A Fond Farewell

The one constant in life, virtual or actual, is change.  Some changes are gradual and barely noticeable, others are abrupt and dramatic.

My friends, today I must bring you one of the latter.

A well-known adage of that digital existence we know as Seccond Life™ is that First Life, sometimes  known as “Real” Life must take precedence.  This has now become personally applicable.  Various circumstances in this tiger’s analog existence necessitate a withdrawal from the digital. (more…)

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Spontaneous Bling Storm

A couple of nights ago a spontaneous burst of linguistic creativity erupted on the Independent State of Caledon group chat.  It exemplifies the intelligence and creativity that I think typifies Caledonians and is one of the many reasons I am proud to be one.

It all started with a discussion on resizer scripts and this JIRA.  Someone mentioned the recent resurgence of non-modifiable resizer scripts in items which engendered the first comment below.  The burst of spontaneous creativity immediately followed.  (more…)

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