In Which I Grant Miss Puddlegum An Extension(RP)

(First, dear reader, I beg your indulgence.  The events herein relayed took  place some two months ago.) 

About a month after first entering into fiduciary relations with Miss Puddlegum I found I had reason to become concerned regarding the prospects of her little store.  The date for her planned Grand Opening had come and gone without so much as a mention in the papers.  Gordon informed me that there had been some little commerce going on there, but that the lady herself had not often been present.  I learned through other means that she had in fact been quite active in the social scene of Caledon, Steelhead and New Babbage.  While I recognize the necessity of presenting ones face to the public as a means of promoting ones business interests, it became clear to me that she was in fact becoming quite distracted from her mercantile pursuits.  I therefore sent word that I should like to speak with her.   

Time Lock

The Time Lock in Caledon Kintyre

 We met in a relatively neutral environment, a public house in Kintyre in which I am most comfortable and which would still afford us some measure of privacy for our discussion.  The place  I chose to meet her is a cozy pub off the town square in Caledon Kintyre named The Time Lock.  I have something of a fondness for timepieces, so the motif suits me.  Gordon was on hand, of course, and served tea while we waited for Miss Puddlegum’s arrival.   

In due course the lady arrived and after exchanging a few pleasantries we got down to business.  I expressed my concern that I had not seen the Grand Opening of Jo’s Attic announced yet.  She gave me the excuse that her solicitors had kept her preoccupied with the final disposition of her late parents’ estate.  Fortunately for her the estate had finally cleared probate and the dear lady had been restored to a semblance of her former station.  I say a semblance only for I am given to understand that while she does now hold clear title to the land there was but little left for living. 

Regardless, there was still the business between us to settle.  Her store had not yet opened as anticipated and this had set her behind on her payments.  I am not a heartless monster, despite my fearsome appearance, and so I granted her the extension she requested.  Given Miss Puddlegum’s recent behavior and apparent lack of focus I thought it necessary to insist on some additional assurances.  I took similar measures when it became apparent that Gordon would default. 

I told Miss Puddlegum that her extension would be contingent upon her wearing a certain ring which I had Gordon present to her.  The ring is a relic I acquired some time ago in the course of my field research.  It has the sometimes useful property of enabling a psychic link between the giver and receiver.  After studying the ring I was able to learn how to control the depth and scope of that connection.   In this case it will only transmit surface thoughts and directed sub-vocalizations.   My intent was to provide a more immediate mode of communication between Miss Puddlegum and my Gordon which I hoped would facilitate their cooperation.    

In retrospect, I may have been overly dramatic in the presentation of this device.  Miss Puddlegum did not take the gift at all as I had anticipated.  In fact she reacted quite alarmingly.  I had to insist, however, and as succeeding events would show, I am glad that I did.   


Miss Puddlegum’s account of same:

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