Andy Riverstone SINGS at the Empress of the Aethers

On Wednesday Last Miss Andy Riverstone returned to the airship stage for her bi-weekly appearance at the Empress of the Aethers.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this time.  Those who also attended were quite taken with Miss Riverstone’s stylings and her warm and effervescent personality. 

Andy Riverstone on stage

Miss Riverstone’s repertoire includes Jazz classics and Broadway standards.  Her vocals are captivating and her banter with the audience is always fun and friendly.  Here is a sample for you: 

Dancing to Miss Riverstone's dulcet tones.

Andy debuted with us on the 30th of June to a large and enthusiastically appreciative crowd.  She has since appeared at the Java Jive in Seraph City, a relatively new community embracing the “dieselpunk” aesthetic, and was equally well recieved.  So grand  was her reception in fact that the proprietress of that fine establishment, Miss Ceejay Writer, has engaged Miss Riverstone for regular performances on alternate Sundays.   The Java Jive Café is located at 160 Moss Avenue in Seraph City  

Miss Riverstone performs at the Empress of the Aethers  on alternate Wednesday evenings.  The Empress is moored above Thistle Hill  in Caledon Oxbridge Village  We would love to have you attend. You’ll be glad you did.

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Too Much Entertainment for One Night

Dear Friends,

I have the great pleasure and pride to offer you a rich selection of live entertainments tonight (July 14, 2010) .  There is more than can easily be conveyed via the abbreviated formats of twitter or plurk; so I will resort to good old-fashioned blogging.

First, on stage at the Empress of the Aethers (SLURL) tonight we present two outstanding vocalists. We start at 6PM SLT with Miss SweetLilly Pinelli followed at 7PM SLT by our very own Miss Andy Riverstone.   Miss Pinelli’s vocals have been described as “Mesmerizing and effortless.”  She performs hits by artists such as Jewel, Coldplay, Colbie Cailiat, Anna Nalick, accompanied by her acoustic guitar.  Miss Riverstone debuted with us two weeks ago to wide acclaim.  She has the body of a fawn and the voice of an angel.  Her repertoire consists of jazz standards and other soulful favorites.  Mr Denny Kozlov will be on hand as your host for the evening.

Unfortunately, I will miss these exceptional  performances due to an engagement of my own.  Tonight at 7PM SLT your friendly neighborhood tiger will be reading the Sherlock Holmes tale “The Red Headed League” at the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center (SLURL).  I will not be overly disappointed should you choose to enjoy Miss Riverstone’s exquisite musical stylings rather than listen to my own growly tigery voice. 

In either case, let us not forget that tonight is also Wednesday night which means that it is time once again for  the weekly revelry at the Blue Mermaid (SLURL).  After starting your evening at either the Empress or Library please avail yourself of Miss Hypatia Callisto’s generous hospitality, Miss Magdalena Kamenev’s eclectic musical collection and the general bonhomie that always prevails at the Blue Mermaid.

Finally, today also happens to be Bastille Day.  Therefore, the good citizens of New Toulouse are preparing a fireworks display to start at 8PM SLT on the banks of the Missedabracket.  Radio Riel will provide the music with dancing to be held on the New Toulouse Jardin Riverwalk.

In Which I Call Upon Miss Puddlegum At Her Home (RP)

A few days after establishing psychik communications with Miss Puddlegum through Gordon the necessity of my measures became evident.  Gordon informed me that Miss Puddlegum’s thoughts were becoming increasingly cloudy,  so much so that they were effecting my dear maid’s clarity as well.   I determined that the symptoms were indicative of strong drink, or perhaps an indulgence in certain opiates.   This vexed me on many levels, as you can well imagine.  For one, I was concerned for the good lady’s health.  For another, I feared for her reputation.  How could she hope to be successful in her commercial enterprise if it became known that she was so often intoxicated?   I also admit to a bit of selfishness in this regard.  My close association with Miss Puddlegum puts my own reputation at risk as well, not to mention my investment in her business.

I resolved to confront the lady concerning her behavior upon our next meeting.  She is still young, and thus may not consider the wider implications of her actions.  With her parents gone and no governess to provide guidance I feel it is only my duty as a gentleman to offer what advice I may. (more…)

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In Which I Grant Miss Puddlegum An Extension(RP)

(First, dear reader, I beg your indulgence.  The events herein relayed took  place some two months ago.) 

About a month after first entering into fiduciary relations with Miss Puddlegum I found I had reason to become concerned regarding the prospects of her little store.  The date for her planned Grand Opening had come and gone without so much as a mention in the papers.  Gordon informed me that there had been some little commerce going on there, but that the lady herself had not often been present.  I learned through other means that she had in fact been quite active in the social scene of Caledon, Steelhead and New Babbage.  While I recognize the necessity of presenting ones face to the public as a means of promoting ones business interests, it became clear to me that she was in fact becoming quite distracted from her mercantile pursuits.  I therefore sent word that I should like to speak with her.   

Time Lock

The Time Lock in Caledon Kintyre

 We met in a relatively neutral environment, a public house in Kintyre in which I am most comfortable and which would still afford us some measure of privacy for our discussion.  The place  I chose to meet her is a cozy pub off the town square in Caledon Kintyre named The Time Lock.  I have something of a fondness for timepieces, so the motif suits me.  Gordon was on hand, of course, and served tea while we waited for Miss Puddlegum’s arrival.  (more…)

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Release the Kraken!

(Warning:  This is an exceedingly long post)

It started innocently enough on the evening of Tuesday, 29 June.  Her Grace of Care Firnas mentioned some odd commotion under one of the isles of Steam SkyCity.  Speculation  began that it might be the hatching of new Sky Kraken.   Miss Inglewood made a quip about Krakens and Cheese.  Then Miss Iwish suggested the Discovery Channel should have a “Kraken Week” similar to their ever popular Shark Week.  From there the puns began to fly for the next 90 or so minutes.  Here is a transcript of the chatter from that night:

Fogwoman Gray: something is restless under Steam SkyCity
Fogwoman Gray: how odd
Hope Dreier: Sky Kraken?
Fogwoman Gray: something Deep is stirring
RockAndRoll Michigan: A kraken?
Jillian Vayandar: ack, not the krackens!
Fogwoman Gray: is it possible? (more…)

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