A Fond Farewell

The one constant in life, virtual or actual, is change.  Some changes are gradual and barely noticeable, others are abrupt and dramatic.

My friends, today I must bring you one of the latter.

A well-known adage of that digital existence we know as Seccond Life™ is that First Life, sometimes  known as “Real” Life must take precedence.  This has now become personally applicable.  Various circumstances in this tiger’s analog existence necessitate a withdrawal from the digital.

The cause for this is neither suitable for nor worthy of public disclosure.  Suffice it to say there has been no illness or other similar tragedy, merely a shift in priorities. 

I recently passed my second rezday.  It has been a wonderful, fantastic and unforgettable two years.  I only hope that those whose lives I have touched along the way have benefitted in some way.  I know I have been enriched, challenged, educated and delighted by every one of you.  Many of you I will sorely miss, the rest I will fondly remember.

On a more practical note, this means that the Empress of the Aethers has seen her last show, and that the Thistle Hill Markets in Caledon Oxbridge Village will close their doors and the property put up for sale.  Also, the Steampunk Adventures store in Winterfell Anodyne will soon close and the land sold.  The name Steampunk Adventures will continue, however.  The magazine Miss Haystack and I started will remain as a source of and outlet for literary and artistic expression for as long as we can attract talented writers, poets, photographers and other artists.  The headquarters of Steampunk Adventures will move to a smaller parcel in Caledon Oxbridge Village. 

All proceeds from  the sale of Thistle Hill and the Steampunk Adventures lot will be donated to this year’s Boobiethon fundraiser.  Each lot has 2 or 3 weeks left on their respective meters.  Parcel details and conditions of sale will be posted in the Virtual Real Estate section of the Steamlander forthwith.

Embedded RP:

To Miss Palabra Puddlegum, Caledon

My dear lady, it brings me no joy to inform you that I must depart these lands immediately and for the foreseeable future.  I have greatly enjoyed our association and wish you great good fortune in your future endeavors.  I hereby absolve you of all contractual and social obligations to me or my agents.  You will find that you may now remove the ring I gifted you.  I ask only that you check in on Gordon now and then as she may feel somewhat cast adrift.

Affectionately Yours,

Onyx Plutonian. 

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  1. We’ll be very sorry to see you go on the Quest, Onyx – for all you have lurked in the dark margins!

    I hope all goes well for you with your future plans.

    Warm Regards

  2. Happy Trails, Onyx!

  3. Oh, Onyx. I understand your reasoning, all too well.. RL should always be a priority.. but I will truly miss you. 😦 *hugs*

    Hollys Chevalier

  4. ….waves….

  5. My Dear Onyx.
    I am extremely sorry to hear you are leaving SL and all the wonderful things you have so eloquently started and managed so well. You shall not soon be forgotten! I wish you the best in your RL endeavors and life.

  6. Mr. Plutonian,

    Unless you are retracting from spaces Twitter-shaped as well, you know how to reach me, and I’ll still enjoy reading along. It is always a loss when a vibrant soul leaves the grid, but it is of great comfort to know that neither illness, nor grave personal loss compelled this transition.

    May the best day in your past be the worst of your days to come.

  7. I have benefited greatly from our association in Second Life and if anything I want to thank you so much for the business enterprises we have seen grow and prosper. For those of you who will miss Onyx in Second Life be assured he will exist for us in the pages of Steampunk Adventures magazine with his input, guidance and creative talents it shall grow and flourish This is not the end just a new chapter in the success of Steampunk Adventures. I for one am thinking..”What next!!!” New adventures are just over the horizon!!

  8. There are no endings only beginnings..so we come full circle because it is here, I believe, that our adventure began. Wishing you well my dear friend. Always yours vi.

  9. Awwww ,
    Mr. Plutonian, Fair Winds indeed alas Real Life always comes first .. I do with YOU and YOURS the very best always Sir .. I do Hope You continue to visit here and there .. with YOUR own fun and creative thoughts Down the Path 🙂
    Ever Lady Breezy

  10. I can’t improve on what has been said above, Mr. Plutonian, but let me add my voice to the chorus. I’ve enjoyed your RP with Miss Puddlegum (and now will never know how things would have turned out – perhaps she would have liked marriage to a demon tiger 🙂 ) and admired the energy you put into Thistle Hill. You have my best wishes for your Other Life endeavors and, as Miss Orr said, you know where to find me on the Twitters.

  11. The parcel sale announcements are now posted on the Steamlander forum:
    Thistle Hill

    Winterfell Anodyne

    The procedes of these sales will be donated to this year’s Boobiethon fundraiser.

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and warm regards.

  12. Sir, you will be missed.

  13. Fair winds, dear Mr Plutonian. You will certainly be missed.
    Be Well.

  14. Dear Mr Plotonian, I do not think we ever met. I have enjoyed your words from time to time. I wish you the best of luck. And who knows how many lifes a cat has still?

  15. Dear sir,
    I’m sorry to see you leave, but its been a pleasure to have made your acquittance in SL, sir! Best of luck with your future endeavors, and perhaps if things change, you may make your way back to the virtual worlds!

    Dr. Rafael Fabre
    Editor, The Steampunk Tribune

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