In Which I Grant Miss Puddlegum An Extension(RP)

(First, dear reader, I beg your indulgence.  The events herein relayed took  place some two months ago.) 

About a month after first entering into fiduciary relations with Miss Puddlegum I found I had reason to become concerned regarding the prospects of her little store.  The date for her planned Grand Opening had come and gone without so much as a mention in the papers.  Gordon informed me that there had been some little commerce going on there, but that the lady herself had not often been present.  I learned through other means that she had in fact been quite active in the social scene of Caledon, Steelhead and New Babbage.  While I recognize the necessity of presenting ones face to the public as a means of promoting ones business interests, it became clear to me that she was in fact becoming quite distracted from her mercantile pursuits.  I therefore sent word that I should like to speak with her.   

Time Lock

The Time Lock in Caledon Kintyre

 We met in a relatively neutral environment, a public house in Kintyre in which I am most comfortable and which would still afford us some measure of privacy for our discussion.  The place  I chose to meet her is a cozy pub off the town square in Caledon Kintyre named The Time Lock.  I have something of a fondness for timepieces, so the motif suits me.  Gordon was on hand, of course, and served tea while we waited for Miss Puddlegum’s arrival.  (more…)

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In which I chat with old friends in front of the fire and have tea with some new ones

Having had my fill of wrangling with walls I sought out a more sociable diversion.  Pulling up the map of Caledon I noted that there were four souls in Kintyre.  I wanted to get a more complete tour of that duchy; so, I translocated there to see who was about.  One thing I noticed straight away, once the scene had resolved, was that the church I had seen on the Eatern island was no longer there.  It had been replaced with an open air pavilion.  While that is pleasant enough, I suppose, I will miss the church building, especially the grave yard.

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In which I continue my walking tour in the South

I have added three more provinces to my walking tour of Caledon.  I began with the Duchies of Kintyre and Caer Firnas, then strolled the decks of Steam SkyCity.


Duchy Kintyre lies to the East of Oxbridge Village on the so-called Sculpty Isle.  I had seen the estate house across from Thistle Hill Keep and was anxious to explore the grounds.  When I took the opportunity to do so I was surprised to see the green grass and colorful flowers.  Just the week before Kintyre had been covered in snow. (more…)

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