In which I am outfitted for duty and patrol the colony

My next priority after furnishing my home was to get myself properly outfitted for my duties as a Gardai.  A quick bit of  scrying revealed that Colonel McMahon was active so I sent him a message asking what I needed by way of accoutrement.  He replied that a uniform and horse were in order and that he would take me shopping to get them. 

Our first stop was the main store of Mr. Mako Magellan, one of Caledon’s premier clothiers, and one of the three landholders of the Magellan colony.  There he gave me the funds to purchase the Caledon Light Horse Ceremonial Outfit which included the Light Horse Dragoons Ceremonial Uniform, Hunting Boots and Regency Court Sword.  After taking a few minutes to adjust a few pieces for fit I cut quite a fine figure.


Gardai Onyx outfitted in a smashing new uniform

Gardai Onyx outfitted in a smashing new uniform

Thus outfitted we went looking for a horse.  For this Colonel Baht took me to the AKK Horse Ranch in Aeos.  The selection there is truly impressive.  Not being much of a horseman I really had no idea what to look for.  Trusting to whim I chose one of the display barns and looked through the selections.  They had both American and English saddle styles in breeds ranging from Appaloosas to Paints to Clydesdales.  I eventually settled on an English saddled Shire in black with white socks and a blaze on the nose.

I won’t mention how much these items cost.  Colonel McMahon fronted me the L$ claiming they were simply standard issue and only asked that I enjoy them and make regular patrols of the Magellan colony for the next several weeks.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the Colonel and Miss Elspeth Wooley for how thoroughly welcome they have made me feel since taking residence in Magellan.


Onyx and Annabelle on patrol

After a period of rest I immediately set out on my first patrol.  I’ve named my horse Annabelle and she is a joy to ride.  I started with a circuit of the Templemore walls.  Then I went out the West gate to Claddagh Village.  The moss covered stone walls and narrow streets there are certainly more claustrophobic than the relatively open spaces in the rest of the colony.  Colonel McMahon has certainly captured the feel of an Irish tenement.

I continued my ride back through the fortress and West to Kinvara.  There are many shops the which I had not seen before.  there is also a boat dock from which one may rent a sailboat.  I explored the grounds of St. Patrick’s and the Marzipan Teahouse.  I even ventured up the hill to the pub.  To my delight I added two more finds to my list for the Caledon Newcomers Scavenger Hunt.  I guess I’m pushing the limits of the definition of newcomer by this point, but I continue to plug away.

I next took myself and Annabelle northward to Magellan Straits which is dominated by Mr. Magellan’s main store.  The store is housed in a replica of the famed Crystal Palace.  I found yet another item from the Scavenger Hunt list here.  That leaves me only eight of the 22 items left to find.


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