In Which I Provide a Summation of the Recent Past (part second)

In my previous entry I elaborated on some events of a personal nature that have transpired over tha last two months.  This one, then, will deal, primarily, with events of a more public and professional nature.

Thistle Hill

About the only thing upon one can with confidence rely is that things change.  The most telling change for me has been my transition from a penniless vagabond to a propertied citizen.  Most of that progression is chronicled in this journal.  I have up to this point avoided much discussion of my business dealings in these pages.  I hope to avoid the temptation of  turning this journal into a crass publicity engine.  However, a little self promotion now and then is not an entirely bad thing.  Therefore, gentle readers, with your kind permission I will elaborate for just a while on an endeavor of which I am most proud, The Markets on Thistle Hill. (more…)

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In Which I Provide A Summation of the Recent Past (Part First)

Dear readers,

I must apologize to those of you who so diligently read this journal.  I have just realized it has been two whole months since my last entry.  And so, I will take this occasion of my so-called Rez Day, the first anniversary of my initial descent into the metaverse, the translation of the analog self to the digital as it were, to provide a brief account of just what the devil I have been up to, if you will excuse the expression.  That date was actually September 1, but it took me a while to get my thoughts down.

I will start by saying that the last two months have been marked by transitions and changes, by highs and lows, discoveries and losses.  One of the more significant changes and discoveries over the last two months has been my adoption of the aetheric short journaling service known as twitter.  Those of you with whom I have shared this medium of communication will already know much of what I will lay down here, but there are many who do not.  It is, therefore, still useful, I think, for me to provide a record in these pages. (more…)

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In Which I Plunge Headfirst into either my Ultimate Ruination or Eventual Salvation

The above heliographic projection may be taken to indicate my current frame of mind.  Despite the somewhat melodramatic title of this entry, dear reader,  I find myself in supremely good spirits.  This could mean either that I am blissfully unaware of of my impending doom, or cheerfully accepting of the circumstances.   

Before getting to the reason for this, however,  I first must apologize for the uncharacteristic lapse in the frequency of these missives.  As will soon become quite clear, ever since the Beltane weekend detailed in the previous posting the pace of my Second Life has been such that I have scarcely had time to breathe, let alone spend a few precious moments indulging in this most enjoyable activity of sharing my adventures with you.  I could not go any longer without doing so, however, else all that has transpired might go completely unremarked as it would soon be swept away by the avalanche of future adventures and enterprises.

Those of you who have been following this journal have been witness to many transformations including changes of appearance, station and attitude.  I now share with you two most momentous occurrences which are sure to forever change my Second Life.   The first is of a professional nature, the second personal. (more…)

In which I complete a project, rashly volunteer and secure a position

I have not been inactive during my brief excursion into matters philosophical.  On the contrary, I have in fact experienced three significant events which I will now detail.

To Follow the Sun

My first significant achievement was to successfully complete my sundial project.  Actually, I say I have completed it; but, in truth there may be some modifications necessary in the future.  For now, however, I have made sufficient progress to actually set the working prototype in front of my cottage.  I do hope Mr. Magellan, Miss Woolley and Colonel McMahon do not object.  (insert picture here)