In which I chat with old friends in front of the fire and have tea with some new ones

Having had my fill of wrangling with walls I sought out a more sociable diversion.  Pulling up the map of Caledon I noted that there were four souls in Kintyre.  I wanted to get a more complete tour of that duchy; so, I translocated there to see who was about.  One thing I noticed straight away, once the scene had resolved, was that the church I had seen on the Eatern island was no longer there.  It had been replaced with an open air pavilion.  While that is pleasant enough, I suppose, I will miss the church building, especially the grave yard.

I found the four people I had seen via the map in the main house at the top of the hill.  As I drew close the MystiTool told me they were Erasmus Margulis, Autopilotpatty Poppy, Viderian Volmar and Minerva Plutonian.  I announced myself at the door and entered, hoping I had not intruded on a private meeting of some kind.  I was made welcome and spent an hour or so in pleasant conversation.  I explained my current difficulties with my constructions and was given some good advice for ways to approach them. 

Eventually the party broke up as first Mr Margulis and then Miss Poppy departed.  I was saying my goodbyes when I experienced an unwanted discontinuity.  By the time I had reestablished my connection Mr Volmar and Miss Plutonian had also left. 

Not yet ready to call it a night, I decided to resume my walking tour.  So, in good Hobo fashion, I followed the rail line East out of Kintyre and into SouthEnd.  I stopped in a couple of the shops on either side of the road and then came across a marker for Miss Bamika Easterman’s School for Wayward Maids.  I had seen the announcements of classes for Miss Bamika’s school and so, was curious to visit the facility.

Activating the marker translocated me to the school, which lies 1000 meters above said marker.  MystiTool informed me that two persons were in the vicinity.  I walked from the entryway to the front parlor and met one of them. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I surprised her.  She was definitely not expecting guests as she was barely dressed.  She excused herself and when she returned more decently attired I made a more proper acquaintance of the comely cat-girl, Miss Zebrati Merricks.  She is one of Miss Bamika’s instructors. 

Eentually the Headmistress herself arrived as well as another of the maids.  We passed the time in pleasant conversation and I even had tea.  I’m beginning to amass something of a collection of teacups.  I found the company of Miss Bamika and her ladies most delightful and resolved to attend one of the classes in the future.

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