In which Caladon and I attempt to dance in New Babbage, attend the Fete, party in Edison, view some art and enjoy some minor successes

Robbed at the Ball

Last Saturday Caladon and I attempted to attend the Robber Baron Ball  in New Babbage.  The evening turned out to be something of a disaster, however.   The ball was held on Piermont Landing in the Wheatstone Waterways portion of new Babbage.   I had been there once before to enter my humble attempt at a sundial and while the Landing is certainly a place conducive to such events it does suffer from a temperamental aetheric current.  She preceded me and provided co-ordinates for translocation.  However, upon attempting to do so I ended up in the canal.  Not a pleasant experience for most felines.  When I then flew up to the bridge she was unable to perceive my presence.  Most distressing.  I popped back home and we tried it again.  Somehow in the midst of this she managed to get her picture taken.  Isn’t she grand?

the beauty without the beast

the beauty without the beast



In Which I Ride the Whirlwind of Wonderous Weekend Revelry

[A note of warning: this entry will be considerably longer than is usual.  I have generally tried to keep the length of my missives to under 600 words, but as Mr Magellan once pointed out to me, in this case I will have by then barely begun to clear my throat.]

In a singular occurrance of synchronicity, Saturday last was saturated with social events.  I direct the curious to the calendars of Caledon and the Alexandrian Free Library for the 2nd of May, as well as Lady Eva Bellambi’s announcement for the 3rd Annual Beltane celebration.  These, of course, are only the events of which I was personally aware.  I believe there were several others as well.  In any case, feeling uncharacteristically frisky I endeavored to make a full day of it and attend as many of the festivities as time and endurance would allow.

‘Spirit of the Forest’

The day began with the the Marzipan Sweeties Revue in Magellan Kinvara.  This revue was entitled ‘Spirit of the Forest’ and featured the talents of the lovely Misses Eve Compton, Finnella Flanagan, Madeline Tiratzo, and Petronella Piers arrayed in delightful costumes provided by Miss Tabitha Ninetails and accompanied by musical arrangements selected by the Nightingale herself Miss Gabrielle Riel.  I attended in offical capacity as a member of the Garda.  Rather than make a poor attempt at a full review I will instead direct those interested to the words of Mr. Mako Magellan(more…)

Updates and Happenings of Minor Consequence

I took the opportunity to register with the En Garde system and discovered that in my one bout with Duke Volare earned me 183 points placing me at number 103 in the current rankings (out of 575).   True, my momentary glory will only last a couple of weeks, but one takes what strokes one can.

I visited a place called YadNi’s Junkyard, a property on the main landmass of the Second Life Grid where one may find a plethora of so-called “freebies”, items available for no cost.  I availed myself of several of these and will spend some time perusing them later. (more…)

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In which I face Mr. Vivito Volare on the field of honor

I once again focussed my awareness on the metaverse of Second Life expecting to set out on a spate of rapid sight seeing in lands removed from the genteel surrounds of Caledon.  Before I could begin, however, I received notice of an event hosted by the notorious Captain Rachire Wulluf, founder of the Crimson Pirates.  He was holding and En Garde learning session that afternoon at his establishment in Morgaine, the Wicked Wench

For the uninformed, En Garde is a fencing game developed by Rifkin Habsburg and distributed by Procyon Games.  I had seen the play areas, called a piste, scattered about Caledon and was intrigued.  So, I translocated to the Wicked Wench to take part in the class.  About a half-dozen other people had also come to either participate or watch, including the lovely and dangerous Dame Fogwoman Gray and her paramour the talented constructor of steampunkery, and “Duke” of Caer Firnas, Mr. Vivito Volare.


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