In which I return to the Sandbox for further experimentation

I return once again to the Sandbox to see if I can successfully command a wall to rise.  Since my previous session I have read more of the works of Mr. Morgridge wherein I found a treatise in two parts detailing the method of communicating commands among linked primitives.  In short, the method involves the use of the power word llMessageLinked to pass commands and parameters from the master prim to the recerivers.  If you care to read the entire explanation I refer you to the following  (part first part second.)  As this would be the crux of the operation for my Maze I was eager to attempt to adapt his formula to my needs. 

I first constructed a floor to which I attached two pillars and a wall as before.  This time, however, I also added a podium with a control panel.  I linked the whole together, being careful to select the control panel last as this would set it as the so-called “root” object. 


I then Inscripted the “sender” portion and embedded it into the control panel.  I embedded the “receiver” portion in my wall.  I will not copy out the full formulae here.  You may read them in the original source as referenced above.  Just to be certain that all was in readiness I Took the whole into my possession and resolved it back onto the ground.  Rubbing my hands with anticipation I reached out and touched the control panel…and…Voila!  The wall rose the prescribed amount!  Hooray!

I was overjoyed!  I considered this a major accomplishment.  Flush with my success I shouted out “Eureka!” across the testla waves.  I considered that an unqualified success.  It may not seem like much to some, but for a fledgleing Code Poet such as myself it was a significant achievnement.

At this stage I have comiled a list of further steps that must be completed:

  1. Implement Gradual Movement of the wall rather than the nearly instantaneous transposition it currently exhibits.
  2. Restrict the command code to work only when the control panel is touched.  Currently, I can touch any part of the assemply to activate the movement.
  3. Implement movement of multiple walls in multiple configurations.
  4. Implement a menu of options for selecting a desired maze configuration, reset to original state, etc.

Stay tuned, dear reader, as I continue my education in the arcanum of Script Wizardry.

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