In which Caladon and I attempt to dance in New Babbage, attend the Fete, party in Edison, view some art and enjoy some minor successes

Robbed at the Ball

Last Saturday Caladon and I attempted to attend the Robber Baron Ball  in New Babbage.  The evening turned out to be something of a disaster, however.   The ball was held on Piermont Landing in the Wheatstone Waterways portion of new Babbage.   I had been there once before to enter my humble attempt at a sundial and while the Landing is certainly a place conducive to such events it does suffer from a temperamental aetheric current.  She preceded me and provided co-ordinates for translocation.  However, upon attempting to do so I ended up in the canal.  Not a pleasant experience for most felines.  When I then flew up to the bridge she was unable to perceive my presence.  Most distressing.  I popped back home and we tried it again.  Somehow in the midst of this she managed to get her picture taken.  Isn’t she grand?

the beauty without the beast

the beauty without the beast

More pictures of the event, provided by Miss Bookworm Heinrichs can be viewed Here.

We did finally get ourselves situated in the same location and attempted to join the revels.  Unfortunately, the Intan enabler refused to co-operate for poor Caladon.  Amidst trying to rectify this situation I had to refuse a dance request by Capt. Red Llewellyn who did not realize that Caladon and I were together.  Caladon tried several times to re-align her perceptions but to no avail.  She perhaps took pity on me and did not object when Miss Dracona Lisle requested a dance from me.  What’s a gentleman to do?  I took a few turns with Miss Lisle while I waited for Caladon to beat back the lag monster.  We eventually left for home, much discouraged.

I will take this opportunity to note that, at least at this particular event, the population of those in attendance appeared to lean heavily to the distaff side.  That is to say, there were quite a few unaccompanied ladies present.  Many even had, “In Need of a Dance” tags in evidence.  If this is indicative of the normal state of affairs at New Babbage events, then I announce to the male members of the greater Steamlands community that there is an opportunity here, gentlemen.  At the very least, one will have no trouble finding a willing dance partner.

On Duty at the Fete

The next day we reported for Garda duty at the RFL Fete at St. Patrick’s Church in Magellan Kinvara.   Miss Rhianon Jameson gives a wonderful account of the event in her journal, with pictures, so I will not make my own poor attempt at the same.   I will only add that among the events at the fete were a cake walk, a caber toss and auctions of a chicken and several sheep.  The Marzipan Sweeties were their usual vivacious selves.   For some reason I could not get the feel of the caber toss right, but the honor of the Garda was upheld my my beloved.  Caladon took first prize in the event.  One has to respect a woman who can toss a caber.

Reconnecting with Friends

After a brief respite for meditation, rites of devotion to The Goddess and other needs of the Animus I returned to awareness and changed to civilian attire.  Caladon and I enjoyed a long overdue social tea with Miss Woolley and Colonel McMahon.  I have been so busy of late that these simple community building exchanges have gone wanting.   Miss Woolley and Caennfort McMahon have been so generous and supportive during the time I have known them that I can never repay such kindness.  It was refreshing to come together for a while without the frenetic activity of Fetes and Dances and Marzipan Sweeties Revues.

Celebrating Rez Days

With tea done, Caladon and I set about the important task of deciding our entertainment for the evening.  After some discussion and consultation of calendars and group notices we decided that our first stop should be Magdalena Kamenev’s Rez Day celebration.   No sooner decided then we put deed to word and translocated to Edison Hypatia.  We landed in a cozy little jazz club called  the Jazz Cat somewhere high in the sky above Hypatia.  This was a Europan Consulate affair,  so of course Baron Wulfenbach was there as was Miss Annachen Lowey and, I believe, Miss Eugenia Burton.  I also spotted Their Graces Middleseain one corner of the dance floor.  The Nightengale herself, Gabrielle Riel, attended the automatonic band engine.  If memory serves, Icarus Ghost also made an appearance.

There were others about, but I’ve had periods of unawareness since then.  In any case, my attention was  otherwise focused than in surveying the attendees.  The only attendee of which I was primarily concerned was by beloved Caladon.  We claimed our own portion of the dance floor and proceeded to enjoy the jazz groove.  Miss Lowey even supplied me with an Intan HUD that greatly facilitated control of the enabler.

Art for Everyone

My good friend Autopilotpatty Poppy opened three new exhibits in her Galleria in the Caledon Highlands this last weekend.  I missed the opening of her Stockings exhibit, however, as Miss Kamanev’s party wound down the opening reception for the exhibits of Sledge Roffo and Jewel MacMoragh was still underway.   We translocated and landed right in front of Mr. Sledge’s Stronger Dance moving sculpture.  I stared at it for quite a while enthralled by the intricate play of movement and color.  I’m not sure that Caladon enjoyed it quite so much as I did.   I think the aetheral currents were working against her again.

It is always pleasant to see my dear friend Miss Poppy.  Her Galleria is certainly enjoying great success as a venue for showcasing exciting new SL artists.  After chatting us up a bit, she fluttered off to play hostess and we made our way about the rest of the exhibits eventually coming to Miss Poppy’s own Stockings collection.  This dislpay of daring and whimsical photographs has been much anticipated by many in the Caledon community.   Indeed, so many of them posed for it that the word of mouth publicity alone was sure to propel it to “must see” status.

Miss Poppy did not disappoint either.  The Caledon Catgirl Brigade was prominently featured as were many notables of Caledon society.  I was pleased to see my cousin Minerva Plutonian looking very sweet in her stockings and garters.  As has been mentioned in the Caledon forums, this was not an exhibit purely for the pleasure of the men.  Sir Erasmus and Captain Velesjaeger Munster also show a bit of leg.

En Garde with the Consulate

The evening drew  to a close and the needs of the Animus once again asserted themselves.  I believe they call it sleep.  In any case, I eventually returned to awareness after an extended period of meditation, rites and rituals to find that nearly a whole day had passed.  Caladon greeted  me upon arrival and informed me that she has been granted the position of Land Officer for NCI.  I’m very proud of her.  Lord knows Carl Metropolitan can use the help.  This was cause for celebration.  How did we choose to mark the occasion?  En Garde, of course!

She provided the co-ordinates for the Consulate En Garde piste in Murdann and I translocated there forthwith.  The usual compliment of Consulate personnel were there.  We enjoyed several rousing bouts.  I squared off against Captain Munster twice, losing one match and winning the other.  Baron Wulfenbach challenged Captain Munster,  Caladon challenged the Baron, I challenged Caladon, and on it went through the night.

In the midst of this high spirited and lively competition I received notice that the fourth of my storefronts on Thistle Hill had rented!  Moreover, the renter was none other than Countess Sea Song herself, Autopilotpatty Poppy!  I’ll take it as a sign  that I may actually achieve some sucess with this venture after all.  I am also encouraged by, and grateful for, Miss Jameson’s featuring the Thistle Hill Markets in her Journal.


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  1. Oh what a shame you had such difficulties attending our fete and found it not to your liking. Moreover, please do not give the matter of refusing my jolly dance request one more thought sir…Twas merely my attempt to make you feel welcome to our city I do assure was nothing more! LOL
    As a former pirate I sometimes do not stand on formalities, when trying to be kind to new visitors. But do imagine my surprise when your lovely companion, (she’s such a doll!) sharply spoke of it! ((my word, i looked but she is not your partner, nor in your picks, how is a lady to know these things!?))

    Nevertheless, tis neither here nor there…but to mock our modern ladies who desired a dance and quietly let others know? Tis the same as having an empty dance card. How ungentlemanly and boorish of you to mock them, sirrah. Tsk tsk.
    Might I suggest if you care not for Babbage or it’s fetes then sir, mayhap you should make your way to our events nor try to navigate our canals as they clearly don’t seem to agree with you, thank providence sirrah, cats do have nine lives. [grins]

    As for the other events I also enjoyed the Stockings! gallery opening of dear Miss Poppy. She is such a talent, and I was quite pleased seeing how nicely the two portraits of yours truly she showed, though I must say they are quite mild compared to some of my dear Caledonian friends there…as I teasingly told them. I just hope that my Oxbridge students do not find their way there as I do not look like the professor at all. The Guvah, dear Des, though, is sure to enjoy the Catgirl Brigade collection, they are quite charming!
    ~Capt. Red

    • Capt. Red,

      I fear I have miscommunicated my impressions of the Robber Baron Ball. I greatly enjoyed the portion of the event I was able to attend. Miss Rae and I left only because her difference engine failed to align the aetheric impulses properly. You are quite correct, however, regarding the lack of evidence in my profile with regards to Miss Rae and myself. It is a matter I intend to address immediately upon my return to awareness this evening. Please know that I was, in fact, flattered by your welcoming and under other circumstances would have happily obliged.

      I fear you have misconstrued my assessment of the fine ladies of New Babbage. I do not mock them. I praise them for their forthrightness and sympathize with them and their plight. It must be terribly frustrating for them to attend these affairs and not have sufficient men about. My intent was to assist these fine ladies in finding gentlemen with whom to fill their dance cards. I have now been to two of these build-a-ball events in New Babbage, the first being the sundial build competition, and have rather enjoyed them both. I look forward to the hourglass event next month. If schedules and the aether allow, Miss Rae and I will attend.

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