In which I finally concede that I am a Hobo No More

Yes, friends, the truth will out.  I must finally concede the point.  From my humble beginnings as a penniless, vagabond wanderer I now find myself a settled gentleman with a house to call my own, a place in the Garda Síochána Kinvara and even a salaried position with the Caledon Library as Administrative Assistant to Sir JJ Drinkwater.  The final line was crossed, however, just this last weekend.

I was thinking about possible new conjuration projects and decided to peruse the XStreet SL catalogue to see if anyone had already made something similar to what I was considering.  I used “Tesla” as the search term (that may give you an idea as to the type of project I have in mind) and pulled up many fascinating contraptions, workshops, clothing sets and the like.  One of these, a remarkable Tesla Coil Top Hat, particularly struck my fancy, and I actually desired to purchase it.  Imagine my chagrin.

I was now faced with the prospect of becoming a full fledged participant in the economy, a materialist consumer in fact.  (Although, materialist may be stretching the point a bit.)  What’s worse, I did not have the funds necessary to realize the transaction.  Colonel McMahon had forwarded me a, to me, generous sum of “coin of the realm” about a week or so ago which he assured me was my due for upkeep and equipage, an honest soldier’s pay as it were.  I had used a portion of these funds to pay the entrance fee to a couple of groups I had previously been unable to join.  Another portion I gave out as contributions to friends’ estates or as tips to the sponsors and entertainment providers of one event or another.  The upshot of my generosity was that the balance I had left was less than I needed.  Now, not only did I suffer from covetous consumerist desire, I actually had a motivation other than the sheer enjoyment of the task for attending to my duties as Sir Drinkwater’s assistant.  To state it bluntly, I had to work to earn the lucre that would enable me to purchase the object of my desire.

So, there I was, a one time Hobo fully in the grip of the consumerist, capitalist dilemma.  The mind boggles.

This story has a happy ending, however.  Thanks once again to the generosity of a friend — whom I won’t embarrass by naming, although to whom I send out heartfelt gratitude — I was able to make the purchase (egad!), thus quelling the heretofore aberrant impulse and restoring the sanity of mind and serenity of spirit to which I am accustomed.  My linden balance is even back down to zero once again.  Additionally, I now have a fabulous new hat.

A hat even a Jaeger would love

Jaeger says, "Thet's one shiny shmott guy hat!"

Having thus passed over this final threshold I must admit to myself that hereafter I can no longer consider myself a Hobo.  I have not removed the SecondLife Hobos from my groups list, yet.  I still have a few slots remaining.  Should it become necessary to make room, however, I think that the Hobos will be the first group to go.  It is not that they are an unworthy group.  Quite the contrary.  Their contribution to the SL grid is inestimable and I’m sure there are many wonderful people among them.  I, however, have made no real connection with them.  I have all the connections I need in and amongst the people of Caledon and Magellan, and the fine folks of NCI.  

All things considered I cannot say I have any regrets over the whole situation.  Even as I throw off the mantle of Hobo I heartily embrace my status as a citizen of the Independent State of Caledon, resident of Magellan Templemore, Gardai of the GSK and Caledon Library employee.  Although, I am currently still penniless and still taken to wandering.


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