In which an eventful weekend leads to many changes

When I returned to awareness on Saturday last I received notice of the NCI Shamrock Hunt.  As I had no particular plans I took up the challenge and translocated to the site of the first shamrock.  What followed was a jolly romp through locations scattered all about the grid. 

There were 42 shamrocks to find.  Some were devilishly difficult while others were immediately evident.  Along the way I was treated to a display of the great diversity of talent and ingenuity of the NCI membership.  Each shamrock provided the location of the next one in the chain as well as a gift freebie.  Many of the stores had other freebies available as well which I duly collected.

I finished the NCI Shamrock Hunt Sunday morning and needed a place to go to examine all the freebies I had picked up along the way.  Since the end of the Hunt brought me to the NCI Caledon facility I decided to look for an available room in the University dormitories.  All the rooms appeared to be taken, however.  I was about to translocate to the aerial sandbox when I spotted my dear acquaintance Zarya Velinov.  She had taken residence in one of the dormitory rooms and, as she was about to leave, offered me the use of it.  The residents of Caledon constantly amaze me with their generosity.

I examined a few of the new items in my possession and then received notice of the Sunday church service in Magellan Kinvara.  Normally, I tend to avoid church activities, but this one time I indulged my curiosity.  It would be an interesting observation of this facet of culture in the Realm of the Roses

I translocated to Kinvara and arrived just in time for the start.  There were about a dozen souls in attendance and the proceedings were presided over by Miss Elspeth Wooley, Kinvara’s foundress.  This particular service was billed as a St. Patrick’s day event.  Accordingly, Miss Wooley opened with a recitation of St. Patrick’s Prayer (link forthcoming).    She then led the assembled in a discussion about overcoming adversity through faith.  She closed the service with the prayer of St. Francis.  I’m told there was suitable music playing throughout, but alas I was unable to hear it.

This church service was followed with an open air tea on the grounds.  I took a closer look at the interior of the cathedral itself before attending.  When I did join the tea most of the attendants had already left.  I was pleased to make the acquaintance of Miss Wolley and Colonel Baht McMahon, commander of the Garda Síochána Kinvara and another of the primary landholders of the Magellan colony.

Naturally, Miss Wooley asked if I hailed from Caledon.  When I replied affirmatively she asked where I had my residence.  I answered that I did not actually own land in Caledon but was more of a mobile citizen, as it were.  She then informed me that there were cottages available in Magellan Templemore if I cared to consider them. 

This astounded me.  They actually offered me a residential parcel gratis.  I could hardly pass that up.  I inquired further to be sure I understood correctly.  Yes, indeed, there would be no charge for my occupancy.  Miss Wooley and Colonel McMahon assured me that the only consideration they required was that  I enjoy the land, keep my furnishings to a reasonable minimum and tell others about the Magellan colony. 

Once again I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Caledonians.  I examined the three available cottages and selected one.  There turned out to be a glitch in the Inscription for the door that prevented me from opening it.  Colonel McMahon struggled with it for a while and finally determined that it was attuned to members of the Garda.  In order for me to take up residence, therefore, it was necessary that I become a gardai myself.  Colonel McMahon assured me that doing so would not require any more than I was willing to give.  I assured him, however, that I would serve proudly and honorably.

And so, following the whims of fancy I have suddenly become an actual resident of Magellan Templemore, with a cottage of my own no less, and a member of the Garda Síochána Kinvara.  I worry that I have strayed afar from my Hobo ways and yet I am reminded that I have thus far not spent a single L$, am still able to travel and explore as freely as before and now even have a place to “come back to”.  That strikes me as particularly Hobo-ish.

As a final note, I add that I feel great appreciation for Miss Wooley and Colonel McMahon and will find a way to repay their kindness at some point.


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