Spontaneous Bling Storm

A couple of nights ago a spontaneous burst of linguistic creativity erupted on the Independent State of Caledon group chat.  It exemplifies the intelligence and creativity that I think typifies Caledonians and is one of the many reasons I am proud to be one.

It all started with a discussion on resizer scripts and this JIRA.  Someone mentioned the recent resurgence of non-modifiable resizer scripts in items which engendered the first comment below.  The burst of spontaneous creativity immediately followed. 


[2010/01/14 20:45]  Seasprite Destiny: it’s the new ‘Bling”.
[2010/01/14 20:46]  Bamika Easterman: Bling is the new black.
[2010/01/14 20:47]  Nix Sands: Black Bling!
[2010/01/14 20:48]  Nix Sands: it’s the anti-bling!
[2010/01/14 20:48]  Gray Pennell: no its dark bling you cant see it
[2010/01/14 20:49]  Bamika Easterman: stealth bling
[2010/01/14 20:49]  Bamika Easterman: black helicopter bling
[2010/01/14 20:49]  Bamika Easterman: plausibly deniable bling
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Seasprite Destiny: stealth bling
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Gray Pennell: in in bling?
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Seasprite Destiny: lol
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Wrath Constantine: InvisiBling.
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Seasprite Destiny: in like bling!
[2010/01/14 20:50]  Seasprite Destiny: Our Man BLing?
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Wrath Constantine: PhantoBling
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Diamanda Gustafson: this is not the bling you’re looking for.
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Nix Sands: It’s Been a Hard Day’s Bling
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Gray Pennell: bling bling went the trolly
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Bamika Easterman: Bling is the loneliest number
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Magdalena Kamenev: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a bling …
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Wrath Constantine: Heh
[2010/01/14 20:51]  Nix Sands: You Only Bling the One You Love
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Seasprite Destiny: He’s  just not that into your bling.
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Bamika Easterman: Bling and Peace
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Diamanda Gustafson: another bling in the wall 😛
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Numinus Quandry: You don’t bling me flowers…anymore
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Wrath Constantine: It’s just not my bling.
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Bram Hallison: Bling High, Bling Low Sweet Chariot
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Bamika Easterman: It’s the Bling, Stupid
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Seasprite Destiny: Bling the world — I want to get off!
[2010/01/14 20:52]  Wrath Constantine: Bling it on.
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Numinus Quandry: I can’t believe I ate the whole bling!
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Magdalena Kamenev: Where’s the Bling?
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Gray Pennell: To bling or not to bling that is the question
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Seasprite Destiny: woah, Wrath!  good one.
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Nix Sands: In Space, Nobody can hear you BLING
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Jayleden Miles: Bling Night Everyone…It’s been a bling day.
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Wrath Constantine: Lol. G’night Jay.
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Bamika Easterman: *hugs*
[2010/01/14 20:53]  Numinus Quandry: It’s all over but the bling
[2010/01/14 20:54]  Gray Pennell: Bling Jayleden
[2010/01/14 20:54]  Hope Dreier: Ladys and Gentelmen, Bling has left the building
[2010/01/14 20:54]  Magdalena Kamenev: Forget it, Jake.  It’s Blingtown.
[2010/01/14 20:54]  Seasprite Destiny: Viva Las Bling.
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Hope Dreier: And now, Bling Crosby sing  “I’m dSDreaming of a Bling Christmas”
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Nix Sands: Un-be-BLINGING-leevable!
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Nix Sands: BLINY YOU you blinging bling
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Gray Pennell: Bling is where the heart is
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Bamika Easterman: Who put the shoop in the shoop be doop be doop, who put the bling in the ramma lamma bling blong?
[2010/01/14 20:55]  Seasprite Destiny: The Little BlingMaid?
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Numinus Quandry: I find your lack of bling disturbing.
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Hope Dreier: It’s a mother beautiful bling.
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Bamika Easterman: The bling witll be with you, always
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Gray Pennell: May the bling be with you
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Bram Hallison: Fred and Wilma Blingstone
[2010/01/14 20:56]  Seasprite Destiny: YOur bling on the floor?
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Seasprite Destiny: 7.0 RIchter Bling
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Bamika Easterman: Is that bling in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Numinus Quandry: Help us Obi-wan Kenobi. You’re our only remaining bling.
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Seasprite Destiny: Why don’t you come up and bling me some time?
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Bamika Easterman: Bling long and prosper.
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Numinus Quandry: Bling is the right of all sentient beings.
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Magdalena Kamenev: The Man From Bling.
[2010/01/14 20:57]  Gray Pennell: The bling is all around you
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Seasprite Destiny: It is a far, far better bling that I do.
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Bamika Easterman: It’s a good day to bling!
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Truly Magnifico: The postman blings twice
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Gray Pennell: My Bling Landy
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Onsa Tripsa: these are not the bling you’re looking for
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Bamika Easterman: To bling, or not to bling. That is the question.
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Gray Pennell: hehe
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Magdalena Kamenev: They’re poisoning my precious bodily bling …
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Bamika Easterman: I’ll be bling.
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Seasprite Destiny: PoMo bling?
[2010/01/14 20:58]  Lindal Kidd: I like Bling Crosby
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Nix Sands: wait for it…
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Alana Steamweaver: The Bling of Midway?
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Nix Sands: One Bling to Rule Them All…
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Alana Steamweaver: A Bling Too Far?
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Bamika Easterman: In space noone can see you bling.
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Numinus Quandry: It’s not a fit night out for man nor bling!
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Diamanda Gustafson: The bling remains the same. (reveals age and hides)
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Alana Steamweaver: Blinging Saddles!
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Gray Pennell: Saturday night bling
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Seasprite Destiny: Neither bling, nor snow, nor dark of night……
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Bamika Easterman: I bling the body electric
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Iason Hassanov: BLING mind the gap
[2010/01/14 20:59]  Numinus Quandry: Be vewwy quiet. We’re hunting bling.
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Bamika Easterman: Do androids dream of electric bling?
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Numinus Quandry: er–bwing
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Hope Dreier: Rosebling…….
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Alana Steamweaver: It don’t matter if you’re bling or bright!
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Gray Pennell: Bling Me!
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Bamika Easterman: The Bling and I
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Seasprite Destiny: sunny day, chasing the clouds away, going out to where the bling is free
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Seasprite Destiny: Free to Bling You and Me
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Alana Steamweaver: Just put your lips together and bling.
[2010/01/14 21:00]  Numinus Quandry: But soft! What light through yonder window blings?
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Bamika Easterman: Lie back and think of Bling
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Gray Pennell: Lucky in the sky with bling
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Gray Pennell: Lucy
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Hope Dreier: If you call on me on the morrow you will find me a blig man.
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Gray Pennell: Bling James Bling
[2010/01/14 21:01]  Bram Hallison: Guess who’s blinging for dinner
[2010/01/14 21:02]  Alana Steamweaver: Take this job and bling it!
[2010/01/14 21:02]  Seasprite Destiny: It blinged for 40 days and nights!
[2010/01/14 21:02]  Numinus Quandry: It’s buried under the bling W.
[2010/01/14 21:03]  Gray Pennell: The 10 Blings
[2010/01/14 21:03]  Alana Steamweaver: Seven blings for seven brothers.
[2010/01/14 21:03]  Seasprite Destiny: Bling on the Orient express
[2010/01/14 21:03]  Catherine Serpente: The Rime of the Ancient Bling
[2010/01/14 21:03]  Da5id Kronfeld: Three blings for the elven kings under the sky
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Bamika Easterman: Lord of the Bling
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Seasprite Destiny: Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to bling!
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Bram Hallison: Tillie : All bling has done broke loose now !
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Hope Dreier: the Two Blingd
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Hope Dreier: Return of the Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Gray Pennell: Frankly my dear I dont give a bling
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Catherine Serpente: …for the Bling WAS a Boojum, you see.
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Seasprite Destiny: When you care enought to bling the very best…
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Bamika Easterman: Avatar: The last Bling bender
[2010/01/14 21:04]  Truly Magnifico: I don’t know nuthing bout blinging no babies!
[2010/01/14 21:05]  Hope Dreier: lol
[2010/01/14 21:05]  Bram Hallison: HAHA!
[2010/01/14 21:05]  Seasprite Destiny: AVA-BLING!
[2010/01/14 21:05]  Hope Dreier: All quiet ong th Bling front.
[2010/01/14 21:05]  Gray Pennell: A bling my kingdom for a bling
[2010/01/14 21:05]  June Wozniak: …Bling. James Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Numinus Quandry: And the LORD said, “Let there be BLING.” And it was good.
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Bram Hallison: The Blingorcist
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Seasprite Destiny: The wonderful ice cream bling!
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Seasprite Destiny: All summer in a bling!
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Kitsuko Pelazzi: Chitty Chitty Bling Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Iason Hassanov: bling fries are done!…bling fries are done!
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Gray Pennell: Baskonrobins 32 Blings
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Numinus Quandry: No coke. Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:06]  Seasprite Destiny: Kentucky Fried BLING!
[2010/01/14 21:06]  June Wozniak: “All the bling joints in all the world, and she had to walk into mine”
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Numinus Quandry: NO BLING FOR YOU!
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Hope Dreier: The Blings are coming, the blings are coming.
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Lucien Brentano: A bling Too Far
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Alana Steamweaver: BLING?  THIS. IS. SPARTAN!
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Numinus Quandry: Then we shall bling in the shade!
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Gray Pennell: Those who are about to bling slute you
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Onyx Plutonian: To Bling or not to bling
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Seasprite Destiny: If you are bad, Santa will bring you a  lump of bling!
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Truly Magnifico: If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I’ll never bling again
[2010/01/14 21:07]  Lindal Kidd: oh yeah?  Bling it on!
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Wrath Constantine: Already said that one. ^^
[2010/01/14 21:08]  June Wozniak: I love the smell of bling in the morning. It smells like victory.
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Bamika Easterman: Go tell them in Lacademon, Traveller, that here we lie obedient to their bling.
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Gray Pennell: Bling once shame on me Bling twice shame on you
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Hope Dreier: Voyage to the botton of the Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Kitsuko Pelazzi: To Bling where no man has blinged before.
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Seasprite Destiny: The Wrath of BLing!
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Gray Pennell: Moby Blig
[2010/01/14 21:08]  June Wozniak: May the bling be with you.
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Lindal Kidd: Bling Lear?
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Seasprite Destiny: The Scarlet Bling!
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Alana Steamweaver: Bling the torpedoes!
[2010/01/14 21:08]  Gray Pennell: HP Bling
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Hope Dreier: I have a bad bling  about  this.
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Alana Steamweaver: You may bling when ready, Riddly.
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Lucien Brentano: An Officer and a Gentlebling
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Bamika Easterman: Return of the Bling
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Seasprite Destiny: Bling me up, Scotty?
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Alana Steamweaver: Men in Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:09]  Hope Dreier: Laurence of bling
[2010/01/14 21:10]  June Wozniak: Come on up and bling me sometime
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Numinus Quandry: You people talkin’ metaphors oughtta shampoo my bling!
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Gray Pennell: Bling Wars a new hope
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Scotti Lyle: Only in Caledon does one log on to something like this.
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Bram Hallison: Bling you, Bling me, Bling it for always  That’s the way it should bling
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Alastair Whybrow: Bling to me only with thine eyes
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Seasprite Destiny: John Jacob Jingleheimer Bling!
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Bamika Easterman: It’s a bling thing
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Hope Dreier: The Seven Pillars of Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Lucien Brentano: BLING! is a magic number! YEs it is, it’s a magic number!
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Numinus Quandry: BLING? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE BLING!
[2010/01/14 21:10]  Alastair Whybrow: The Bling and I
[2010/01/14 21:11]  Gray Pennell: If you prick me do i not bling
[2010/01/14 21:11]  Seasprite Destiny: At Runymede, in 1215, King John signed Magna Bling.
[2010/01/14 21:11]  Hope Dreier: Et tu Bling?
[2010/01/14 21:12]  June Wozniak: Battle of the Bling
[2010/01/14 21:12]  June Wozniak scratches her out and starts over
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Gray Pennell: No one is a failure who has bling
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Bram Hallison: To Bling a Mockingbird
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Iason Hassanov: four score and seven bling ago
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Alastair Whybrow: Bling Gordon
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Lindal Kidd: The Blingtard
[2010/01/14 21:12]  Onyx Plutonian: whethr tis nobler in the mind to suffer the blings and arrows of outrageous fashion
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Alastair Whybrow: Love is a many splendoured bling
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Seasprite Destiny: Oh, BLing those Christmas bells!    oh, wait, it’s January.
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Lindal Kidd: …or, by opposing, bling them
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Bram Hallison: The Devil Wears Bling
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Hope Dreier: A Bling by anyother name would glitter as much
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Lindal Kidd: We three blings of Orient are…
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Alastair Whybrow: My bling-a-ling
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Gray Pennell: Bling me silly
[2010/01/14 21:13]  Numinus Quandry: If ever I would leave you…it wouldn’t be in Blingtime!
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Hope Dreier: Supercalifragalisticexpealabling
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Bamika Easterman: Oh to be in England now that bling is here!
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Truly Magnifico: Bling and the world blings with you
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Lucien Brentano: …. Rosebling!
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Alastair Whybrow: Dreary winter’s past, bling is here at last
[2010/01/14 21:14]  Alastair Whybrow: Bling symphony
[2010/01/14 21:15]  Onyx Plutonian: to sleep perchance to bling
[2010/01/14 21:15]  Gray Pennell: For whom the bling tolls
[2010/01/14 21:15]  Seasprite Destiny: I heard a fly buzz, before I bling’d.
[2010/01/14 21:15]  June Wozniak: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of bling.
[2010/01/14 21:15]  Hope Dreier: Now is the winter of our discntent bad summer by this glrious oling of York.
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Gray Pennell: Unlucky in bling lucky in cards
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Bamika Easterman: The Good, the Bling and the Ugly
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Alastair Whybrow: I’ll mar the yong clerk’s Bling!
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Alana Steamweaver: Fullbling Alchemist.
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Alastair Whybrow: Sumer is a blinging in
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Kitsuko Pelazzi: M Alana that’s not too far off from the original 🙂
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Alana Steamweaver: *laughs*
[2010/01/14 21:16]  Alastair Whybrow: Bling out wild bells to the frosty night, the flying clouds the blinging night
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Hope Dreier quietly blings away to sleep
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Gray Pennell: If I only had a bling
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Alastair Whybrow: bugger that was a misquote
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Alastair Whybrow: Into the valley of bling rode the six hundred
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Lindal Kidd: it’s just one goldarn bling after another here tonight
[2010/01/14 21:17]  Bamika Easterman: I am ozymandials, bling of blings. Look upon my bling, ye might, and despair.
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Numinus Quandry: Ah pity the bling! Ah pity ‘im!
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Alastair Whybrow: I’ll have my pound of bling!
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Bamika Easterman: Ah, who would want to be bling?
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Alastair Whybrow: The man who would be bling
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Bamika Easterman: To play the bling
[2010/01/14 21:18]  Gray Pennell: Once upon a midnight bling, while I pondered weak and weary
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Bamika Easterman: Idylls of the bling
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Rachire Andel: one second, my mic is burried diwiwick
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Onyx Plutonian: How much is that blingy in the window?
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Bram Hallison: BLINGO!
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Wrath Constantine falls out.
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Squeak Barzane: Bling, blong, the witch is dead!
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Gray Pennell: Who do the bling do you think you are
[2010/01/14 21:19]  Seasprite Destiny blings away to sleep.
[2010/01/14 21:20]  Alastair Whybrow: I think I’m about to bling up my dinner too, Mr Constantine
[2010/01/14 21:20]  Gray Pennell: Just one more just one more tiny bling
[2010/01/14 21:22]  Numinus Quandry: The eagle suffers little birds to bling.
[2010/01/14 21:22]  Alana Steamweaver: Bling a song of sixpence.
[2010/01/14 21:22]  Gray Pennell: Singing in the bling
[2010/01/14 21:22]  Eugenia Burton: I’m gonna blingsterminate you all in a few.
[2010/01/14 21:23]  Gray Pennell: Thats bling I have had enough
[2010/01/14 21:23]  Alana Steamweaver: “I need your bike, your bling and your motorcycle.”
[2010/01/14 21:24]  Gray Pennell: Whos bling? Blings Dead Honey Blings dead
[2010/01/14 21:24]  Bram Hallison: One if by land  – two if by bling
[2010/01/14 21:24]  Gray Pennell: Publp bling
[2010/01/14 21:28]  Alastair Whybrow: On blings of song
[2010/01/14 21:29]  Onyx Plutonian: HI HO Bling Away!
[2010/01/14 21:29]  Gray Pennell: Snow white and the 7 blings
[2010/01/14 21:29]  Alastair Whybrow: Earth Bling and Fire
[2010/01/14 21:29]  Alastair Whybrow: the Detroit Blingers
[2010/01/14 21:29]  Alastair Whybrow: o for the blings of a dove
[2010/01/14 21:30]  Squeak Barzane: heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to bling we go..
[2010/01/14 21:30]  Onyx Plutonian: Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Blings
[2010/01/14 21:31]  Gray Pennell: A bling in the hand is worth more then two in a bush
[2010/01/14 21:31]  Bram Hallison: The Great Gatsbling
[2010/01/14 21:33]  Onyx Plutonian: The Bling of the Baskervilles
[2010/01/14 21:36]  Numinus Quandry: My God. It’s full of Bling!
[2010/01/14 21:37]  Gray Pennell: Just say bling
[2010/01/14 21:38]  Gray Pennell: bling me a song mr piano man bling me a song tonight
[2010/01/14 21:40]  Bram Hallison: Martin Luther Bling , I have  a Bling .
[2010/01/14 21:40]  Alastair Whybrow: *crap baritone* BLIIIING high bling low, bling to, bling  fro, so they set weding bells blinging you know…………….
[2010/01/14 21:41]  Gray Pennell: Ask not what the bling can do for you but what you can do for the bling
[2010/01/14 21:41]  Bram Hallison: Interview with a Blingpire
[2010/01/14 21:42]  Numinus Quandry: …that government of the bling, by the bling, for the bling, shall not perish from the earth.
[2010/01/14 21:43]  Gray Pennell: We hold these blings to be self evident
[2010/01/14 21:43]  Lucien Brentano: Oh I wish I bling an Oscar Meyer blinger, for that is what I’d truly love to bling. For if I blinged an Oscar Meyer blinger, everyone would bling in love with me!
[2010/01/14 21:43]  Numinus Quandry: Rage, age against the dying of the bling.
[2010/01/14 21:43]  Numinus Quandry: r
[2010/01/14 21:44]  Numinus Quandry: This, too, shall bling.
[2010/01/14 21:44]  Gray Pennell: bling bling the witch is dead
[2010/01/14 21:44]  Hope Dreier: Martin Luther nailed 95 blings to the Door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg therby starting the blingformation.
[2010/01/14 21:45]  Numinus Quandry: “I am not a number! I am a bling man!”
[2010/01/14 21:46]  Gray Pennell: Soilent green is bling
[2010/01/14 21:47]  Onyx Plutonian: Plan Blilng from Outer Space
[2010/01/14 21:49]  Numinus Quandry: Float like a butterfly, bling like a bee
[2010/01/14 21:49]  Gray Pennell: bling bling bling Numinus
[2010/01/14 21:49]  Hope Dreier: I’ve come for a bling.
 No you havent you toffy nosed blingtard.
Your make me sick you lazy pile of pig bling.
 Look all I wanted was a Bling.
 Oh that’s down eh all, room 2f
[2010/01/14 21:50]  Gray Pennell: This has been fun but good bling all
[2010/01/14 21:50]  Lucien Brentano: g’bling, Gray!
[2010/01/14 21:50]  Numinus Quandry: Good night, Bling-boy.
[2010/01/14 21:50]  Hope Dreier: I didn’t expect some sort of bling inquesition.
NO ONE expects the bling inquisition.
[2010/01/14 21:51]  Numinus Quandry: Tennessee Tuxedo will not bling!

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  1. At least it was not fish puns!

    • I think we have had our fill of those from the Steamlander forum of late.

  2. /me dies laughing at the google ad at the bottom.

    Ads by Google

    Gold Teeth Grillz
    Hip Hop Gangsta Teeth Grillz Removable Bling Gold Grillz 4 Teeth

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