In which I return to the road sometimes traveled

Enough introspection! (at least for a while)

Feeling the pull of wanderlust once again I turned my feet to Caledon Downs.  I had visited there just briefly when, as I explained before, I answered Miss Luik’s call for a Second.  So, I returned to the area to continue my explorations.  Having spent the previous evening in the pleasant company of Miss Bamika Easterman and a number of her maids I returned to awareness in the North-West quarter of SouthEnd.  Following the lane to the North from there brought me to the South-West corner of Caledon Downs.  The land rises steeply here and a number of residences lie at the top of the rise, including the residence of Miss Rhianon Jameson whose journal, A Caledonian Journey, I heartily recommend to your attention. (more…)


In which I adjust to my new station in (Second) Life.

First, dear reader, please, accept my apology for the unusual length of time since my last entry herein.  As I relayed at that time I have undergone something of a sea change in my station.  Whereas I have until recently been a mere vagabond traveler, albeit a well mannered one, with nary a single L$ to my name nor a place to call my own, I now find myself with an actual residence and a position of some responsibility.  Although, I am still pennyless.  As you might imagine this has rather shifted my priorities.  Rather than being content to simply stroll about the countryside I now had certain tasks which demanded my attention. (more…)

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In which an eventful weekend leads to many changes

When I returned to awareness on Saturday last I received notice of the NCI Shamrock Hunt.  As I had no particular plans I took up the challenge and translocated to the site of the first shamrock.  What followed was a jolly romp through locations scattered all about the grid. 

There were 42 shamrocks to find.  Some were devilishly difficult while others were immediately evident.  Along the way I was treated to a display of the great diversity of talent and ingenuity of the NCI membership.  Each shamrock provided the location of the next one in the chain as well as a gift freebie.  Many of the stores had other freebies available as well which I duly collected. (more…)

In which I begin a challenging construction

Having seen so many wonderful creations in and about Steam SkyCity I felt the urge to begin a new construction project of my own.  After giving the matter some thought I have come up with a few promising challenges.  One thing that fascinates me is the many ways in which those bound to the mortal coil mark the passage of Time.  Also, in my researches into the mysteries of incantation (a.k.a. “scripting”) as practiced in the SL metaverse I chanced upon an article laying out the formula for causing an object to rotate in reaction to the path of the sun  (Link).  Taking my inspiration from this I have decided to construct a simple Horizontal Sundial with, hopefully, a realistic shadow that will follow the course of the sun. (more…)

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Updates and Happenings of Minor Consequence

I took the opportunity to register with the En Garde system and discovered that in my one bout with Duke Volare earned me 183 points placing me at number 103 in the current rankings (out of 575).   True, my momentary glory will only last a couple of weeks, but one takes what strokes one can.

I visited a place called YadNi’s Junkyard, a property on the main landmass of the Second Life Grid where one may find a plethora of so-called “freebies”, items available for no cost.  I availed myself of several of these and will spend some time perusing them later. (more…)

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