In which I complete a project, rashly volunteer and secure a position

I have not been inactive during my brief excursion into matters philosophical.  On the contrary, I have in fact experienced three significant events which I will now detail.

To Follow the Sun

My first significant achievement was to successfully complete my sundial project.  Actually, I say I have completed it; but, in truth there may be some modifications necessary in the future.  For now, however, I have made sufficient progress to actually set the working prototype in front of my cottage.  I do hope Mr. Magellan, Miss Woolley and Colonel McMahon do not object.  (insert picture here)

My the most vexing issue of this project was working out how to properly distort the gnomon’s shadow.  I was using a triangular wrought iron gnomon and it’s shadow would have to stretch and change in it’s progress about the dial face.  I solved this problem by simplifying the gnomon’s shape to that of a needle-like cylindrical projection.  Thus, the shadow is but a simple tapered rectangle.  I had also found a Celtic stone circle texture which I liked better than the clock face I had used previously. 

Now, it was simply a matter of embedding the proper Inscription within the shadow prim to enable its rotation.  I found exactly the formula I needed on the LSL Wiki page for the word of power llGetSunDirection.  The only modification I had to make was to exchange llSetLocalRot for llSetRot.  The former rotates only the shadow whereas the later would have rotated the whole construction.  Additionally, I added a small Inscription to the base that displays the time of day in numerals floating over the center of the dial.  This would be the solar time, not the clock time.  It uses the power word llGetTimeOfDay to determine the number of seconds since solar midnight and then converts this into an hours and minutes representation of the time.

I am relatively pleased with the results; however, it is not yet perfected.  In material space sundials one orients the gnomon North-to-South and the shadow falls parallel at high noon.  With my sundial, however, the shadow appears 90° off.  At first I suspected that this was some oddity of the SL sun, but then I noticed that my foot shadows were properly oriented.  Obviously there is some error in the Inscription formula.

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

sword duel

sword duel

I was strolling about Caledon Downs, admiring the airfield, and made a general greeting over the Tesla wave communication channel.  Guvnuh Shang responded asking if I would care to volunteer for something.  One can hardly refuse a request from Des, and so I soon found myself standing as Ms. Enterle Luik’s Second in a Punning Duel with Sir JJ Drinkwater.  Apparently this is a traditional Caledonian event of the Relay For Life  (RFL) season.  Last year’s event was a Complements Duel  in which Colonel Exrex Somme defeated Sir JJ Drinkwater by a single vote.  This year Colonel Exrex will second Sir Drinkwater.  As I said, I will second Ms. Luik.  The details of time and place have yet to be arranged, but it should be great fun.

A Post at the Library

Sir Drinkwater had posted a request for an Administrative Assistant in the Caledon Classified Pages.  As I was still looking for a way to make a significant contribution to the Caledonian community I responded to his request and surprisingly he readily accepted my application.  We arranged for an in-world meeting and as of last night I am now on staff at the Caldeon Library.


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