In which I adjust to my new station in (Second) Life.

First, dear reader, please, accept my apology for the unusual length of time since my last entry herein.  As I relayed at that time I have undergone something of a sea change in my station.  Whereas I have until recently been a mere vagabond traveler, albeit a well mannered one, with nary a single L$ to my name nor a place to call my own, I now find myself with an actual residence and a position of some responsibility.  Although, I am still pennyless.  As you might imagine this has rather shifted my priorities.  Rather than being content to simply stroll about the countryside I now had certain tasks which demanded my attention.

The first task to which I needed to devote my efforts was the furnishing of my home.  I felt it was simply unacceptable to have been given this rather nice house and not honor that gift by properly furnishing it.  

My humble cottage in Magellan Templemore

My humble cottage in Magellan Templemore

  In my explorations I had come across several so-called “freebie” furnishings, but at the time I passed them by.  I never imagined that I would have a need for them, you see.  Now that I had the need, I had not the means.  

It would have been an awful chore to attempt to revisit many of the places I have visited, not to mention remembering which of those might actually have free furniture available.  I thought of visiting the Freebie Dungeon again but didn’t really relish the idea of wading through the clutter there.  Besides, I dont recall seeing much by way of furnishings and homeware there.  It is mostly clothing, skins, vehicles, gadgets and the like.  To be honest, I didn’t actually spend much time there last time and there may be whole sections that I missed.  Yadni’s Junkyard had some furnishings, but none that I saw really fit with the esthetic  I was looking for. 

Those generous folks at Oxbridge University provide a box of free furniture for use in their dormatories, but after pulling them out and looking at them I didn’t feel they really fit the room either.  Besides, with this new chapter in my (Second) Life I thought I really should have something I hadn’t seen before.

At this point I turned to XStreet.  For the uninformed, XStreet is an Aetheric Catalogue used by nearly all artisans and shopowners in SL.  Once I opened an account from in world I was able to purchase items from said catalogue.  Incidentally, using the same account I may at some point in the future have my own wares listed therein.  XStreet provides for key word searching and by using the words “Victorian” and “Steampunk” I was able to find just what I was looking for.  I won’t tell you what I ultimately chose.  You’ll just have to come by and see for yourselves.

Now that I have a furnished house, I really should have a housewarming party.

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  1. Mr Plutonian, if you wish I will be happy to delve into my rather extensive collection of freebies on your behalf should you require anything in future. I would also direct you to our own Looter’s Emporium in Steam SkyCity for further supplies. Do mind the turkeys 🙂

    • Thank you, Lady Gray. Your offer is most kind. I have already availed myself of the Looter’s Emporium. If I have further need I will be sure to contact you.

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