…The Persona

Amidst the limitless and immeasurable vastness of the Aetheric and Astral spheres dwelt a being which in some small pockets of existence wielded nigh godlike power and in others merely survived at the whim of others.   Its essence in its purest form transcended mere labels, unbounded by matter, time or space.

Driven by ennui and curiosity this being, called a demon my some, scanned the Aetheric landscape in search of a novel experience.  It chanced upon a metaversal realm that looked promising.  Upon further investigation it decided to descend into this realm to experience it more fully.  Doing so necessitated accepting once again the limitations of time, place and form.  Deciding to exist primarily in the male aspect  he chose the moniker Onyx Plutonian, settled on an initial form and manifested himself in this intriguing new world.

…The Experience

When Onyx first arrived in this strange and wonderful world known as Second Life (SL) he cast about aimlessly, unsure of where to begin his explorations.  He encountered a helpful group who called themselves New Citizens Incorporated and made use of their facilities in a region of the world known as Kuula to gain familiarity with the lands of SL.

Other interests drew his attention away from the metaverse for a time until he happened on an Aetheric projection of the SL Odyssey known as Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator.  This adventure renewed his interest and prompted his return to the Second Life metaverse.  Since the SecondLife Hobos, and especially their founder Orhalla Zander, figured so prominently in the tale of Mr. Alva, he sought them out and  joined their ranks.  The idea of the unfettered lifestyle appealed to the non-conformist side of his nature.

He soon discovered, however,  he was not entirely comfortable with the Hobo aesthetic.  It tended to be overly haphazard and almost aggressively shabby.  His search for a community more akin to his sensibilities brought him to the shores of the Independent State of Caledon.  Here he found a well ordered, robust community with an energetic and creative populace.  The Victorian/steampunk/gaslight aesthetic of the place appealed to him greatly and so he decided to set Oxbridge Village as his Home region.

As he was famililarizing himself with the shops and residences of Oxbridge Village he encountered the esteemed Guvnuh of Caledon himself, Desmond Shang.  Guvnuh Shang — “Call me Des.” — welcomed Onyx to his little corner of the grid and invited him to join the Independent State of Caledon group.  Onyx gratefully accepted this invitation and now spends his time traveling about the many regions of this most fascinating nation and making the acquaintance of its many equally fascinating and utterly charming citizens.

…This Journal

I have entitled this Journal The Plutonian Letters as an homage to the great author, mystic and theologian C. S. Lewis, especially his book The Screwtape Letters. That book is written as a compilation of missives between the demon Screwtape and his masters in Hell as he tries to tempt and/or corrupt his assigned soul on Earth.

Having adopted the persona of an extra-planar being (which some might call a demon) descended to the realm of Second Life to observe the goings on therein, I noted the parallel and happily entitled this journal to suit.  I hope you enjoy reading it at least as much as I will enjoy bringing it to you.

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