In which I meet with Miss Palabra Puddlegum on a matter of business. (RP)

Some of you, dear readers, may recall my consternation at my initial anthropomorphic transformation (earlier post). For many months thereafter I set about searching for whatever means might be had to extricate the fiendish spirit to which I had become conjoined. Alas, my efforts proved fruitless. The best I have been able to manage is something of an equilibrium.  It is, unfortunately, a dynamic situation which occasionally results in my being wholly translated to the metaphysical realm at unexpected times.  I am usually able to return to the physical metaverse in short order, but the effect can be startling to the unprepared.  In the year since (yes dear friends it has actually been a year since) I  have come to accept that this is simply the way of my life now. I have also discovered that there are some advantages to being half-demonic. Among these is a certain facility in the making of agreements, contracts and the like.  

progressive change over the last year

The progression of my transformation


One such contract has led to some rather intriguing developments for which I crave your indulgence as I relay the tale.  In the latter part of March I received a letter from a certain young lady of breeding whom I had recently seen out and about the social scene of Caledon. This young lady, Miss Palabra Puddlegum, was in the process of establishing some sort of commercial enterprise and found herself in need of financial assistance.  

I would not have realized my own small measure of success were it not for the assistance of others. Therefore, I considered it only my duty as a gentleman to hear her out and perhaps offer what aid I might.  I replied to her letter and in due course we set an appointment for the interview.  

I arrived at her establishment in Victoria City at the appointed time.  As is my custom I was accompanied by my maid, Gordon.  Gordon makes excellent tea and I find that good tea  often lubricates the gears of social intercourse.   She has been with me for over a year now.  She came into my service as a result of an unfortunate shipping disaster which caused her to default on a loan I had forwarded her.  I offered to make her my bondservant rather than send her to debtor’s prison.  She accepted and has been faithfully at my side ever since.  

Miss Puddlegum gave me a tour of the place and described her plans for it.  She was quite animated during the discussion which I take as a positive sign of her enthusiasm for the project.  She intends to set up a sort of bookseller featuring authors from throughout the metaversal grid.  She has rooms set up for quiet reading, lectures and shared discussions which she intends to let for literary events.  As a lover of literature I generally approve of this notion and expressed my hope to see her endeavor flourish.   

We then repaired to the reading room, named the “Poe Reading Room” after the well-known author.  Miss Puddlegum was about to begin our discussion in earnest when I was suddenly carried away on the aether.  I managed to return in short order, but she was understandably taken aback by the incident.  Even Gordon’s excellent tea and cookies failed to entirely soothe her.  I could sense the unease in her throughout the remainder of the evening and at one point thought she might let her fear persuade her to reconsider her need for my assistance. 

For my part,  I have come to accept this inconvenience in my life, but these sudden flashes of the infernal do still disquiet me some.  I find Gordon’s presence on my return quite comforting and will sometimes even venture to touch her arm or shoulder in reassurance of my own physicality.  I’m afraid Miss Puddlegum regarded this seeming over familiarity as inappropriate.  She steeled herself admirably, however, and we were soon able to conclude our negotiations.  

In fact, she was quite confident of herself and had even had her solicitors prepare the paperwork beforehand.  I read through the document and noted that it was well written and even afforded me, the lender, certain rights of recompense and assurance.  In my arcane studies I once came across a formula for an ink that was purportedly used in the preparation of certain ritualistic summonings.  It amuses me to use this ink for signing important documents as it has the curious property of quickly turning a rusty-red in color upon drying, similar to the color of dried blood.  Gordon carries my fountain  pen containing this formula for me.  It is another, perhaps overly dramatic, amusement of mine to have her hand me this pen when I am ready to sign.   What’s the fun of looking devilish if one cannot make the occasional dramatic gesture. 

With our business thus concluded  I bid Miss Puddlegum good evening and Gordon and I took our leave. 

(For the curious I present Miss Puddlegum’s account of that evening: link )

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