed me to Miss cookie’s shop in Blumfield.  This region lies well outside Caledon, so I’m not sure if it will count as a legal “find”, but as I had heard and rad many positive things about the MystiTool, I translocated to Blumfield and picked up the “freebie” version.  I am quite pleased and amazed at the many useful functions I have found in it.

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