On Brass Balls, Wicked Wenches, Blue Mermaids and sundry other goings on

In the past few months I have been amongst the people of Caledon I have noticed a particular fondness for social gatherings, especially those involving music and dancing.  In fact the ink had barely dried on my Independent State of Caledon membership papers when Lady Fogwoman Gray invited me to attend a “Newcomers Ball” in Steam SkyCity.  Since then I have attended High Teas, sky high black tie balls, pub club bashes, and commemorative celebrations aplenty.   In the following paragraphs I offer some thoughts on this staple of Caledonian Society.  In future missives I will  highlight a few of the venues, occasions and significant persons involved.

Admittedly, any observations offered herein are far from scientific or scholarly.   I have not the breadth of experience in the wider metaverse to know for certain if this predilection obtains generally; however, I have seen indications that this may indeed be the case.  Regardless, I shall limit the focus of my discussion to that with which I am familiar, namely the social events of Caledon.  Furthermore, being a resident of the State for only a few short months I cannot authoritatively speak to whether I have happened upon a brief surge of activity, perhaps brought on by the advent of Spring, or if this represents the normal state of affairs.  With these limitations in mind let us move on.

The character of these events varies as widely as one might imagine, as do the venues in which they are held.  Caledon has a number of facilities specifically intended for holding social dances.  They range from the after decks of the floating city to more conventional halls to tavern dance floors to specially designed platforms hundreds of meters in the air.  One constant is the presence of the Discographical Journeyman (a. k. a. DJ) who provides the music, with his/her ever present tip jar.  Although, the actual identity of the DJ differs.  Another is the presence of some sort of Inscripted Gizmo by invocation of which one may become temporarily imbued with the ability to dance as well as one trained to the art. 

At first I attended just a few either because I was personally invited or from a desire to “show face”, to see and be seen as it were.  One may recall my musings on the role of social needs in motivating ones actions in the SL metaverse.  I must admit, possibly to my personal social hazard, that I found these dance events not especially entertaining.  At the time I was perhaps too intent on maintaining the aloof observer stance.  Also, my ears did not function properly.  While watching the flailing gyrations of ones avatar can be mildly amusing,  without the music to provide a proper context the appeal is fleeting and soon wears off.

Recently  I have corrected my aural deficiency and am greatly pleased to be able to more fully experience the events I have attended since.  I have also made some friends among the Caledonians and find their company stimulating even without an accompanying soundtrack.  What, then, is so compelling about wanting to get together with a bunch of friends and acquaintances to watch our avatars gyrate about?  One of my friends remarked after a recent Marzipan Ball that it all seemed like an excuse to hold a group conversation.   I think he may have hit it on the head.  When one  boils down the metaversal “virtual” experience, at least as presented by Our Service Provider, to its core, is it really that much more than an extremely (overly?) elaborate chat client?

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