In which I continue my attempt to make a wall behave

Warning:  This article is a continuation of the one before; therefore, it will likewise contain arcane minutiae regarding Conjuration and Inscription.  I hope that someone learns from the things I’ve done wrong.

Another Take and Conjuration proved that I had indeed solved the issue of the wayward wall.  All was not yet perfect, however.  Raising and lowering the wall still caused it to veer slightly off true perpendicular.  I surmised that this drift may perhaps be due to  my wall being, as yet, a free standing structure. 

I quickly constructed two rectangular columns, hollowed and path cut to leave one side open, that would serve as channels and supports for my wall.  I should note that I also reduced the dimensions of the wall to 5m x 0.25m x 4m as I determined that in the final construction this would result in 5m wide corridors.  10m sections would be used for the external, unmoving, walls only.

I set the wall within the channels, reset the script and touched the wall.  It moved, but rather than smoothly rising it bounced around inside the channels and wound up only slightly higher and noticeably askew.  Perhaps the channels are too narrow, causing the wall to collide with the sides.   Perhaps dealing with Physical objects is a less than optimal solution. 

I decided the later reason was more sensible and restored the movement inscription to use the llSetPos formula rather than llMoveToTarget.  I tested this and once again had a wall which moved straight up and down on command.  However, I had failed to make it move in a gradual, or damped, manner. 

 At this point I sent out a plea over the shared communication medium of the Independent State of Caledon group (a.k.a. ISC chat channel).  “How do I slow down the movement caused by llSetPos?”

The answers I received informed me that an incremental, or stepped, approach was neccessary.  Interesting.  I will approach that at  a later time, then.  For now, since I had the pillars already, I wanted to see how my wall behaved once connected to these pillars and a floor.  I quickly conjured up a 10×10 platform for my floor and linked together the wall, pillars and floor.

I touched my wall expecting it to rise and instead it just sat there.  Most distressing.  I was using the same script as I had used for the door of my shelter.  It should work, but it didn’t.  I was dumbfounded.   I tried un-linking and re-linking the objects in different combinations and orders all to no avail. 

Well, to paraphrase Thomas A. Edison, I have at least learned another way in which it does not work.

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