In Which I Call Upon Miss Puddlegum At Her Home (RP)

A few days after establishing psychik communications with Miss Puddlegum through Gordon the necessity of my measures became evident.  Gordon informed me that Miss Puddlegum’s thoughts were becoming increasingly cloudy,  so much so that they were effecting my dear maid’s clarity as well.   I determined that the symptoms were indicative of strong drink, or perhaps an indulgence in certain opiates.   This vexed me on many levels, as you can well imagine.  For one, I was concerned for the good lady’s health.  For another, I feared for her reputation.  How could she hope to be successful in her commercial enterprise if it became known that she was so often intoxicated?   I also admit to a bit of selfishness in this regard.  My close association with Miss Puddlegum puts my own reputation at risk as well, not to mention my investment in her business.

I resolved to confront the lady concerning her behavior upon our next meeting.  She is still young, and thus may not consider the wider implications of her actions.  With her parents gone and no governess to provide guidance I feel it is only my duty as a gentleman to offer what advice I may.

I was wrapping up a most splendid show at the Empress of the Aethers when Gordon contacted me in near panic and abject confusion.  “I think Miss Puddlegum is in danger,” she said.  When I was able to calm down my dear maid she gave it as her opinion that Miss Puddlegum had experienced some violence either to herself or her property.   I can not tell you how this affected me.  I find the lady quite charming and the thought of her possibly coming to harm profoundly unsettled me. 

At the very next opportunity I betook myself to her estate accompanied by my faithful Secretary, M. Zebrati Merricks.  M. Merricks is no stranger to violence and can be trusted to act in the most prudent manner when necessary.   I felt ill at ease calling on Miss Puddlegum unannounced, but in some cases one must put aside the strictures of propriety for the sake of safety.   She received us rather coldly, but I somewhat expected that she might.   Dear Gordon joined us later after having completed her errands for the day.

We explained our purpose and Miss Puddlegum admitted the cause  of her distress.  I will not go into details here.  Were they to become known, however, I fear the lady’s reputation would be forever ruined.  I tried to explain my concerns to her and to offer what assistance I was able, but she insisted that she had the matter well in hand.  About that time a friend of hers arrived, Captain Danyell Wytchwood of the RCAF.  Captain Wytchwood has a commanding bearing to be sure.  I also sensed something singularly primal about him.  In the course of our introductions I came to appreciate the depth of his loyalty to Miss Puddlegum, almost as a hound is faithful to his master.  Captain Wytchwood assured me he would see to the proper disposal of the matter and so we left.  I could see that it was not an appropriate time to discuss my other concerns with her.  I resolved, however, to make an appointment if she continues to display such disregard for her health or the management of Jo’s Attic.


Miss Puddlegum’s account of the incident:

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  2. *gasp* She’s… a booze hound?

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