Taking An Alternate Path

Thanks to the random noise generator known as twitter I recently came  across an interesting piece of information.  To  wit: “Ailurophilia,” the love of cats, comes from Herodotus who called the cats he found in Egypt “ailuroi” – tail wavers.  With cat-like grace I leapt at this and decided Ailuros, the nominative singular for ailuroi (much gratitude to Kate Nicholas for pointing this out), would be an excellent name for a new alternative persona, especially if said persona were of a feline nature.   Alternate personas are a convenient way to explore aspects of the multiverse without disrupting, or carrying forward,  the connections of an established one. 

I immediately set about putting my plan into action.  I tuned my aetheral receptor to the Second Life® portal and  commenced establishing the new account.  Then I paused.  What would be a suitable surname for this new digital incarnation?  So, I re-tuned and betook myself to SLNamewatch.  Never one for simply following the crowd, I eschewed the more popular names and narrowed my list to the more recently released.  After some time I settled on a few that seemed interesting, and sounded good when pronounced. 

Returning once again to the Second Life portal I resumed the registration process.  I determined that I’d take this opportunity to sample the official Linden Labs experience and so stuck with the registration form they provided rather than hopping to the alternative sites SLNamewatch makes available.  After much refreshing they finally presented me with one of my chosen surnames, and so Ailuros Taurion was born.  Knowing I would soon change everything about him, the initial avatar appearance choice was largely irrelevant.  I chose the Goth Male. 

With the account thus created I was faced with another difficult decision, where to begin this fellow’s journey.  The rather bland Orientation Island did not appeal so I perused the list of Community Gateways.  Naturally I was tempted to immediately choose my beloved Caledon.  However, this was meant to be a bit of an adventure and so called for venturing into unfamiliar territory.  I was somewhat disheartened to see no neko and/or “furry” community represented therein.  Upon reflection, however,  it did make sense.  Getting the cats well organized enough to establish, let alone maintain, such a facility would be a herculean undertaking.  I finally settled on Faery Crossing as Ailuros’ starting point.  The possibility of a fae-neko intrigued me.  I may have Ailuros take a hop over to one or two of the others to see what their tutorial sections look like.

I decided  that I would use Ailuros as my Viewer 2.0 test case as well.  I, therefore, installed said apparatus and prepared to set off on this new path.  Unfortunately, a massive aether quake had disrupted the entire grid and I must needs await another day.  And so, dear reader, I invite you to follow Ailuros’ exploits which shall be chronicled herein under the Series title “From  Noob to Neko”  I shall hand him my quill pen so that he may recount his experiences in his own hand.   The next post you see will be his.

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