An Extra-mundial Communication

Gentle readers,

Please forgive this intrusion upon our serene contemplation of all things metaversal.  I am compelled by my typist, my verus animus if you will, to relay the following message. (My Latin is not perhaps the best.  My apologies to those who know better.  Please, correct me if I got it wrong.) 

I’ve just had the most amazing experience, one to which I am sure many of your readers could relate.  You know that SL group “Not Possible In Real Life” (NPIRL)?  File this one under Not Possible In Second Life (NPISL). 

Last Friday my wife came home from work and we launched into the perennial question of the evening, “What do we want for dinner?”  Neither one of  us felt particularly excited about cooking.  It had been a long week for both of us.  My wife suggested steak.  Mmmm steak!  That sounded so good!  Usually we would order takeout, but it was still relatively early, only 5:30 or so, so we decided to go out, thinking we could beat the dinner rush.  We packed the kids in the car and headed for a nearby chain steakhouse.

I ordered a sirloin, medium-well, topped with a chese and garlic crust.  I must have either been really hungry, or the margarita aperitif was begining to have the desired effect, or the garlic (I LOVE garlic) and spices were just right or the moon and stars aligned properly that night.  All I know is that first bite sent a wave of pure ecstasy down my body starting in my mouth, filling my head, making my little hairs stand up and my scalp tingle then moving down across my shoulders and along my spine down to the small of my back and on to my feet.  I just sat there for several seconds with my eyes closed, not even chewing, just enjoying the sensation.

If anyone reading this is a vegetarian, I apologize.  On the other hand, I really feel sorry for you.  You will never know the pure, nearly orgasmic, even religious, pleasure of the perfectly cooked steak.  The stress of the week seemed to melt away with each bite and by the end of the meal I was in a state of ease and warmth and serenity.

As much as I marvel at the breadth of experience in SL this is one that technology, as yet, cannot replicate.  There are still some things that are better in meat space.

My apologies, dear reader, once again for this intrusion.  I pray that none of you were offended by the base nature of this entry.

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  1. And…now my typist wants steak. No apology needed, sir. 🙂

  2. [puts a request through to the Castle Wulfenbach chef for the evening meal]

    • Das gut! Herr Baron, I am honored to have you among my readership.

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