In Which I Provide A Summation of the Recent Past (Part First)

Dear readers,

I must apologize to those of you who so diligently read this journal.  I have just realized it has been two whole months since my last entry.  And so, I will take this occasion of my so-called Rez Day, the first anniversary of my initial descent into the metaverse, the translation of the analog self to the digital as it were, to provide a brief account of just what the devil I have been up to, if you will excuse the expression.  That date was actually September 1, but it took me a while to get my thoughts down.

I will start by saying that the last two months have been marked by transitions and changes, by highs and lows, discoveries and losses.  One of the more significant changes and discoveries over the last two months has been my adoption of the aetheric short journaling service known as twitter.  Those of you with whom I have shared this medium of communication will already know much of what I will lay down here, but there are many who do not.  It is, therefore, still useful, I think, for me to provide a record in these pages.

Perhaps the most orderly way to approach this is to divide my accounting into two broad categories, the personal and the professional.  I will begin with the happenings of a personal nature, that is those incidents which had a more or less profound effect on me, but which probably bear little relevance to the community at large.  You may ask why I bother to share these things at all, then.  That is a fair question.  The only reply I have is that maybe someone will learn from what I’ve gone through.  Or, maybe it is just latent narcissism.

Be that as it may, on with the story.  The most significant event of the past two months has to be the dissolution of my romance with Miss Rae.  The sordid details are not for public consumption.  Suffice it to say mistakes were made and miss-communication, or just plain lack thereof, brought our association to an end shortly after the Relay for Life weekend.  The parting did not go well, I am afraid.  As a result, not only has a once fulfilling relationship ended, but I have also had my recently discovered Wulfenbachian citizenship effectively revoked.  I will no longer be welcome at the weekly Poetry Slam, but what can one do.  C’est la vie.

On the lighter side, things have a way of working out.  Amidst the loss of heart’s desire one sometimes finds the soul’s rest.  I have been fortunate to have some previous associations deepen and evolve in most satisfying ways.  My dear friends, M. Zebrati Merricks and M. Gordon Soliel have been a constant comfort and refuge for me when I have needed solace or respite.  So much so that I have taken them into my service as Secretary and Maid respectively.  One could not ask for a more loyal and dependable pair of servants.  I am aware that they may be involved in certain nefarious activities in and about New Babbage, but have come to know them as so much more than mere cogs in Dr. Obolensky’s machine.

I have also been fortunate to come to know Miss Elvira Afterthought.  In this brief span of time we have become quite comfortable with one another.  We have formed a quiet sort of companionship that one does not experience often, especially after so short an acquaintance.  Together we have explored and experienced many wonderful corners of the grid that are so much more enjoyable when one has someone to share them with.  I look forward to many more such adventures.

There are others I could mention as well who have become somewhat more than passing acquaintances.  There is the lovely and peaceable Lady Elspeth Woolley to whom I owe so much and who is one of the most generous souls I know.  She ie always willing to lend a sympathetic ear and is quite an intelligent and engaging conversationalist.  It is a joy to live in the Magellan colony.  I can only hope that I can adequately serve I can as a proud member of the Garda Siochana Kinvara. 

There are also the ladies of Here and Hereafter, Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi and Miss Alana Steameweaver, who have had the vision and artistic talent to create the very popular set of portraits known as the Caledon Tarot.  I was fortunate enough to be selected for both the Major Arcana and the Court Cards series.  At the risk of embarrassing her I must confess I have a particular fondness for Miss Pelazzi.  She is a gentle soul with a certain mystery about her that I find fascinating.  Miss Steamweaver is always a joy to be around.  She is simply delightful.

Looking back on this list I see a vast inequity.  I have perhaps not made sufficient effort to foster friendships with the gentlemen of the Steamlands.  I do very much enjoy the company of women, but there is a quality to male friendship for which I begin to feel the lack.  At one time I considered founding a Gentleman’s Club in the Victorian style wherein gentlemen might meet for discussion and camaraderie.  It may be time to revisit that idea.

With that thought I will now close this journal entry.  In the next I shall treat with the recent developments in my public and professional life.

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