A Fond Farewell

The one constant in life, virtual or actual, is change.  Some changes are gradual and barely noticeable, others are abrupt and dramatic.

My friends, today I must bring you one of the latter.

A well-known adage of that digital existence we know as Seccond Life™ is that First Life, sometimes  known as “Real” Life must take precedence.  This has now become personally applicable.  Various circumstances in this tiger’s analog existence necessitate a withdrawal from the digital. (more…)

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Another Astounding Evening at the Empress of the Aethers

Last night we were pleased to host two outstanding performances.  Miss Riverstone was soulful, sultry, wimsical and fun.  Comments floating around the room included, “gorgeous voice,”  “she could sing me to sleep and I’d be in heaven,”  “she’s like Rosemary Clooney.

After Andy we had the great privilege to host Patrick LaSalle and Beth Odets.  This spirited and talented couple requested a chance to play at the Empress earlier that day and we were so pleased to be able to accomodate them. 

Patrick LaSalle and Beth Odets on the Airship Stage

We had a wonderful energetic crowd the entire evening.  Thank you all so much for your support and appreciation.  Our full week of excellent entertainment continues tonight with EricSteffen Mistwalker at 6PM and Strum Diesel at 7PM.

A fine time was enjoyed by all.

Last night, Monday 2 August, we had our usual bi-weekly Mix-it-Up Monday soirre with His Grace Lucien Bretano supplying the musical entertainment.  His Grace?  Yes indeed.  His lovely wife, Tehanu Marenwolf just recently purchased some additional  land, thus launching  them into the ranks of the Caledon peerage as Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of the Wind.   Therefore, last night was something of a celebration of thier ascendancy and we were delighted  that several notable persons paid a visit to the Empress, some for the first time.

A full house enjoys DJ Lucien's musical mix.

Among those attending I saw Their Graces Middlesea (Wrath Constantine and Aevalle Galicia), His Imperial Majesty Emperor SteelCobra Calamari, the ever gracious Miss Saffia Widdershins,  the lovely and talented Miss Magdalena Kamenev and several citizens of Austral including Captain Sir Danyell Wytchwood and his Lady.   It was by far one of the best attended Mondays we’ve had in a while.

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Andy Riverstone SINGS at the Empress of the Aethers

On Wednesday Last Miss Andy Riverstone returned to the airship stage for her bi-weekly appearance at the Empress of the Aethers.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this time.  Those who also attended were quite taken with Miss Riverstone’s stylings and her warm and effervescent personality. 

Andy Riverstone on stage

Miss Riverstone’s repertoire includes Jazz classics and Broadway standards.  Her vocals are captivating and her banter with the audience is always fun and friendly.  Here is a sample for you: http://www.myspace.com/aplaceformysong 

Dancing to Miss Riverstone's dulcet tones.

Andy debuted with us on the 30th of June to a large and enthusiastically appreciative crowd.  She has since appeared at the Java Jive in Seraph City, a relatively new community embracing the “dieselpunk” aesthetic, and was equally well recieved.  So grand  was her reception in fact that the proprietress of that fine establishment, Miss Ceejay Writer, has engaged Miss Riverstone for regular performances on alternate Sundays.   The Java Jive Café is located at 160 Moss Avenue in Seraph City  

Miss Riverstone performs at the Empress of the Aethers  on alternate Wednesday evenings.  The Empress is moored above Thistle Hill  in Caledon Oxbridge Village  We would love to have you attend. You’ll be glad you did.

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Too Much Entertainment for One Night

Dear Friends,

I have the great pleasure and pride to offer you a rich selection of live entertainments tonight (July 14, 2010) .  There is more than can easily be conveyed via the abbreviated formats of twitter or plurk; so I will resort to good old-fashioned blogging.

First, on stage at the Empress of the Aethers (SLURL) tonight we present two outstanding vocalists. We start at 6PM SLT with Miss SweetLilly Pinelli followed at 7PM SLT by our very own Miss Andy Riverstone.   Miss Pinelli’s vocals have been described as “Mesmerizing and effortless.”  She performs hits by artists such as Jewel, Coldplay, Colbie Cailiat, Anna Nalick, accompanied by her acoustic guitar.  Miss Riverstone debuted with us two weeks ago to wide acclaim.  She has the body of a fawn and the voice of an angel.  Her repertoire consists of jazz standards and other soulful favorites.  Mr Denny Kozlov will be on hand as your host for the evening.

Unfortunately, I will miss these exceptional  performances due to an engagement of my own.  Tonight at 7PM SLT your friendly neighborhood tiger will be reading the Sherlock Holmes tale “The Red Headed League” at the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center (SLURL).  I will not be overly disappointed should you choose to enjoy Miss Riverstone’s exquisite musical stylings rather than listen to my own growly tigery voice. 

In either case, let us not forget that tonight is also Wednesday night which means that it is time once again for  the weekly revelry at the Blue Mermaid (SLURL).  After starting your evening at either the Empress or Library please avail yourself of Miss Hypatia Callisto’s generous hospitality, Miss Magdalena Kamenev’s eclectic musical collection and the general bonhomie that always prevails at the Blue Mermaid.

Finally, today also happens to be Bastille Day.  Therefore, the good citizens of New Toulouse are preparing a fireworks display to start at 8PM SLT on the banks of the Missedabracket.  Radio Riel will provide the music with dancing to be held on the New Toulouse Jardin Riverwalk.