Release the Kraken!

(Warning:  This is an exceedingly long post)

It started innocently enough on the evening of Tuesday, 29 June.  Her Grace of Care Firnas mentioned some odd commotion under one of the isles of Steam SkyCity.  Speculation  began that it might be the hatching of new Sky Kraken.   Miss Inglewood made a quip about Krakens and Cheese.  Then Miss Iwish suggested the Discovery Channel should have a “Kraken Week” similar to their ever popular Shark Week.  From there the puns began to fly for the next 90 or so minutes.  Here is a transcript of the chatter from that night:

Fogwoman Gray: something is restless under Steam SkyCity
Fogwoman Gray: how odd
Hope Dreier: Sky Kraken?
Fogwoman Gray: something Deep is stirring
RockAndRoll Michigan: A kraken?
Jillian Vayandar: ack, not the krackens!
Fogwoman Gray: is it possible?
KateLynn Inglewood: krakens with krackers are a wonderful snack…include the wine and give em a smack
Fogwoman Gray: he can’t be back…..
Fogwoman Gray: can he?
Fogwoman Gray: something is stirring under Denver’s old lab
RockAndRoll Michigan: lol Kate’s a poet!
RockAndRoll Michigan: Nicely done baby
Jillian Vayandar: Good One Miss Inglewood!
KateLynn Inglewood: ty lol
Jillian Vayandar: I hope his man eating plant didn’t mutate
Jillian Vayandar: *shudders*
Kaye Robbiani: I’ll have 2 krackens with cheese crackers, and a small glass of white Zin, please
Fogwoman Gray: oh dear
KateLynn Inglewood: one of those warped things that comes out
SimplyAmy Iwish: think the Discovery channel should do a Kraken special
Emilin Nakamori: Why would the man mutate? And was that before or after he had eaten the plant?
Fogwoman Gray: I put the Newcomer’s building on the site of his old lab
Fogwoman Gray: perhaps in retrospect that was unwise
Elenabeth Portal: Kracken Week!
KateLynn Inglewood: lol Miss Kaye
Martini Discovolante: that will show those Shark people a thing or 3—or 8.
SimplyAmy Iwish: ah yes Origin of the Kracken followed by when Krackens attack
Martini Discovolante: when don’t they?
SimplyAmy Iwish: followed by when Caledonians attack karckens
SimplyAmy Iwish: see this is what happens when i dont sleep
SimplyAmy Iwish: typos and bad puns for all
Kaye Robbiani: the Kracken Strikes Back, and Return of the Kracken
Martini Discovolante: Followed by the movie, ‘Krakedonia, East of Java’
Kaye Robbiani: and finally, “the Last Kracken”
Nix Sands: Crackadonia is near Zindra
RockAndRoll Michigan: Don’t forget about other crossover potential. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder 12: The Rise of Kraken.
Kaye Robbiani: which was really a take of off “Dances with Krackens”, imho
Martini Discovolante: and the smash tv series ‘Butts Mc Kraken, CephelaPD.
KateLynn Inglewood: Kraken World
SimplyAmy Iwish: well in retrospect my We’re Kraken down on crime joke wouldnt have been as bad as half the ones ive spawned now
Eclectric Breitman: Denver Hax and the Kingdom of the Crystal Kraken
Onyx Plutonian: I guess it’s time to get Kraken on some more puns
SimplyAmy Iwish: lol well Mr Hax would have made a great Indy i must admit
SimplyAmy Iwish: we would just need to film that now
RockAndRoll Michigan: Michigan Rock and the Kraken of Doom
Kaye Robbiani: Krakatar
SimplyAmy Iwish: ok wheres the caledon film company and when do we start making Caledonized versions of classics
Martini Discovolante: and the Comedy hit– Kraken Wise! They’re Irreverent, irresponsible and invertabrate
Eclectric Breitman: The Krakens of Madison County
KateLynn Inglewood: the kraken are in caledon
Eclectric Breitman: Brokeback Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: The Kraken Family. do…do…do…dooop. “they’re kreepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky”
KateLynn Inglewood: Field of Krakens
Eclectric Breitman: The Kraken from Snowy River
KateLynn Inglewood: Steel Krakens
RockAndRoll Michigan: lol baby
Martini Discovolante smiles….’My Friend, Kraken”
KateLynn Inglewood: it works for me 😛
RockAndRoll Michigan: Robin Williams is Bicentennial Kraken, a heartwarming story of a mechanized kraken who dreams of having a real kraken family
Eclectric Breitman: The Kraken Who Loved Me
Fogwoman Gray: The Thin Kraken
Martini Discovolante: Mary Krakkens
RockAndRoll Michigan: Free Kraken, with theme song provided by the late Michael Jackson
Eclectric Breitman: GOLLLLLDKRAKEN!!!!
Martini Discovolante: those kids will behave now.
Kaye Robbiani: lol
Kaye Robbiani: The Sound of Krakens
KateLynn Inglewood: Dr Jeckyl and Kraken Hyde
Vivito Volare: Krakenjack…the Kraken that wasn’t There…Citizen Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: A Boy and his Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: “The sea is alive…with the sound of krakens!”
Darlingmonster Ember: kraken-toa, east of java
RockAndRoll Michigan: Where the Red Kraken Grows
Vivito Volare: Kraken’s Run
Kaye Robbiani: Kraken on 42nd Street
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Little Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: Honey, I Shrunk the Kracken
RockAndRoll Michigan: lol
Vivito Volare: Kraken Over The River Kwai
Nix Sands: Kramer vs Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: i kinda liked the bicentennial kraken synopsis
Kaye Robbiani: roflol
Darlingmonster Ember: those magnificent krakens and their flying machines
SimplyAmy Iwish: nice Mr Michigan
Kaye Robbiani: Chariots of Krakens
SimplyAmy Iwish: DME that would be those magnificent Krakens taking down flying machines wouldnt it
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken Powers: International Invertebrate of Mystery
KateLynn Inglewood: Krakula
Iason Hassanov: The Kraken of oz
Eclectric Breitman: Krake Expectations
SimplyAmy Iwish sings ohhh we’re off to the see the kraken ….
Vivito Volare: “We’re off to see the Kraken!”
Fogwoman Gray: The African Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: Lord of the Krakens Trilogy
SimplyAmy Iwish: thank you for joining in with me Mr Volare hehe
Vivito Volare: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: A Kraken Grows in Brooklyn
KateLynn Inglewood: The Krakens of Wrath
Fogwoman Gray: Kraken in the Park
Darlingmonster Ember: the kraken wore prada
RockAndRoll Michigan: Three Men and a Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Kraken Kid
Eclectric Breitman: Something Kraken This Way Comes
KateLynn Inglewood: Kraken 9 to 5
Kaye Robbiani can’t stop laughing
Vivito Volare: Kraken in the Rain
Kaye Robbiani: Lady Chatterly’s Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: yeah yeah and and get Mr M night whats his face to direct the twist can be he gets eaten half way thru producing the film
Onyx Plutonian: The Taking of Kraken 123
Darlingmonster Ember: tentacles!
Tao Mistwalker: Are you kraken up, Miss Robbiani?
Martini Discovolante: A Kraken in the Sun
RockAndRoll Michigan: Krakens on a Plane
Martini Discovolante: har!
Vivito Volare: Birth of a Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: I”ve been kraken up for some time now
Eclectric Breitman: Fahrehnheit FourfiftyKRAKEN!
Poppet McGimsie: a midsummer night’s kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: charlie and the kraken factory
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken and the Sea Monsters
Vivito Volare: Krakenshack “Nanananananaahahahahahhhhhhhhhh”
Martini Discovolante: The Kraken Factory
Martini Discovolante: lol!
Kaye Robbiani: 4 weddings and a Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Puff the Magic Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: “There’s M*!#3$%^*~+ krakens on the M*!#3$%^*~+ plane!”
Darlingmonster Ember: for a few krakens more
KateLynn Inglewood: As The Kraken Turns
Bram Hallison: Close Encounters of The Kraken Kind
Martini Discovolante: Krakenstein!
Martini Discovolante: and Young Krakenstein
RockAndRoll Michigan: Code Kraken, the new Johnathon Coulton hit
Kaye Robbiani: The Kraken Whisperer
SimplyAmy Iwish: a clockwork Kraken great film tittle and so functional
Eclectric Breitman: Kraken Morant
Eclectric Breitman: Merry Kraken, Mister Lawrence.
RockAndRoll Michigan: Michael J. Fox II in Teenkraken
Vivito Volare: Back! To The Kraken!
Kaye Robbiani: How the Kraken Stole Christmas
SimplyAmy Iwish: and that chrismas classic its a wonderful Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: a kraken goes to washington
Vivito Volare: Nightmare before Kraken
Martini Discovolante: Kraken With The WInd?
Kaye Robbiani: Tale of Two Krakens
SimplyAmy Iwish: ill stay away from kraken and wind in same tittle
Vivito Volare: Death By Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a clam”
Vivito Volare: Puttin’ On The Kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: Christmas with the Krakens
Poppet McGimsie: la dolce kraken
Vivito Volare: Life’s a Krakeret
Jaelithe Triellis: Springtime for Krakens?
Kaye Robbiani: The Kraken Bride, or The Princess Kraken. As you wiiiiiiisssshhhhhh
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken in Wonderland
Fogwoman Gray: Pirates of the Calamari
Onyx Plutonian: Throw the Kraken from the Train
Poppet McGimsie: harold and kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken and Shirley
KateLynn Inglewood: the krakenstones
Martini Discovolante: Kraken the Willows
Vivito Volare: Soundtrack by Catfish Stevens?
Kaye Robbiani: When Harry Met Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Krakens of Hazzard
Poppet McGimsie: snow white and the 7 kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: check please
Vivito Volare: The Kraken of NIMH
Eclectric Breitman: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kraken
Martini Discovolante: The Krakenator
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken Rock
SimplyAmy Iwish: ohh god NiMH been ages
Vivito Volare: Seven Brides for Seven Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: Never Say Kraken Again
Vivito Volare: ok
KateLynn Inglewood: Captain Krakenroo
Poppet McGimsie: noth by northkraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: leads on to Dark kraken
Darlingmonster Ember: how green was my kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: lmao baby
Kaye Robbiani: oh, how I have missed SL………
SimplyAmy Iwish: hensen version of course
Vivito Volare: The Kraken Compass
SimplyAmy Iwish starts singing down in Kraken rock /clap clap
Poppet McGimsie: the owl and the kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: The Kraken Express
Vivito Volare: The Chronicles of Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: The old Walt Disney classic, Pete’s Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: Ol’ Kraken
Vivito Volare: Clash of THe Kraken
Darlingmonster Ember: the great kraken robbery
Vivito Volare: Kraketasia
SimplyAmy Iwish: i dont know looks like we are slowing down on good puns
RockAndRoll Michigan: How to Train your Kraken
Jaelithe Triellis: Krullken
SimplyAmy Iwish: wow someone else remembers Krull
SimplyAmy Iwish: lol
Poppet McGimsie: Silence of the Krakens
Kaye Robbiani: I’m Dreaming of a White Kraken
Jaelithe Triellis blushes “I loved Krull” ^//^
RockAndRoll Michigan: I remember Krull, good sci-fi
KateLynn Inglewood: Kraken call home
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Zhivago?
Magdalena Kamenev: War and Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: A Kraken to Remember
Elenabeth Portal: Krull loses a lot when you watch it and are no longer twelve 😦
SimplyAmy Iwish: how about space kraken adventures in the forbiden zone for archaic movie reference
Magdalena Kamenev: Anna Krakennina
Poppet McGimsie: Pride and Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Krakenbusters. “He slimed me!”
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken and Sensibility
Darlingmonster Ember: Dr Strangekraken, ‘or how I learned to stop worrying about the Firth’
Vivito Volare: Krakenroll Highschool
Magdalena Kamenev: Santa Claus Conquers the Kraken
Nika Talaj: Crouching Kragen, Hidden Dragon
Poppet McGimsie: night of the living kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Merry Krakenmas
Vivito Volare: Kraken Roul
Fogwoman Gray: Harry Potter and the Deathly Kraken (coming soon!)
SimplyAmy Iwish: The Kraken Horror Picture show ?
Martini Discovolante: Kraken the Davinci Code.
Vivito Volare: Oh Rocky!
Eclectric Breitman: The Kraken with One Red Shoe
Kaye Robbiani: good one!!!
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Story
RockAndRoll Michigan: Miss McGimsie, isn’t that the one where the kraken were breaking in wanting to eat our krill?
SimplyAmy Iwish: OH KRAKEN
Magdalena Kamenev: The Music Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: the invisible kraken
Cane Corryong: Beauty and the Kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: Kraken Street
Poppet McGimsie: the sound of kraken
Jaelithe Triellis: The Elephant Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: I think you are all kraken up.
Cane Corryong: Kraken… ON ICE!
SimplyAmy Iwish: ok now im imagining the songs in that one /sigh
Kaye Robbiani: Kraken in black
Magdalena Kamenev: Born Kraken
Cane Corryong: Saving private Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: the godkraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken on the Roof!
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Kraken Horror Picture Show
Martini Discovolante: heehee! miss Poppet!
SimplyAmy Iwish: rock your a few lines late beat you to it lol
Poppet McGimsie: oooop oooop oiooop a duplication! game over!!!!
Jaelithe Triellis: Repo: The Kraken Opera
Searra Weatherwax wonders if that should be Crouching Kraken, Hidden Dagon
Emilin Nakamori: There are also the baked goods, Ritz Kraken and Graham Kraken. Mustn’t forget those.
RockAndRoll Michigan: That’s the second duplication actually, someody else dupicated my The Music Kraken
Martini Discovolante: “eveerythigns better when it sits on a Kraken!”
Vivito Volare: We’ve been kraken the puns it bite and cleft.
Eclectric Breitman: Paint Your Kraken
Martini Discovolante: har!
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken’ in the Rain …
Cane Corryong: Pinp my Kraken
Elenabeth Portal: Has anyone done “Buffy the Kracken Slayer”?
Emilin Nakamori: “Krakens? We don’t need no steekin’ krakens!”
KateLynn Inglewood: West Side Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: they have now Miss Portal
Magdalena Kamenev: Krakenface
SimplyAmy Iwish: Krakenopolis
RockAndRoll Michigan: A Tale ofTwo Krakens, anybody done that one yet?
Kaye Robbiani: I did that one
Emilin Nakamori: And the famous Japanese move, The 7 Kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: Oliver Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: I am Curious, Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: HAHAHAHA
RockAndRoll Michigan: Of Mice and Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Behind the Green Kraken …
Fogwoman Gray: The It Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: ohh nice 7 samuri reference
Poppet McGimsie: DEEPKRAKEN
Poppet McGimsie: oops
Eclectric Breitman: MoonKraker
Emilin Nakamori: The Thomas Kraken Affair
RockAndRoll Michigan: Oh my, Miss Kamanev and MIss mcGimsie came up with kraken porn!!!!!
SimplyAmy Iwish: Much a do about kraken ?
Poppet McGimsie: hahaha
Magdalena Kamenev: Eternal Sunshine of a Kraken Mind
Emilin Nakamori: The Mickey Kraken Club
Cane Corryong: Air Kraken, the basket ball playing Cephalopod
Magdalena Kamenev subtly fist-bumps Miss McGimsie …
Hope Dreier: Kraken, the last Air bender.
RockAndRoll Michigan: Looney Toons: Back in Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: The Flying Calamari Brothers
Poppet McGimsie: district kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: League of Extrordinary Kraken ?
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken Linden, the next CEO
Hope Dreier: ewwwwwwww
Fogwoman Gray: I like it
Emilin Nakamori: We could WISH…!
Elenabeth Portal: Mr Michigan wins.
Magdalena Kamenev: Invasion of the Kraken Snatchers
Cane Corryong: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: 20,000 Leagues Under the Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: PhanKraken
Hope Dreier: I led three Kraken
Jillian Vayandar: School of Cracken dentistry
Poppet McGimsie: Candykraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken on Elm Street
Emilin Nakamori: That should have been LoTR: Fellowship of the Calamari Rings
SimplyAmy Iwish: sorry had to do it
Hope Dreier: A funny think happened on the way to the Kraken
Slimqueen Baxton: Kraken in Wonderland
Poppet McGimsie: the kraken are coming! the kraken are coming!
Cane Corryong: Or Alice in Krakenland
Hope Dreier: Lols
RockAndRoll Michigan: Did that one already, Miss Baxton
Emilin Nakamori: The Time Kraken
Vivito Volare: Kraken in the Rye
Emilin Nakamori: Destination Kraken
Janet Rhiadra: are we Kraken or are we human
Emilin Nakamori: Romeo and Kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: the jungle kraken
Poppet McGimsie: Of Kraken Bondage
RockAndRoll Michigan: Snoopy vs. the Red Kraken, by The Royal Guardsmen
Kaye Robbiani: Kraken and Juliet
Eclectric Breitman: Amerikraken Graffiti
Emilin Nakamori: Kraken of the Apes
Emilin Nakamori: Or should that be Tarzan of the Kraken?
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken V
Poppet McGimsie: M.A.S.K.
Hope Dreier: lol
Kaye Robbiani: I, Kraken.
SimplyAmy Iwish: planet of the kraken works to right
Cane Corryong: Star Trek II : The Wrath of Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken and Other Stories
SimplyAmy Iwish: nice one Miss Robbiani
Emilin Nakamori: And the upcoming Narnia movie, Voyage of the Dawn Kraken\
Hope Dreier: Casakraken
Eclectric Breitman: The Red Kraken Diaries
Poppet McGimsie: Princess Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: Silence of the Kraken
Hope Dreier: The Wind and the Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Great Kraken
Poppet McGimsie: dial kraken for murder
Cane Corryong: A Kraken’s tale
Magdalena Kamenev: Some Like It Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: ah we can just do it like K.R.A.K.3.N
Poppet McGimsie: the prim of miss hean kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Bringing Up Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: Alien Versus Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Driving Miss Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: An American Kraken in London
Hope Dreier: The deep Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: nahhh to hokey
Magdalena Kamenev: They Died With Their Kraken On
Emilin Nakamori: Kraken, and its sequel Krakens
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken gone wild!
Eclectric Breitman: The Krakenball Express
RockAndRoll Michigan: Forrest Kraken. “Swim Forrest swim!”
Poppet McGimsie: where the kraken are
Hope Dreier: Out of Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Becomes Her
SimplyAmy Iwish: Gone in 60 Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken’s Choice
Poppet McGimsie: hollywood kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: House Kraken 2
Hope Dreier: The Bridges of Kraken county
Magdalena Kamenev: Krakentown
SimplyAmy Iwish: voice overs by Kidd and play
Magdalena Kamenev: The Krakens of Eastwick
Poppet McGimsie: kraken dearest
SimplyAmy Iwish: Hell comes to Krakentown if any one remembers hell comes to frogtown
Hope Dreier: Dawn Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken Headroom
Poppet McGimsie: whatever happened to baby kraken?
SimplyAmy Iwish: gah rowdy roddy piper movies
Hope Dreier: Hells Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: What Ever Happened to Baby Kraken?
Hope Dreier: The big Red Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Exorcism of Emily Kraken
Hope Dreier: Saving Private Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken House
SimplyAmy Iwish: Mr Michigan i beliefe he have the same archaic movie collection
Cane Corryong: Did that one
Hope Dreier: A Band of Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: believe that is
Cane Corryong: Black Kraken down
Magdalena Kamenev: Two Kraken from Verona
Hope Dreier: The Krakenisation fo Emily
Jillian Vayandar: Cracken scissorhands
SimplyAmy Iwish: Kraken in love
Poppet McGimsie: Kraken Tang
Hope Dreier: A midsummer’s night Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: Diary of a Mad kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: The Kraken Diaries
Poppet McGimsie: Little Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: New Kraken
Cane Corryong: Sisterhood of the travaling Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish gafaws
Hope Dreier: So long and thanks for all the Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: Romeo + Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Breaking Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: Kraking Away?
Vivito Volare: The Piano Kraken
LillieJay Mills thinks all of Caledon is kraken up
SimplyAmy Iwish: well i know when I am around kraken its good to remember DONT PANIC thats for sure
Poppet McGimsie: G.I. Kraken
Hope Dreier: Thirty Seconds over Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: True Kraken
Jillian Vayandar: Tickle me Elmo Kracken!
RockAndRoll Michigan: Baa Baa Black Kraken, featuring Kraken Boyington as himself
Hope Dreier: Lols
Poppet McGimsie: damn you damn you all! trappoing me with puns hahahahaha
SimplyAmy Iwish: poke the kraken belly hhahhahha that tickles crunch
Poppet McGimsie: screams
Jillian Vayandar: *giggles*
Hope Dreier: I Dream of Kraken
Martini Discovolante: A Long day’s Kraken into Night
RockAndRoll Michigan: Nationl Lampoon’s Euoropean Kraken
Hope Dreier: Bekrakened
Eclectric Breitman: Schindler’s Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: The Shawshank Kraken nahhh
Hope Dreier: The Kraken Busters
SimplyAmy Iwish: Ferris Krakens Day offf
Eclectric Breitman: The Hudsucker Kraken?
SimplyAmy Iwish: Wierd Krakkenn…ohhhhhh
Vivito Volare: Kraken Kratoria
Magdalena Kamenev: Dressed to Kraken
Hope Dreier: Barry Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: who is kraken all the jokes?
Poppet McGimsie: Pretty in Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: MadKraken beyond thunderdome
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Man With one Red Kraken
Hope Dreier: seven Kraken for Seven Borthers
RockAndRoll Michigan: Finding Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: ohh yes and 16 Krakken /sigh
SimplyAmy Iwish: the Breakfast Kraken Club ?
Hope Dreier: Kraken’s11
SimplyAmy Iwish: Chassing Kraken ?
Hope Dreier: Breakfast at Krakens
Balpien Hammerer: The day of the Kraken
Hope Dreier: The dawn of the living Kraken
Hope Dreier: Kraken Dawn
SimplyAmy Iwish: Krakken race 2000
Balpien Hammerer: Jimmy kracken corn and I don;t kare
SimplyAmy Iwish: krakenball run
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Great Scout and Cathouse Kraken. Or should that be The Great Kraken and Cathouse Tuesday?
Poppet McGimsie: Thelma and Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Smokey and the Kraken
Hope Dreier: The last of the Krakens
Poppet McGimsie: Kraken on the Grass
Hope Dreier: M.A.S.K.
Vivito Volare: Kraken Doolittle
SimplyAmy Iwish: Krakengiest ?
Eclectric Breitman: The Best Little Krakenhouse In Texas
Kellan McKenna: The Kraken Who Loved Me
SimplyAmy Iwish: LOL i almost said that one
SimplyAmy Iwish: was thinking but couldnt remember name heheh krakenhouse
RockAndRoll Michigan: Harry Harrison’s classic novel A Stainless Steel Kraken is Born
Jillian Vayandar: One flew over the Cracken’s Nest
Balpien Hammerer: Hidden dragon, crouching kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Has anyone done Krakenhouse Five?
Vivito Volare: Ooo! Goodone
SimplyAmy Iwish: wow and to think that kraken could keep a pun conversation going so long
Balpien Hammerer: Shoot Kraken, I can’t hear you
Hope Dreier: Julus Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Krakenhouse. Death of a Kraken, The Kraken Wallpaper….
RockAndRoll Michigan: lol What have we done?
Kellan McKenna: The Human Kraken? <<runs away>>
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Usual Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: the Kraken the witch and the wardrobe
Victorian Magic: Kracken Cabbage Patch Dolls
Hope Dreier: How to marry a Kraken
SimplyAmy Iwish: ahh the joy of kraken
Vivito Volare: Howard the Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: Last Kraken in Paris
Madeline Munro: Gentlemen Prefer Kraken.
Victorian Magic: How to Succeed at Kracken without really trying
Vivito Volare: The Kraken of My Success
SimplyAmy Iwish: Look who’s Krakken
Balpien Hammerer: Kraken in the City
Minerva Plutonian: Karken Trek
Victorian Magic: “We’ll always have Kracekn Ilsa”
Victorian Magic: Two and 1/2 Kracken and a Baby
SimplyAmy Iwish: the GodKraken
Kellan McKenna: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: of course… Kraken Wars
Vivito Volare: “Of all the sushi joints in all the world…she had to walk into mine…”
Victorian Magic: “They are Kracken in there , I am shocked”
Slimqueen Baxton: West Side Kraken
Victorian Magic: Guys and Kracken
Hope Dreier: “I’d just as soon kiss a Kraken”
SimplyAmy Iwish: 2001 a kraken oddesy?
Balpien Hammerer: K
Slimqueen Baxton: lol
Minerva Plutonian: Karken Wars. . . . . The return of the Kraken.
Victorian Magic: Kracken , based on hair
Victorian Magic: Phantom of the Kraceken
Vivito Volare: A Kraken Odd ya say?
Minerva Plutonian: GI Kraken ?
Balpien Hammerer: 2001 a Kraken Odyssey
Slimqueen Baxton: Kranken’s Labyrinth
SimplyAmy Iwish: well sadly i mest be to bed should have long time ago got sucked in lol
SimplyAmy Iwish: meh yes must
SimplyAmy Iwish: when typos come that fast
Minerva Plutonian: The Kraken allways knocks twice
SimplyAmy Iwish: have a great night all
Victorian Magic: South Kracken featuring ” I”m going to wash that Kracken right out of my hair ”
Balpien Hammerer: just wondering, what started the kraken interest?
Victorian Magic: we’re kracked
KateLynn Inglewood: lol
Kellan McKenna: Spider-Kracken
Eclectric Breitman: Darby O’Kraken and the Little People
Magdalena Kamenev: BrigaKraken
Hope Dreier: Someone said that there was somthing unusual under SSCm I asked if it was a sky Kraken, Aparently a big mistake
Minerva Plutonian: Big kraken in little china ?
Balpien Hammerer: Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Kraken
Vivito Volare: 20,000 Kraken under the Sea
Eclectric Breitman: “How Green Is My Kraken” is still my favorite.
Balpien Hammerer: There are air kraken flying aroud SSC, yes.
Slimqueen Baxton: How to lose a Kraken in 10 days
Hope Dreier: The Kraken and Mrs Muhr
Balpien Hammerer: KrakenWolfe
Vivito Volare: I relocated Mr Squiggles to Caer Firnas after the attack on SSC. all that debris was having an effect on his digestion
Kellan McKenna: Indiana Jones and the Kraken of Doom
Balpien Hammerer: To kill a kraken
Balpien Hammerer: and Krakzilla
Victorian Magic: Runaway Kracken
Victorian Magic: CSI Kracken
Minerva Plutonian: Westside Kraken, the musical ?
Kellan McKenna: Doctor Kraken
Vivito Volare: Kraken Bad
Balpien Hammerer: yes, I can hear those snapping tentacles
Victorian Magic: Barbie and Kracken
Minerva Plutonian: Tickle me Kraken ???
Wrath Constantine wanders in. “Hey all, what’s kraken?”
Kellan McKenna: Kraken 1999
Magdalena Kamenev: Pretty Kraken
Hope Dreier: Das Kraken
Victorian Magic: Kracken’s Secret
Jan Stroikavskoi: I Dream of Kraken!
Minerva Plutonian: OHHH !!!! ROBOKraken !!
Balpien Hammerer: 20,000 Kraken under the sea
Hope Dreier: Kraken of Gor
Balpien Hammerer: KrakenGate: KG1
Vivito Volare: An American Kraken in London
Kellan McKenna: The Kraken Who Came In From the Cold
Hope Dreier: Star Treck: The new Kraken
Victorian Magic: This Week with Kracken
Vivito Volare: Drowning Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Boxing Kraken
Vivito Volare: Walter Kraken: A portrait of a Journalist
Balpien Hammerer: The Electric Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Killer Kraken from Outer Space
Minerva Plutonian: Kraken on a plane !
Eclectric Breitman: Y Tu Kraken Tambien
Kellan McKenna: lol!!!!
Balpien Hammerer: Kraken: First Blood
Magdalena Kamenev: The Kraken’s Backbone
Vivito Volare: Kraken 2: Eclectric Bugaloo
Victorian Magic: The Accidental Kracken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken of Men
Magdalena Kamenev: Children of the Kraken
Kellan McKenna: The Bride of Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: The Rocky Kraken picture show !!!!
Balpien Hammerer: Krakenstein
Vivito Volare: Silence Of the Kraken?
Slimqueen Baxton: Planet of the Krakens
Kellan McKenna: The Fisher Kraken
Victorian Magic: Kracken Doesn’t Live here anymore
Hope Dreier: Young Kranken
Balpien Hammerer: The Day the Kraken Stood Still
Minerva Plutonian: Interview with a Kraken
Vivito Volare: “I ate his liver with wasabi, and a nice Sake…phphphphph”
Slimqueen Baxton: The Kraken of Oz
Kaye Robbiani: still going?
Hope Dreier: Spacekrakens
Kaye Robbiani: this has to be the longest pun fest I can remember
Kellan McKenna: The Blair Kraken Project
Balpien Hammerer: yes, it’s kraken my up 🙂
Minerva Plutonian: little shop of Krakens
Magdalena Kamenev: Jerry McKraken
Vivito Volare: “Krakens THe Tshirt! Krakens The Lunchbox…Krakens THe FLAMTHROWER! The kids love this one”
Magdalena Kamenev: Auntie Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Hello Kraken!
Balpien Hammerer: This PLanet Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Sweeney Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: Ordinary Kraken
Denny Kozlov: You guys is kraen me up! 😛
Magdalena Kamenev: Into the Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: need to share 🙂
Kellan McKenna: SuperKraken
Balpien Hammerer: AVAKRAKEN
Elvira Afterthought: Last Kraken in Paris
Vivito Volare: A Kraken and a Gentlemen
Magdalena Kamenev: The Dark Kraken Returns
Martini Discovolante: Schroedinger’s Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Throw Momma From the Kraken
Vivito Volare: Kraken of Champions
Balpien Hammerer: Ki
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Returns
Elvira Afterthought: Apocalypse Kraken
Vivito Volare dies
Minerva Plutonian: Brisco County Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: Kraken your wagon
Balpien Hammerer: Kraken’s List
Vivito Volare: Krakenomicon
Minerva Plutonian: Three Krakens for sister Sarah ?
Magdalena Kamenev: The K-Files: Fight the Tentacles
Elvira Afterthought: The flying kraen
Kellan McKenna: The Big Red Kraken
Darlingmonster Ember: one flew over the kraken’s nest
Jillian Vayandar: Three men and a Cracken
Minerva Plutonian: A fist full of Krakens
Vivito Volare: The Brothers Krakenmozhov
Elvira Afterthought: haha
Onyx Plutonian: Seven Kraken for Seven Brothers
Balpien Hammerer: wonderful!
Elvira Afterthought: loves it !!!
RockAndRoll Michigan: Monty Python’s Flying Kraken
Eclectric Breitman: Kraken on the Orient Express
Elvira Afterthought: Kraken family robinson
Kellan McKenna: A Tale of Two Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Unholy Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: David Krakenfield
Vivito Volare: Kraken Holiday
Kellan McKenna: A Kraken Karol
Minerva Plutonian: those magnificent Kraken and thier flying machines !
Magdalena Kamenev: Monty Python and the Holy Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: 80 Kraken around the world
Minerva Plutonian: Chitty Chitty Kraken ??
Magdalena Kamenev: The Seven Faces of Dr. Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Monty Python’s The Life of Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: The Seven Faces of Dr Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: oh my!
Kellan McKenna: The Three Faces of Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: Snow white and the seven kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Battlestar Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Grizzly Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: The Breakfast Kraken
Martini Discovolante: Ice Station Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: Risky Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Men
Elvira Afterthought: Twelve Angry Kraken
Kellan McKenna: The Manchurian Kraken
Martini Discovolante: Driving Miss Kraken.
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Maltese Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: I already did Driving Miss Kraken actually
Vivito Volare: The Kraken of Dr Calamari
Onyx Plutonian: Nationjal Lampoon’s Kraken House
Minerva Plutonian: Dr. Strange Kraken ?
Kellan McKenna: The Apple Dumpling Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: Gone with the Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Horton hears a Kraken ?
Vivito Volare: Beyond Krakenland
Kellan McKenna: A Farewell to Kraken
Kaye Robbiani: I think a lot of these are repeats now. this has been going for over an hour and a half
Elvira Afterthought: Goodwill Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Kraken
Vivito Volare: I agree
Minerva Plutonian: The good, the bad, and the Kraken ?
Elvira Afterthought: Once you strart kraken them oujt
Elvira Afterthought: you can’t stop
Kellan McKenna leaps upon her desk and proclaims, “O Kraken, My Kraken!” <<steps down>>
Kaye Robbiani: I think there’s a whole new set of punsters online now
Alyvaral Aeghin: The Bourne kraken
Vivito Volare: So, before I go, might I suggest “A trip to the Kraken” and “journey to the Center of The Kraken”
Alyvaral Aeghin: Meet the kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Freedie Kraken, nightmare on Kraken street.
Vivito Volare: By H.P. Wells
RockAndRoll Michigan: Fried Green Kraken
Kellan McKenna: H.G. Wells–really a Kraken in disguise
RockAndRoll Michigan: (based on the book Fried Green Kraken at the Whistlestop Cafe)
Alyvaral Aeghin: “Krakens Playhouse” – for the kiddies
Denny Kozlov: Has anyone already said “It’s the Great Kraken, Charlie Brown”?
Denny Kozlov: Well too bad, I said it again 😀
Elvira Afterthought: Krakenon a hot tin roof
KateLynn Inglewood: ewwww fried green kraken?
RockAndRoll Michigan: It’s the Easter Kraken, Charlie Brown!
Kaye Robbiani: The Lion, the Kraken, and the Wardrobe
Kellan McKenna: Kraken! Kraken! Kraken!
Kaye Robbiani: oh now… I’m getting sucked back in…………
RockAndRoll Michigan: I Was a Teenage Kraken
KateLynn Inglewood: lol
Denny Kozlov: Rudolft the Red-gilled Kraken?
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Island of Kraken Moreau
Minerva Plutonian: teenaged mutant ninja Krakens ?
Kellan McKenna: The Night The Kraken Stole Christmas
RockAndRoll Michigan: lol
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Dead
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Fall of the House of Kraken
Vivito Volare: Kraken goes to hollywood?
Minerva Plutonian: Mr. Kraken goes to Washington.
RockAndRoll Michigan: Captain Kraken is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?
Denny Kozlov: The Night They Drove Old Kraken Down
Alyvaral Aeghin: Mr. Krakens Neighborhood?
RockAndRoll Michigan: Kraken’s Peak
Kellan McKenna: The Kraken from Brazil
Denny Kozlov: Kraken of Arabia
RockAndRoll Michigan: The Blair Kraken Project
Magdalena Kamenev: A Thousand and One Kraken
Denny Kozlov: The Little Mer-Kraken 😀
RockAndRoll Michigan: Earth Kraken Are Easy
Balpien Hammerer: Space Kraken from outer space
Minerva Plutonian: The kraken of Sivile ?
Kellan McKenna: Plan Nine from Kraken Space
KateLynn Inglewood: and all i did was make a joke about kraken, krakers and wine lol
Vivito Volare: Allan Krakenmain
Denny Kozlov: The Rocky Kraken Picture Show (I’m sure someone must have said that already)
Emilin Nakamori: Several.
Vivito Volare: Krakenheart
Denny Kozlov: 😛
RockAndRoll Michigan: Yes, but worth repeating anyway
Kellan McKenna: The Man from Snowy Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Name of The Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: What’s for dinner? Kraken! What’s for dessert? Janet!
Minerva Plutonian: Krakenback mountian ?
Denny Kozlov: Miss Kate, did you start all this? 😀
Vivito Volare: A Kraken Too Far
Kellan McKenna: True Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: Destination, Kraken!
RockAndRoll Michigan: An Officer and a Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Once and Future Kraken
Denny Kozlov: The Kraken of the Opera…
Fogwoman Gray scrolls back up to see who started this epic
Vivito Volare: Anna Krakenina
Vivito Volare: Kraken’s Heroes
Fogwoman Gray: [19:54] Hope Dreier: Sky Kraken?
KateLynn Inglewood: [19:56] KateLynn Inglewood: krakens with krackers are a wonderful snack…include the wine and give em a smack
Kellan McKenna: The Talented Mr. Kraken
Samantha Poindexter: We started here:
Samantha Poindexter: [07:55 PM] Fogwoman Gray: something Deep is stirring
RockAndRoll Michigan: A kraken?
Jillian Vayandar: ack, not the krackens!
Vivito Volare: Sailor of Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: I was talking Vorpals
Elvira Afterthought: Krakenmore
Alyvaral Aeghin giggles and points at RockAndRoll ;p
Samantha Poindexter: No, sorry, Mrs. Volare is right. 🙂
Minerva Plutonian: Judge Kraken ?
Denny Kozlov: Have to keep track of these things for posterity … 🙂
Magdalena Kamenev: Something Kraken This Way Comes …
Vivito Volare: Krakenphobia
Martini Discovolante: Wuthering Krakens doen yet?
Magdalena Kamenev: Who Framed Roger Kraken?
Vivito Volare: The Day after Kraken
RockAndRoll Michigan: Practical Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Mansfield Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: The hunt for Kraken october
Vivito Volare: Big Trouble in Little Kraken
Elvira Afterthought: The Dead Kraken Society
Denny Kozlov: The Good, the Bad, and The Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Pride and Prejudice and Kraken
Denny Kozlov: Fistful of Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Kraken Project
Denny Kozlov: For a Few Kraken More
Denny Kozlov: Dirty Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Fullmetal Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Man in the Iron Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: Clash of the Kraken
Vivito Volare: Oh what a Lovely Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Rosemary’s kraken ?
Iason Hassanov: hot tub Kracken machine!
Denny Kozlov: The Music Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: Kraken World
Balpien Hammerer: Forbidden Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Lost Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: A street car named Kraken.
Magdalena Kamenev: Eyes Kraken Shut
Fogwoman Gray: Kraken Hand Luke
Alyvaral Aeghin: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Kraken
Denny Kozlov: Napoleon Dyno-kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken 451
Elvira Afterthought: The man who went up a hill and came down a kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Buckaroo Kraken ?
Alyvaral Aeghin: Santa Claus Conquers the Kraken
Kellan McKenna: King Kraken
Vivito Volare: The Kraken on Haunted Hill
Wrath Constantine: Closing chat. IM if you need me.
Cutea Benelli: 😀
Vivito Volare: Kraken Beloved
Alyvaral Aeghin: The Kraken in the Invisible Bikini ;p
Minerva Plutonian: Kraken and the volcano
Kellan McKenna: The 50 Foot Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: X-Kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken Goes Nutzoid
Magdalena Kamenev: All’s Quiet on the Western Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: A Clockwork Kraken
Janet Rhiadra: krack krack kracken
Minerva Plutonian: Kraken in wonderland ?
Alyvaral Aeghin: Robin Hood: Kraken in tights
Magdalena Kamenev: Robin Hood: Prince of Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Kraken of the Baskervilles
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken and Bullwinkle
Minerva Plutonian: The Canterbary Kraken ?
Jillian Vayandar: Conversations with Kraken Folly
Kellan McKenna: Buffy the Kraken Slayer
Minerva Plutonian: keven Cosner : Dances with Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Stairway to Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Or, A Matter of Life and Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Farewell to Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: My Fair Kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken Dearest
Vanessa Hamer: Saving Private Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: The Kraken with One Red Shoe
Elvira Afterthought: the final Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: The Kraken Who Knew Too Much
Alyvaral Aeghin: Bram Stokers The Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Kraken Machine
Emilin Nakamori: It Takes A Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Yours, Mine and Kraken
Jillian Vayandar: Compendium of Heratic Krakens
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken Klowns
Emilin Nakamori: Coffee, Tea, Or Kraken?
Kellan McKenna: Cheaper by the Kraken
Minerva Plutonian: Kraken knows best ?
Emilin Nakamori: Plan Kraken From Outer Space
Minerva Plutonian: Leave it to Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken or Krakenda?
Emilin Nakamori: Forbidden Kraken
Jillian Vayandar: Heretics
Magdalena Kamenev: The Kraken of the Senses
Kellan McKenna: The Kraken in Winter
Elvira Afterthought: Slanderers
Emilin Nakamori: My neighbor kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: The Fast and the Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: The Castle Of Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Princess Kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: A Kraken With No Name
Magdalena Kamenev: RashoKraken
Emilin Nakamori: Big Kraken
Kellan McKenna: The Man from K.R.A.K.E.N.
Emilin Nakamori: Wanted: Kraken Or Alive
Roberto Viking: The man with no Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: OR: Wanted: Kraken Or Calamari
Roberto Viking: not to mention a hourse with no Kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: Kraken Boy and Lava Girl
Kellan McKenna: The Incredible Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: Kraken, inc.
Magdalena Kamenev: Spy Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: The Kraken Writer
Kellan McKenna: My Beautiful Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: Harry Kraken and the Philosopher’s Stone
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken and Nothing But
Emilin Nakamori: The Chamber of Kraken
Emilin Nakamori: The Kraken of Azkaban
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken over the River Kwai
Roberto Viking: little orphan kraken
Emilin Nakamori: The Lion, the Witch, and the Kraken
Michael Dumont: Oh god this is worse than Star Trek Online and their tribbles.
Kellan McKenna: The Scarlet Kraken
Roberto Viking: Kraken of Penzance
Emilin Nakamori: Kraken’s Delivery Service
Magdalena Kamenev: Paprikraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: Citizen Kraken
Roberto Viking: Silence of the Kraken
Balpien Hammerer: uh-oh repeats.
Emilin Nakamori: And I am done for the evening. Good night, Caladon 🙂
Magdalena Kamenev: Reefer Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Every Which Way But Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Guys and Kraken
Alyvaral Aeghin: Dude, Where’s my Kraken
Roberto Viking: Kraken:First Contact
Magdalena Kamenev: Kraken Wedding
Kellan McKenna: Kraken vs. Kraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Wallace and Gromit: A Close Kraken
Fogwoman Gray: Princess Monokraken
Magdalena Kamenev: Easy Kraken
Kellan McKenna: Kraken Holiday
Magdalena Kamenev: On Kraken Pond
Balpien Hammerer: Pocakraken
Michael Dumont: The Kraken Of Haruhi Suzimiya
Magdalena Kamenev: The Iron Kraken
Kellan McKenna: On that happy note, good night, good Kraken Folk of Caledon 😉
Magdalena Kamenev: Krakentoille
Alyvaral Aeghin: Sweet dreams Kellan 🙂
Balpien Hammerer: Be well, Kellan, may kraken guide you.
Fogwoman Gray: last chance to get in on the Miss Caledon contest 🙂
Fogwoman Gray: we start voting for finalists tomorrow
Fogwoman Gray: and that will only go until the 10th 🙂
Annie Deutsch: Greetings everyone
Fogwoman Gray: greetings MIss Deutsch
Balpien Hammerer: Good eve, morn or sun angle of your timezone, Miss Deutsch.
Samantha Poindexter:
Balpien Hammerer: how marvelous miss poindexter
Samantha Poindexter: I read that in Amazing Stories YEARS ago, and have been searching for it for ages. 🙂

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  1. Oh Kraken Where Art Thou?

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Kraken

    Willy Wonka and the Kraken Factory

    Spirited Away…by KRAKEN!

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