In which I enjoy the landscape in Greystoke

I arrived at the train stop in Greystoke and settled in while the scenery resolved itself.   When it had done so to a sufficient degree I descended the stairs to set foot on the ground below.  On first impression what I can say of the duchy of Greystoke is that it is a lovely little piece of land.  There is a cobblestone path running the length of it.  At the North end is a pavilion of sorts housing the astral arrival point and where several ingenious flying contraptions are on display.  A sign on one post proclaims that Greystoke is still “under construction”, so I certainly look forward to seeing what the landholder eventually comes up with. 

Below the rail line I discovered a stone circle near the water’s edge.  Further inland, I found a fairy circle made of mushrooms.  As I was admiring this a tall brawny looking fellow flew into view an alighted nearby.  He was attired in naught other than a vest and thong, and shoes and wrist cuffs I believe, apparently made of chain mail.  (more…)

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