A Response to Miss Puddlegum (RP)

My dear Miss Puddlegum,

I pray that you are recovered from your bout of illness the other night.  I reget that this happened under my roof and hope you will not let the memory thereof disuade you from future visits either to Thistle Hill or The Empress.  Do not concern yourself for the state of my carpets or of my shoes.  Gordon was able to remove the stains quite effectively.  I further regret that your sudden illness cut short our discussion.  Had I been permitted to state the matter properly you would have perhaps better understood my intentions.

Unfortunately, your uncle decided bluster would be more effective than reason.  He evidently opposes any possible accomodation between us.  He even went so far as to impugn my hospitality, suggesting that Gordon’s tea had been adulterated.  Furthermore, adding insult to injury, he actually drew a weapon in my home.  Such tactics may have served him well in Her Majesty’s Service; however, such brutish behavior is not how gentlemen conduct their affairs. 

It is fortunate I took the precaution of having Dame Sans Merci attend.  It was my hope that having a lady of such distinction present might allay your fears.  Dame Merci is quite adept at calming ones mind.  In fact, she can be quite enchanting.  She also has at her disposal the means of countering diverse assaults.  Being a scholar and a businessman rather than a military man I am tempermentally ill suited to such confrontations.

In the midst of such excitement I may have overstated myself.  I apologize for my undue haste.  By now you should have received the details of the arrangement Messrs. Dewey, Cheatham and Howe have brokered on your behalf.  If it please you, consider it but an initial offering, a starting point in our negotiations, as it were. 

May I invite you to my home in the country where we might conduct further negotiations in an amicable environment?   At a time of your choosing I can have a carriage sent to conduct you thither.  Until then I remain:

Your devoted suitor,

Onyx Plutonian

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In Which a Solution Is Proposed (RP)

I have received a most interesting letter from Miss Puddlegum. (The text from her journal.)  In it she seems agreeable, at least in principle, to a solution to our mutual business which I had thought might require more persuasion.  I had rather despaired of reaching so amicable an arrangement after our last conversation.  I was sure that unreasonable lout of an uncle of hers had spoiled the whole affair.  He apparently believes I pose a serious threat to her.  Quite the contrary, I have nothing but the greatest concern for her health and well being at heart.  Perhaps I should briefly recount the events of the past few weeks so that you, gentle reader, may judge for yourself. (more…)

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Another Astounding Evening at the Empress of the Aethers

Last night we were pleased to host two outstanding performances.  Miss Riverstone was soulful, sultry, wimsical and fun.  Comments floating around the room included, “gorgeous voice,”  “she could sing me to sleep and I’d be in heaven,”  “she’s like Rosemary Clooney.

After Andy we had the great privilege to host Patrick LaSalle and Beth Odets.  This spirited and talented couple requested a chance to play at the Empress earlier that day and we were so pleased to be able to accomodate them. 

Patrick LaSalle and Beth Odets on the Airship Stage

We had a wonderful energetic crowd the entire evening.  Thank you all so much for your support and appreciation.  Our full week of excellent entertainment continues tonight with EricSteffen Mistwalker at 6PM and Strum Diesel at 7PM.

Thrifty Kat Pounces

Hiya folks.  Al here.  I’ve been laying low prowling around for a place to flop and some new togs.  Thanks to the folks at the Fab Free blog (http://fabfree.wordpress.com/) I was able to snag a couple sweet deals.  The first one up is the Beirno Camo set from INDI Designs  They have come up with a clever way to drive traffic to their store.  They put out the bits and pieces of one of their new outfits one at a time over several weeks in a sort of mini hunt deal.  After all the pieces have been laid out for hunting they put the whole set in vendors available for real cheap.  Carson over at Fab Free clued me in to the Bierno Puzzle which had just finished it’s run. 

looking good in Bierno From INDI

I also picked up a set of bracers off XStreet.  These are the Necrine Bracers from Spider Productions.  (XStreet listing: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=1906187

Another Fab Free post by that lushous lady Whisper Swansong (This is my battlefield) pointed me to the tattoos available as part of the Industry District “The Gear + The Scroll” hunt.  They are the hunt prize from  Endless Pain.  

Gear and Scroll Hunt gift Tattoo - front

Endless Pain unisex tattoo - back

If anyone can translate Norse runes, I may give you a closer look.

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A fine time was enjoyed by all.

Last night, Monday 2 August, we had our usual bi-weekly Mix-it-Up Monday soirre with His Grace Lucien Bretano supplying the musical entertainment.  His Grace?  Yes indeed.  His lovely wife, Tehanu Marenwolf just recently purchased some additional  land, thus launching  them into the ranks of the Caledon peerage as Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of the Wind.   Therefore, last night was something of a celebration of thier ascendancy and we were delighted  that several notable persons paid a visit to the Empress, some for the first time.

A full house enjoys DJ Lucien's musical mix.

Among those attending I saw Their Graces Middlesea (Wrath Constantine and Aevalle Galicia), His Imperial Majesty Emperor SteelCobra Calamari, the ever gracious Miss Saffia Widdershins,  the lovely and talented Miss Magdalena Kamenev and several citizens of Austral including Captain Sir Danyell Wytchwood and his Lady.   It was by far one of the best attended Mondays we’ve had in a while.

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