In Which I Attend a Portion of the Grand Tour

The weekend of June 20th was remarkable for several reasons.  First, Sunday the 21st was the Summer Solstice, a significant date for many reasons.  Second, this weekend the populace of the 19th Century grid enjoyed the much anticipated Summer Grand Tour.  Third, it seemed the gods of the grid, our esteemed Service Provider, were a might unsettled this past weekend and all manner of chaos ensued.   There is a fourth reason to mark the weekend, but I will expound on that later.

The Midsummer Grand Tour

I will not dwell over long on the significance of the Solstice.  Suffice it to say that it serves as a touchstone event in many cultural and faith traditions.  Most prosaically we say that it marks the beginning of Summer, although climatologically and astronomiclly speaking Midsummer is the more correct term.  And so another year rolls around and the seasons come and go.   For the curious I recommend your further investigations begin with the Solstice article in the aetheric compendium Wikipedia.

In partial commemoration of the Solstice the many estates and nations that comprise the Victorian/Steampunk/Vintage/19th Century grid arrange among themselves, with the aid and direction of dedicated organizers, a series of successive events which give each estate a chance to show off a bit and to celebrate the Second Life we all share.  Also, the events serve as RFL fundraisers with many donation kiosks available and on display at each one. 

As if by some nefarious design, the fabric of the grid underwent a major upheaval on this same weekend.  I heard some speculation that the recent introduction of a new land mass may have been a contributing factor.  The official reports I did see made no mention of this.  All I know from those reports is that at one time the entire grid was down, then in excess of 6000 regions remained un-recovered.  Some “emergency” measures were taken and eventually the wave of aetheral chaos subsided.  The one bright spot in this was that the Tour locations escaped the turmoil, at least during the times of their events. 

This Tour’s organizers, entitled Conductors for the duration, were none other than Baron Klause Wulfenbach and His Vice Consul Annechen Lowey.  From all accounts the Tour was a grand success.  My hat is off to both of them for their tireless devotion and service to our many communities.  You may read Frau Lowey’s post mortem of the Tour on the Wulfenbach Emigres ning.

The Portions I Attended

Due to the constraints of time and the demands of First Life I was only able to attend two of the Grand Tour events.  The first was the Midsummer Night at the Marzipan Teahouse.  This event was themed as a celebration of the fae in us all.  Mr. Magellan provides a most excellent review on the Victorian Second Life ning.  I will not attempt to duplicate the effort here except to give an account of my personal observation.  For my part I attended in official capacity as Garda Sergeant.  I was delighted to see the Garda well represented and took station in one corner of the dance hall.  There was a great variety of wings and plumage on display.  In a breach of discipline I allowed my own wings to unfurl.   Miss Soliel Snook did her customary excellent job of providing music for the occasion.  I had the opportunity to see some long time acquaintances and to meet a newcomer to our shores, Mr. Bodhisatva Paperclip. 

The Illusions White Ball

The allotted time for the Marzipan event came to an end and Miss Rae and I were off to the next stop on the Tour, the Illusions White Ball on Piermont Landing in New Babbage.  ((Free Tenk!))  Ehem!  Miss Breezy Carver out did herself for this one.   The landing was transformed in to the most elegant ballroom.  Majestic marble columns rose to the heights supporting graceful arches.  She even had a floor of polished stone imported that was so fine it reflected the columns as a mirror.  Pictures of the event are available thanks to Miss Bookworm Heinrichs of Steelhead.  They may be viewed via this link.  There was even an amazingly realistic statue at the foot of the stairs.  I think it may have winked at me.

By the time I had changed out of my Garda Uniform and arrived at the Landing, with no watery mishaps this time, the ladies and gents of New Babbage ((Down with Dr. O!)) Hush, you! had begun to assemble.  The ladies were arrayed in the most stunning white gowns.  At one point several of them were clustered to one side and it brought to mind the image of a lovely bevy of elegant swans.  All thoughts of other ladies were soon swept away, however, when I caught sight of my lady love, Miss Caladon Rae. 

the black swan

the black swan

For this occasion she wore a gown designed by the talented Miss Lumina Elvehjem and inspired by the Greek gown once worn by Agatha Heterodyne.  The diaphanous white fabric so wonderfully offset her dark drow skin that I could not help but smile at my great good fortune to be loved by this beautiful creature.  I myself arrived attired in an ensemble designed by Swaffette Firefly named Ice Lord Lace.   We found ourselves a corner of the dance floor and had a most enjoyable time.

The citizens of New Babbage ((End the Tyranny!)) Quiet! certainly put on a fine show for their portion of the Grand Tour.  Thankfully, the gods of the grid were kind to them and the aether storms that had plagued the greater portion of the grid managed to pass them by.  I had very little chance to take note of who was actually in attendance, but I do know that there were at one time over 60 people in the region.  Miss Carver can be justifiably proud of her achievement.  So successful was it that when the time came for he next stop in the Tour, the Circuits and Relays Ball, the crowd was very slow in disbursing.  I never did find out who won the Hourglass Build contest, though.


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  1. Warm Smile and thank YOU so very much for YOUR kind words for Indeed you and yours touched my heart !!!
    This is what it is all about sharing a night to remember from one’s heart to many others 🙂
    all the best to YOU Mr. Onxy and yours ..
    do stay safe !!
    always Breezy Carver

    • You are most welcome, Miss Carver, and thank you for the wonderful gift.

  2. An update.

    It seems the hourglass contest turned into a clank decorating contest. The results of the judging and other prizes can be found on Miss Carver’s journal

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