IC Development

The purpose of this page is to record the developing In Character RP persona of Onyx Plutonian.  It is something of a work in progress as the details become more solidified and expanded upon.

IC Bio:

Before emigrating to this realm I was a Professor in the Almost Certainly True History Department of Transylvania Polygnostic University in Europa Wulfenbach.¹ My field of specialty is Religions and Esoteric Faith Systems. I was fairly well known in academic circles. I had written biographies of 5 of the 7 popes. The remaining two excommunicated me before I could get an audience with them.

In retrospect, I may have been a little too exuberant in my field research. My last great project was to recreate a lost Babylonian rite, an invocation of one of the lesser Anunnaki. Unfortunately, my pronunciation of ancient Chaldean must have been off and I instead summoned a rather nasty asura. I admit that I panicked. Instead of the banishment I had intended I intoned a binding that fused the spirit’s essence with my own. Initially the only physical manifestation of this was a set of horns upon my head. This has now progressed to a full therian transformation, giving me the appearance and many characteristics of an anthromorphic white tiger. I rather like the result.

The Dean and Board of Governors took a dim view of the incident. Perhaps it was because I used my research assistants as acolytes and undergrads for sacrifical victims. In any case, they recommended I take my research abroad, an extended sabbatical they called it. So, they arranged for me to be transported to the furthest location they knew, the metaversal grid of Second Life.

Since coming here I have had some adventures, made some friends, established myself in the community and discovered some things about myself. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my Europan citizenship has been revoked. Thus, my sabbatical has turned into a retirement. I continue my researches nonetheless, during the rare moments of respite from my growing list of ventures and projects.

¹ Transylvania Polygnostic University and Europa Wulfenbach are settings in the exquisite “gaslight fantasy” webcomic Girl Genius®.


Toubled In The Mind

Part 1 posted on the, now defunct, New Babbage ning October 13, 2009 at 1:08pm

Since the fusion over a year ago I have had to resort to extensive periods of meditation to keep the asura at bay. It was most difficult during the first few months, requiring near total isolation and rigorous discipline. I had finally established something of an equilibrium, I thought, and made so bold as to venture forth and finally see what life I could make for myself in this new realm. The progress of that journey thus far is recorded in my aetheric journal, The Plutonian Letters.

I have some concerns, though, that I wish to share with you, my freinds from New Babbage. I have recently begun to doubt whether my meditations are sufficient any longer to contain the disquiet spirit within me. Perhaps it is merely that the festival of Samhain draws near. The veil between worlds becomes thinner at this time of year. Whatever the reason, I have had to extend my sessions, and yet I still feel his stirring.

I may have to renew my researches. There may be an artifact or some greater binding somewhere in the grid that will be of use.

Part 2posted on the New Babbage ning on October 23, 2009 at 2:32pm

It is as I feared, dear friends. As the festival of Samhain draws nigh, the demonic spirit to which my soul is bound gains strength and grows restless. I have reason to believe that my extended periods of meditation are no longer sufficient to give me the upper hand and keep his malevolence contained.

There may be some among you who are familiar with these arcane matters. For those who are not I will try to explain my predicament. Because New Babbage is a community of engineers I will illustrate with something undoubtedly known to you, the nature of gasses and vapours. I am not an engineer, so forgive me if the metaphor is inexact. Let us take a certain volume of water vapour, or steam, which is held in a container of a given volume under pressure. So long as the temperature of the vapour remains constant so will the pressure exerted on the walls of the container. If one were to double the quantity of vapour within the container, then the pressure will also rise, perhaps so far as to create cracks in either the seals or the container itself allowing the vapour to escape.

Using this, albeit imperfect, analogy, envison ones soul as a vapour. In fact, the ancients did so. It is “the breath of life” refered to in Genesis. The Hebrew word for spirit is ????? or ruach, which is also the word for breath. But I digress. Another ancient belief is that the body is but the vessel for the soul. Now, since the incident a year ago, my soul has been bound to that of a minor asura, a demon if you will. Therefore, my spiritual vessel has to contend with twice the vapour for which it was designed, if not more.

I have begun to notice things which lead me to believe that the seals of this vessel may be cracking under the strain. It has become increasingly difficult to achieve the state of internal tranquility and focus. Even when I am able to do so I experience disturbing visions filled with fire and blood. What’s more I have noted certain gaps in my awareness for which I am unable to account.

For instance, the other night I returned to awareness and found myself unexpectedly on the streets in the Port district of New Babbage. I do not recall how I wound up there, as I had begun my daily meditations in the upper floor of my cottage in Templemore. Thank the Builder I was dressed at least. I even had my long knife strapped to my thigh. I had taken to wearing it when I visit the Steam City. I’ve been told there are dangers lurking in the shadows there and one must be prepared. Nevertheless, it disturbed me greatly that I may have traveled whilst unaware. If this is so, then it could mean that the demon has somehow circumvented the seals around my mind.

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