First Steps

Halloo everyone!  Ailuros here.  Mr. Onyx wanted me to share with you all my emergence from total noob to neko.  I suppose this might be interesting for a while, so why not. 

First things first.  I initially rezzed in Fairy Crossing as a noob goth male.  Not a bad starting avatar.

noob goth male

The noob goth lands in Fairy Crossing.

Once things rezzed in I set off for the Learning Grove where the fae had set up their noob orientation.  It was set up like a path through the forest.  Ooh! butterfiles!


The posters even had the new v2.0 graphics in them.  Ahh, yes.  Viewer 2.0.  What do I think of it?  It’s not terrible, I suppose.  I did miss some things right off.  The entry line for local chat seems a little small, and there’s a lot of unused space in the lower status bar.  I couldn’t bring up either the map or mini-map without navigating through a few sub-menus.   The sidebar thing squooshes the whole visible screen over which is a little disorienting.   I didn’t fiddle around with it much, but was delighted to see the “Recent” tab in the Inventory.  There’s a new system folder named “Current Outfit”.  I also liked the “Outfits” window, with its “Wearing” tab.  I can see this being very useful, especially as I figure I’ll be switching in and out of different looks for a while.

Speaking of which, near the end of the Fairy Crossing orientation stuff they helpfully provided a selection of full avatar freebies.  Onyx says the Oxbridge Univiersity gateway  does this too; so, it’s probalby standard for all of them.  I think I’ll pop over to the DC gateway and see what they have.  Anyhow, the fae had a couple cool ones for both men and women.  As you can see here, I wound up sticking with the black and silver option. 

fae neko noob

my first shot at a fae-neko

This set includes a pair of dark fae wings, and this neat black suit with silver accents. I like the hair and skin better than what the goth av started with. My ears and tail are courtesy of Sanura Southpaw, Owner & Creator of *Dreams* (main store SLURL). They are her “Purrfectly Plain” set in Black Night.

Here’s another shot in to give you a better look at the ears.

A closer look

This turned out a little darker than I wanted, but it gives me a  nice brooding look, don’t you think?

Next time, I play with boxen!  Like any good thrifty-cat I dashed over to the fairy market and found a bunch of freebies. 

This look is far from done.  I still need better hair, just the right skin, eyes of course, and accessories.  I have an idea of where I want to go with  this.  I have this image in my head of a sleek black housecat, not an alleycat.  A sophisiti-cat.  T. S. Elliot’s jellicle cats dance around in my head, especially Mr. Mistoffelees.  I hope you will enjoy watching me bumble around.

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  1. The starlight skin (available on the wiki: ) fixes a number of your complaints, as well as lightening up the look a bit.

    • Thanks, Otenth. I’ve installed the Starlight skin and Yes! It is much better. I’m finding a lot of things to like about the new viewer.

  2. I am eagerly following your adventures 🙂

    • Thanks for following, Fogwoman. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Enjoyed this very much and I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for rrrreading my stuff, Elvira.

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