Thrifty Kat Pounces

Hiya folks.  Al here.  I’ve been laying low prowling around for a place to flop and some new togs.  Thanks to the folks at the Fab Free blog ( I was able to snag a couple sweet deals.  The first one up is the Beirno Camo set from INDI Designs  They have come up with a clever way to drive traffic to their store.  They put out the bits and pieces of one of their new outfits one at a time over several weeks in a sort of mini hunt deal.  After all the pieces have been laid out for hunting they put the whole set in vendors available for real cheap.  Carson over at Fab Free clued me in to the Bierno Puzzle which had just finished it’s run. 

looking good in Bierno From INDI

I also picked up a set of bracers off XStreet.  These are the Necrine Bracers from Spider Productions.  (XStreet listing:

Another Fab Free post by that lushous lady Whisper Swansong (This is my battlefield) pointed me to the tattoos available as part of the Industry District “The Gear + The Scroll” hunt.  They are the hunt prize from  Endless Pain.  

Gear and Scroll Hunt gift Tattoo - front

Endless Pain unisex tattoo - back

If anyone can translate Norse runes, I may give you a closer look.

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Can Haz Noo Clothez!

Hiya folks, 

Ailuros here again.  Betcha been wondering what I’ve been up to.  Well, even if you haven’t I’m gonna tell you.  First thing is I started perusing XStreetSL looking for some new duds to get outta these noobie ones. Now, don’t get me wrong.  For freebie stuff it’s pretty good; but, I have a certain look in mind and  this isn’t quite it. 

XStreet showed me some cool possibilities, but there’s one big problem.  When I Search with “neko male” most of what I get is baggy musclehead stuff.  Is there some reason neko males have to be Mr. Universe/Conan reject types?  Why does urban have to equal grungy, back-alley, or feral?  Whatever happened to the sleek agile house-cat?  I’m not necessarily talking androgynous bishounen here, either.  Something in between.  I did find one full avatar that was almost exactly what I wanted, the Max Black Cat Neko Male Avatar by Atea Avatars (SLURL). However, the L$2500 price tag was a little Max Black Cattoo steep for this thrifty-cat.  Besides, not only would that have made for a really short and boring blog post, but then I’d be just another Max Cat on the grid.  I figured I could do better, at least in price.  (more…)

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First Steps

Halloo everyone!  Ailuros here.  Mr. Onyx wanted me to share with you all my emergence from total noob to neko.  I suppose this might be interesting for a while, so why not. 

First things first.  I initially rezzed in Fairy Crossing as a noob goth male.  Not a bad starting avatar.

noob goth male

The noob goth lands in Fairy Crossing.

Once things rezzed in I set off for the Learning Grove where the fae had set up their noob orientation.  It was set up like a path through the forest.  Ooh! butterfiles!



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