In Which I Provide a Summation of the Recent Past (part second)

In my previous entry I elaborated on some events of a personal nature that have transpired over tha last two months.  This one, then, will deal, primarily, with events of a more public and professional nature.

Thistle Hill

About the only thing upon one can with confidence rely is that things change.  The most telling change for me has been my transition from a penniless vagabond to a propertied citizen.  Most of that progression is chronicled in this journal.  I have up to this point avoided much discussion of my business dealings in these pages.  I hope to avoid the temptation of  turning this journal into a crass publicity engine.  However, a little self promotion now and then is not an entirely bad thing.  Therefore, gentle readers, with your kind permission I will elaborate for just a while on an endeavor of which I am most proud, The Markets on Thistle Hill.

Atop Thistle Hill in the South-East corner of Caledon Oxbridge Village I have created a cozy little shopping plaza.  Current merchants on the Hill include the following:

  • Here and Hereafter – the creative talents of Misses Pelazzi and Steamweaver brought us the Caledon Tarot.  These cards are more than portraits of some of Caledon’s citizens, but also fantastic works of art. 
  • Dzines by D! – Miss Dianne Davies has created a beautiful collection of Victorian era furnishings and decorations.  She currently has some items specific to the Halloween season on display.
  • Simple Threads –  a wide array of women’s and girls clothing and accessories from the American West by Miss Marrant Vita.  She currently features some quite smart-looking winter coats.
  • Cerulean Calling – dazzling tortured prim artistry by Miss Caladon Rae
  • Overland Trail –  Frontier fashions, accessories and useful items from the American West by Addison Leigh
  • Tiny Steamed Vegetable Robots –  A rather unique set of tiny avatars created by Bona Pettit.
  • Bon Chance – creative decor for the home and garden by Bon McLeod.

I still have several storefronts and market carts available.  If any of you dear readers know of anyone looking to open a shop, or to expand into new territory, I would be immensely grateful if you would mention Thistle Hill.  Also, the two corner shops are quite spacious.  At one time I considered opening a pub in one of them, however, Oxbridge now has a fine pub across the park, the Pub Dodo Redux.   Now I believe I would like to fill these corner shops with vendors from various and sundry merchants.  If any of you dear readers has Apez type affiliate or commission vendors that they would like to have displayed, please contact your friendly neighborhood tiger.  I would be happy to place your vendors on the Hill.  In return I only ask a modest commission on any sales.  I do have tier to pay, after all.

Other Pursuits

Enough commercialism, I say.  What of more genteel pursuits?  Some of you may know that I am employed by the Caledon Library as Administrative Assistant to Sir JJ Drinkwater.  It is a post I am honored and privileged to hold.  Among my many duties to Sir JJ is the configuration of the Caledon Library touring balloon, known affectionately as the Book Mo’Blimp.  I have finally completed said configuration and am ready to place the conveyance into service.  It follows a route that fair circumnavigates the lands of Caledon. 

Starting in Victoria City at the Jack and Elaine Whitehorn Memorial Library the Blimp travels North to the Marie Curie branch in  Mayfair.  Then it floats across the Firth to Wellsian where it stops at the H P. Blavatsky and H. G. Wells branches.   From the H. G. Wells the Blimp proceeds to Akela’s Garden in Regency and then wends its way southward stopping at Tinyville in Tanglewood.  The southward leg continues on past Lionsgate palace and over Port Caledon to stop in Caledon Prime where it pauses briefly at the Caledon Welcome Center and the Vannevar Bush Memorial Reading Garden.  For the last leg of the tour the Book Mo’Blimp visits the Oxbridge University branch and then gently makes its way back to Victoria City.  In all it is a wonderful way to see much of Caledon.  The whole tour takes just over an hour to complete.

Another library related project I have begun, with the help of Miss Sophia Untermeyer, is to organize a Debate Society for the Steamlands.  We have a few volunteer participants and a venue lined up for our first debate.  All that remains is to determine the topic and set a date.  We hope this will prove to be an enriching, enlightening, and entertaining experience for all involved.

I have also been engaged in transferring the Library’s inventory lists to a more dynamic aetheric storage repository which will be searchable and maintainable via the Library Militant aetheric locale. (I’ve built a database that will be accessible via the website – Animus)

Amidst all of this I also managed to land a place in the cast of the Primgraph’s pictographic serial The Quest for The Golden Prim.  My charater’s first appearance is in the latest edition of the Primgraph, available via the services of Calameo. (Primgraph #8)

All in all it has been an eventful Summer.  Now we move into Fall and soon, Winter.  I look forward to the future of my Second Life with eager anticipation.

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  1. You are a busy man, er, tiger indeed, sir! My congratulations on these many juggling balls you have in mid-air!

    • Thank you, Miss Jameson, for your kind words, and for taking the time to read what was admitedly not perhaps the most entertaining thing I have written. Certaininly, it was not so entertaining as your many wanderings about the grid.

  2. Mr P,

    I seem to recall you lamenting the troubles you had to go to in order to get your messages posted on all necessary nings and sundry other publications. Help may be at hand. Since you have a WordPress blog, and since there is now a ning app to syndicate such blogs onto ning blogs (if my understanding is correct), you may find that suddenly your life has been leavened.

    Cheers, MM.

  3. Sorry. You should delete both comments of mine, as they don’t apply. This feature is only available to one blog per ning and has to be set up by an administrator.

  4. Oh, thank you for mentioning my shop in Thistle Hill… I love being there! Everyone come visit!

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