In which I undergo a transformative change and venture to show my new face in public

“While strolling through the park one day
In the merry merry month of May
I was taken by surprise
By a pair of roguish eyes
In a moment my poor heart was stole away.”

As I sat with pen in hand, or keyboard at fingers, to set down this entry to what is apparently a moderately well received journal (more on that later) I was listening to the soothing emanations of Radio Riel.  They list the theme of the day as Contemporary Instrumental, although a May Day Eve event begins shortly.  For some reason, possibly because of the plethora of May Day/Beltane/Walpurgisnacht celebrations in the offing for this weekend, the song quoted above came into my head.  A quick enquiry with the services of Mr. Google & Co.  brought to light some interesting, and hithertofore unknown to me, pearls of knowledge regarding the tune commonly known as “Strolling Through the Park“.  If you will permit me, before plunging into the primary focus of this missive I would like to share a few of them with you.


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An Extra-mundial Communication

Gentle readers,

Please forgive this intrusion upon our serene contemplation of all things metaversal.  I am compelled by my typist, my verus animus if you will, to relay the following message. (My Latin is not perhaps the best.  My apologies to those who know better.  Please, correct me if I got it wrong.) 

I’ve just had the most amazing experience, one to which I am sure many of your readers could relate.  You know that SL group “Not Possible In Real Life” (NPIRL)?  File this one under Not Possible In Second Life (NPISL). 


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On Brass Balls, Wicked Wenches, Blue Mermaids and sundry other goings on

In the past few months I have been amongst the people of Caledon I have noticed a particular fondness for social gatherings, especially those involving music and dancing.  In fact the ink had barely dried on my Independent State of Caledon membership papers when Lady Fogwoman Gray invited me to attend a “Newcomers Ball” in Steam SkyCity.  Since then I have attended High Teas, sky high black tie balls, pub club bashes, and commemorative celebrations aplenty.   In the following paragraphs I offer some thoughts on this staple of Caledonian Society.  In future missives I will  highlight a few of the venues, occasions and significant persons involved. (more…)

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In which I finally concede that I am a Hobo No More

Yes, friends, the truth will out.  I must finally concede the point.  From my humble beginnings as a penniless, vagabond wanderer I now find myself a settled gentleman with a house to call my own, a place in the Garda Síochána Kinvara and even a salaried position with the Caledon Library as Administrative Assistant to Sir JJ Drinkwater.  The final line was crossed, however, just this last weekend.

I was thinking about possible new conjuration projects and decided to peruse the XStreet SL catalogue to see if anyone had already made something similar to what I was considering.  I used “Tesla” as the search term (that may give you an idea as to the type of project I have in mind) and pulled up many fascinating contraptions, workshops, clothing sets and the like.  One of these, a remarkable Tesla Coil Top Hat, particularly struck my fancy, and I actually desired to purchase it.  Imagine my chagrin. (more…)

In which I return to the road sometimes traveled

Enough introspection! (at least for a while)

Feeling the pull of wanderlust once again I turned my feet to Caledon Downs.  I had visited there just briefly when, as I explained before, I answered Miss Luik’s call for a Second.  So, I returned to the area to continue my explorations.  Having spent the previous evening in the pleasant company of Miss Bamika Easterman and a number of her maids I returned to awareness in the North-West quarter of SouthEnd.  Following the lane to the North from there brought me to the South-West corner of Caledon Downs.  The land rises steeply here and a number of residences lie at the top of the rise, including the residence of Miss Rhianon Jameson whose journal, A Caledonian Journey, I heartily recommend to your attention. (more…)