On the Bane and Boon of our Existence: Technology

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I am once again struck by the Muse, not of Poets or Artists, but of Philosophers.  Yes, I know, the Greeks had no Muse for Philosophers, but they should have.  Inspiration is every bit a part of the philosopher’s trade as it is for the arts.  I also believe there should have been Muses for the artisans and tradesmen.  Is the fashioning of a well formed tool any less artistic than employing that tool in the construction of the finest edifice or most sublime statuary?

Which brings me to the topic on which I wish to wax philosophic for a while.  What brought this to mind was a conversation I had with my good friend Miss Elspeth Woolley the other night.  I later had the opportunity to debate and flesh out my initial thoughts in more detail with my good friend M. Zebrati Merricks.

Conversation and Inspiration

Miss Woolley and I were discussing some difficulties being experienced with various tools we use to communicate events and so forth to the citizens of Caledon.  I made the quip, “Technology is the Anti-Christ.”  She laughingly agreed but pointed out that without it we, meaning she and I, would not be having the discussion in which we were engaged.  It was an excellent point and got me thinking about how it was, in this way, like fire, useful when tamed and disastrous when it is not.  To which she commented that, also like fire, it tends to have a mind of its own, and that both technology and fire follow the laws of their own nature but sometimes seem mysterious.  This really got me thinking about the depth of the fire as technology metaphor. (more…)

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