In Which Emperor Calamari Receives a Pleasant Rezday Surprise

There were a great many wonderful events and activities this past weekend.  Unfortunately, the need for extensive meditation, ritual sacrifice and rites of devotion to the Divine Feminine kept me away from most of them.  For instance, I missed what was from all accounts a truly magnificent performance by the Marzipan Sweeties dance revue.  For an accounting of this event I direct you to Mr. Mako Magellan’s review in the Victorian Second Life ning entitled “‘Glamour’ comes to the Marzipan”.  Miss Woolley has put together a truly magnificent troupe of talented ladies.  I look forward to their further performances.

This past weekend also saw the Warming Day celebration in Orcadia, the launching of Issue #6 of The Primgraph and a welcoming tea in New Toulouse.   The one event I was able to attend was the Belated RezDay celebration for His Imperial Majesty, Emperor SteelCobra Calamari, the benevolent ruler of Steeltopia.

I was somewhat late to the event.  I had been attending to matters of business and duty.  When I did finally arrive my translocation beacon must have malfunctioned again, because I once again landed in a canal.  Most undignified.  Nevertheless I extricated myself, dried off and entered the Steeltopia Coal Power Plant Lounge.   The dance was fully underway.  My dear Miss Rae was otherwise disposed, but I was able to entice the lovely Miss Riven Homewood to join me on the dance floor.  After a few turns she was called away.  By this time Miss Rae was available and we took our turn at the tango. 

Throughout the previous week I had heard hints of some super secret surprise in the works.  Now I was about to find out what it was.  All those who were at the Coal Power Plant Lounge were invited to translocate to the Steelhead Hotel.  When Miss Rae and I arrived we took a place near the back of the assembled crowd and saw a curtain in front of the stage.  I could tell there was some activity behind the curtain but could not quite make out what.  When the curtain lifted we were treated to a choreographed burlesque revue by several ladies from Steeltopia, Steelhead and the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach.  I had a difficult time making out many details as I had to peer between Miss Rae’s fingers.  I did manage to get one snapshot from the rafters, however.

The Cookie Girls Debut

The Cookie Girls Debut

This performance was arranged by Miss Eugenia Burton, who along with Misses Annechen Lowey, Searra Anechen, Riven Homewood, Dracona Lisle, Lumina Elvehjem and Magdalena Kamenev put on a show probably more suited to the New Champagne Room than the Hotel Ballroom.  They sashayed and twirled in step to the strains of  David Rose’s “The Stripper” arrayed in blue corsets, stockings and hats with cookies and black feather fans as accessories.   The onlookers were at once aghast and appreciative of the display.  Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel immediately dubbed them the Cookie Girls.

Emperor Calamari was overwhelmed.  I believe he still has a rather astonishing grin on his face.  I’ve been told he is rather fond of cookies.  The Cookie Girls milled about on stage after the main performance and His Imperial Majesty even joined them in an impromptu encore.

Afterward Prim Minister Riel enquired if they would be available to perform in New Toulouse.  It seems the Marzipan Sweeties may have some competition.

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  1. Miss Rae needed an extra hand – two for your eyes and one for the camera lens.

    Thank you for that report, Mr. Plutonian – now I understand the Baron’s cryptic reference to his staff on his Journal.

    • You are most welcome Miss Jameson. If you think my ability to capture an image while impeded was impressive, Miss Elvehjem managed to capture a couple of the troupe in action while she herself was on stage. They may be viewed on the Steelhead Ning.

  2. Update. Miss Magdalena Kamenev has just posted more images of the Cookie Girls in action. These may be viewed on the Steelhead Ning Photos page.

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