On Observations, Aspirations and Attitudes (part first)

As noted in an earlier post I have reached something of a shift in my circumstances within the Second Life metaverse.  At such times it is often beneficial to reflect upon one’s situation, what has brought one to this point and whither goest one from here.  And so, dear reader, I beg your patience as I indulge in a bit of “navel gazing.”

“Whence came you…”

My rezday is 1 Sep., 2008; however, I did not become truly active in Second Life until February of this year.  Other metaversal excursions I  had undertaken had quickly devolved to a grinding pursuit of  riches at the expense of enrichment.  So, I determined I would abandon the profit motive entirely, and exist as much as possible with a zero L$ balance.  I set out to explore the grid, seeing what there was to see and experiencing as much as I possibly could without having to pay for it.  At the time I merely wanted to observe the multi-varied diversity of this fascinating realm.

Very shortly my explorations (basically, visiting all the NCI Info Hubs) brought me to Caledon.  Immediately upon my arrival I could somehow feel that the energy of the place was different than many places I had visited in the grid to that point.  I’m not sure exactly what led me to that conclusion.  The people I met were all very friendly and welcoming, certainly.  But, there were friendly and welcoming people all throughout the grid.  Maybe it was the clothes.  Maybe it was the allure of neo-Victorianism (a topic in itself).

Whatever the reason, I decided that this was definitely somewhere I wanted to stay and to explore more thoroughly.  Moreover, through my readings of both the Caledon Wiki and the Forums I decided that this was a community of people to which I wanted to belong, and contribute in some meaningful way.

“What come you here to do?”

This, then, was my first departure from the purely undirected, “wheresoever the wind may blow” state of being.  At this point the, more natural for me, orderly and analytical way of thinking reasserted itself.  In reading through the Caledon Wiki I noted that the content of several entries was rather sparse.  I decided, therefore, that I would adopt a methodical approach to my explorations, taking notes along the way, so that I might expand those entries that were wanting.  In this way, I reasoned, I could maintain my role as observer and still contribute to the community.  Accordingly, I thought it only proper that I should join the Caledon Research Institute; however, entrance into that worthy organization requires a L$1,000 fee.  I had encountered my first real obstacle as a penniless vagabond.

Undeterred, I set about my explorations knowing that I might still supply content for the Wiki Archive even if not a member of the CRI.  I have made some minor additions to date.  Thus far I have cataloged the parcels of Oxbridge Village, Steam SkyCity and SouthEnd.  Very soon I will transfer my notes to their respective entries.

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  1. Expanding the wiki is a very worthwhile undertaking, sir. I wish you the best of Victorian luck!

    • Thank you, sir. I greatly appreciate your support.

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