In Which I offer Miss Puddlegum some assistance and make a startling discovery. (RP)

Having agreed to Miss Puddlegum’s proposed terms, I found myself in the most interesting position of financial benefactor.  Was it so unusual, then, that I would have a n interest in the progress of her enterprise?  I thought not.  Miss Puddlegum certainly has a passion for her books, but passion can carry one only so far without some measure of business sense. 

My maid, Gordon, has some experience as a clerk.  She was, in fact, so employed before coming into my service.  Therefore, I decided I would offer her services to Miss Puddlegum, to help the lady with the mundanities of running a business.  With this in mind  I paid a visit to Miss Puddlegum’s bookstore, quaintly named Jo’s Attic, with Gordon dutifully in tow. (more…)

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