In Which I Ride the Whirlwind of Wonderous Weekend Revelry

[A note of warning: this entry will be considerably longer than is usual.  I have generally tried to keep the length of my missives to under 600 words, but as Mr Magellan once pointed out to me, in this case I will have by then barely begun to clear my throat.]

In a singular occurrance of synchronicity, Saturday last was saturated with social events.  I direct the curious to the calendars of Caledon and the Alexandrian Free Library for the 2nd of May, as well as Lady Eva Bellambi’s announcement for the 3rd Annual Beltane celebration.  These, of course, are only the events of which I was personally aware.  I believe there were several others as well.  In any case, feeling uncharacteristically frisky I endeavored to make a full day of it and attend as many of the festivities as time and endurance would allow.

‘Spirit of the Forest’

The day began with the the Marzipan Sweeties Revue in Magellan Kinvara.  This revue was entitled ‘Spirit of the Forest’ and featured the talents of the lovely Misses Eve Compton, Finnella Flanagan, Madeline Tiratzo, and Petronella Piers arrayed in delightful costumes provided by Miss Tabitha Ninetails and accompanied by musical arrangements selected by the Nightingale herself Miss Gabrielle Riel.  I attended in offical capacity as a member of the Garda.  Rather than make a poor attempt at a full review I will instead direct those interested to the words of Mr. Mako Magellan

I admit that I was hard pressed to maintain a properly watchful eye during the performance.  This was the first performance of the Sweeties I have been able to attend and I found the whole affair thoroughly delightful.   The repartee between the performers and the audience added a playful flavor that only enhanced the enjoyment of all.  Miss Woolley may be somewhat aghast at the sometimes saucy wit of her ladies, but I’ve heard that it is not at all an unusual trait for dancers.  It turns out that Miss Piers is an avid En Garde duelist and I had the opportunity, after the performance, to face her on the piste.  The match was well played and very close.  I felt sure I would be undone many times.  However, in the end the honor of the Garda remained intact as I took the match 5 to 4.

As an aside, Colonel McMahon has informed me that I am promoted to Garda Sergeant.  There is some difficulty with the paperwork, so the title does not yet display properly, but he considers the promotion effective regardless.  Thank you, Colonel.  I am honored and humbled by the trust you have placed in me.

“Speak to Us”

Next on the agenda for the day was the opening of the Victorian Spiritualism Exhibit at the Whitehorn branch of the Caledon Library.  I excused myself from the company of Miss Woolley and Colonel McMahon, quickly changed out of uniform and translocated to Victoria City.  A full description of the exhibit is available at the Library Militant Aetheric News organ.  As one might imagine, the subject of spiritualism is fairly dear to my heart.   The event was moderately well attended and Miss Braun, curatrix for this exhibit, and Sir JJ wre as ever the gracious hosts.  I indulged in a few sips of champagne as I attempted to hold up my end of the conversation.

This exhibit was just one of a number of esoterically themed events transpiring this weekend.  Friday, 1 May, saw the opening of the H.P. Blavatsky Memorial Branch Library in the Adocentyn Tower in Caledon Wellsian.  The curator of this branch, Miss Aevalle Galicia, has amassed an impressive collection of volumes covering the works of Madame Blavatsky as well as Messrs. Mesmer and Swedenborg, the triumvirate of Theosophy if you will.  Also opening on May 1 were the H. P. Lovecraft Museum in Wyre and the Caledon Paranormal Society Information Center in Caledon Brigadoon.  Furthermore, the CPS sponsored a Ghost Hunt that ran throughout the weekend with 91 ghosts to find scattered throughout the Realm of the Roses and beyond.

I had dropped in on my friend Miss Aevalle Galicia on Friday to congratulate her on the opening of the Blavatsky branch.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the Lovecraft museum or the CPS Info center yet.  I expect to soon, however.  I also opted out of the Ghost Hunt.  There were balls to attend.

Back to the Teahouse

Having fulfilled my social obligations to the Library I returned to the Marzipan Teahouse in Kinvara for the bi-weekly formal ball.  Mr. Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel provided the musical accompanyment for the afternoon.  I was pleased to be able to attend this event off duty.  Among the attendees I saw the ever charming Nightingale of Caledon herself, Miss Gabrielle Riel.  I was perhaps even more delighted to see a particularly lovely white furred lady feline twirling about the dance floor in an exquisite smoke grey and white gown.

The lady was introduced to me as Miss Emilly Orr, another of Miss Riel’s event hosts.  Still being new to the feline aspect I am always excited to meet one of the many ladies and gentlemen of the breed which I encounter.  Miss Orr graciously accepted my invitation to dance and we took a few turns about the floor together.  Miss Orr is a throoughly charming lady.  I am quite pleased to have made her acquaintance and hope to be able to do so again.

While Miss Orr and I were waltzing in the Marzipan the 2nd Annual Mad Scientist Convention was taking place in Oxbridge Village and Steam SkyCity.  It may have been hightly entertaining to see the nefarious contraptions and shocking creations of the Steamland’s talented tinkerers, but alas, something had to give.


The Third Annual Beltane celebration in Winterfell Anodyne promised to be the climactic event of an already eventful day.  The Marzipan Ball wound down and I repaired to by cottage to change into the highland tartan I had just recently purchased.  Yes, gentle reader, I once again succumbed to the consumerist urges and made another substantial purchase.  The Animus has wanted proper Highland formal dress for a long time.  We were able to find a set in his family colors in the tartan merchant vendor in place at the Templemore fortress.  The Animus is quite jealous.

At this point, apparently, the needs for nourishment and familial contact with The Goddess required we take a brief pause to give the Animus a moment’s respite.

Once the needs of the Animus had been satisfactorily sated I translocated to the Isle of Skye in Winterfell Anodyne.  I arrived just in time to hear Lady Bellambi’s personal remarks and to witness the lighting of the balefire.  A transcript of the ceremony and some pictures of the event are available on Lady Bellambi’s journal.  If you look closely in a few of them you may even catch a glipse or two of a certain white tiger cavorting about the Maypole.  Lady Bellambi’s moving and heartfelt words impressed upon me the true depth of the relationships she and others have formed in the metaverse.  Fortunate indeed are those whom this fine Lady calls friend.

Once the balefire was lit the music and revelry commenced.  I took up a ribbon and joined in the circle dance.   Very soon the heat of exertion and the fire, and the Lady’s encouragement, got the better of me and I threw off my cloak and coat.  I was not the only reveler to shed a few layers either.  I saw many fanciful costumes.  There was the inevitable Blue Man as well as several faeries and even a pair of satyrs.  My full enjoyment of the occasion was perhaps marred by aetheric interference which made my view at times jerky and blurred.  Alas, the extent of the day’s many activities began to take their toll.  While the avatar was willing the typist grew weary.

A Fireside Chat with close friends

In any case, while amidst this scene of wild abandon I received an invitation from my good friend Zebrati Merricks, a teacher at Bamika’s Maid School.  Feeling that I had had enough of dancing and parties for one day, I said my farewells to Lady Bellambi et al and translocated to SouthEnd.  There I joined Zebrati and two of the school’s students, Gordon Soleil and Elizabeth Namiboo.  Eventually Miss Bamika joined us as well.  We sat in the front parlour simply enjoying one another’s company.  All in all a very satisfying way to end a most frenetic day.


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  1. Thank you for you very kind words, and indeed for stopping by my home for the celebration after such a hectic day. It was my great pleasure to have you with us as we celebrated the holiday.

    I do hope to see you again soon.

    The Rose

  2. Your Grace, I am honored that you have deigned to read my humble journal, ever the more so that you would leave such a gracious comment.

    I, too, welcome an opportunity to further our acquaintance.

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