In which I return to the road sometimes traveled

Enough introspection! (at least for a while)

Feeling the pull of wanderlust once again I turned my feet to Caledon Downs.  I had visited there just briefly when, as I explained before, I answered Miss Luik’s call for a Second.  So, I returned to the area to continue my explorations.  Having spent the previous evening in the pleasant company of Miss Bamika Easterman and a number of her maids I returned to awareness in the North-West quarter of SouthEnd.  Following the lane to the North from there brought me to the South-West corner of Caledon Downs.  The land rises steeply here and a number of residences lie at the top of the rise, including the residence of Miss Rhianon Jameson whose journal, A Caledonian Journey, I heartily recommend to your attention.

Across from the Jameson estate lies a building which I had been most eager to find, The Steampunk Resource Centre.  I had seen landmark giving placards for this place scattered about Caledon, but had for some reason never bothered to pick one up.  Perhaps I reasoned that I would eventually come across it in my travels.  And, so I have.  The building is three stories of brick, glass  and steel situated against the steep escarpment such that the top-most story is actually at street level across from the residences I mentioned above. 

This top-most level is actually given over to a coffee shop, the proceeds of which, I suppose, support the Centre.  I added a cup of cappuccino to my collection of tea and coffee cups.  They have a receiver for the aetheric transmissions of Radio Riel in place which fills the air with pleasant music.  Along one wall I spotted a selection of freebies of which I quickly availed myself.  Of particular interest was a box of textures which I am sure will come in handy in my future conjuring endeavors.  Above this selection, and on the opposing wall, they have image display engines that rotate among several images, apparently taken from all about the State.  The walls are also adorned with color prints of coffee related advertisements.  My favorite was the one for Heterodyne Coffee. Heterodyne Coffee

The primary feature of the second floor was the wall of Steampunks Past and Present.  That is probably not the official name, but it fits.  All along two of the walls are portraits of authors, scientists, thinkers and engineers from both the 19th and 20th centuries whose works are considered either seminal or influential to Steampunk culture.   Most of these I was familiar with, but a few were new to me. 

On the lowest floor I found two more collections of freebies, including more textures and even a few sky boxes.   The walls were lined with elegantly rendered landmark placards for many of the steampunk themed areas of the grid.  From here I could walk out onto the back lawn.  Directly ahead of me I could see the Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as Tower no. 1.  The Wardenclyffe Tower is the first, and tallest, of the four power broadcast towers maintained by the Caledon Tesla Society.  Not far from the base of this tower I noted a largish anchor stuck in the ground.  Further investigation showed that it held a lighter-than-air vessel in place as said vessel, hovered above the landscape.


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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip through our little piece of the nation, Mr. Plutonian. Thank you for the kind words regarding my scribbles that are periodically cast into the Aether.

    I should note that you caught the Steampunk Resource Centre just in time, at least in its current form. Proprietress Sea Beaumont is closing the Centre at the end of the month (if memory serves, which it often does not), and all its steamy goodness will be in the past.

    • What I have seen of Caledon Downs thus far I have found thoroughly delightful. I look forward to further explorations in the neighborhood. News of the SRC’s imminent demise saddens me, however. Also, I meant every word concerning your journal. I have found it engaging and insightful.

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